Harry felt bad, taking Bill away from the school; he should be at the celebration. He knew he could wait, but he had waited this long, to go. Bill had promised he would go, when the war was over, and it was safe for him. Bill hadn't thought he would take it literally, but he had no problem, he knew Harry needed this. After all Harry had done tonight, and all his little brother suffered, he more than deserved to choose. Bill knew the celebration would go on all night, and likely for a week, and he could join later. Besides if anyone deserved to celebrate it was Harry, and until he was ready to, Bill could wait. Harry would celebrate, he knew Katie would want him to, but he needed this first.

Harry first went by the ruins, the place where his mum and James were killed, and where he became the BWL. It started there many years ago, and tonight it ended, for the last time. He was the BWL once again, but all that mattered to him it was the last time, this was over.

In the graveyard he looked at his mum, James and Sirius first. "I've done it, I've brought him down, I got justice for you."

Bill knelt with him. "You know your family would be so proud of you tonight, and every day between Halloween and now."

Harry touched his mum's stone. "I just wanted to make sure they never regretted that they died for me."

Bill put a hand on his arm. "You were their baby boy Harry. Even if you weren't destined to save us all, I doubt they'd regret it"

Harry looked at James'. "He wasn't even my dad. He gave up his work and freedom to go on the run with me, then his life."

Bill was reminded he had died at the bottom of the stairs. "Your dad says even knew how much that man loved you as his own son."

Harry nodded. "I know he wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. I am just glad they didn't die in vain."

Bill hugged his little brother. "Even if you weren't the hero, they wouldn't have died in vain, they saved their child."

Harry looked from his mum to Sirius and he touched the stone. "I just wished that he hadn't died for me too."

Sirius' death seemed even more pointless. His mum and James died to keep him safe, but Sirius didn't have to die, Harry hadn't needed to be in the ministry where Sirius had been killed. He knew he had been tricked, and if Albus had been honest with him he wouldn't, but that guilt would remain with him. He prayed where ever Sirius was, he was proud of Harry too, and could forgive him for this.

He looked to his wife and daughter, and the tears had come, spilling down his cheeks. Katie, his soul mate, his wife, his first love. She and the baby's death would forever be a scar on him. He hadn't had a chance to properly mourn, the war was always there, but he did now.

He touched his wife's stone. "Oh Merlin Katie, I should have protected you better. You should be here; you should be here to celebrate."

Bill held him close. "You did all you could Harry. No one is to blame but Albus and my brother, and those who came after you."

Harry was reminded Voldemort had not been the one to order his wife's death. "I will never hold my baby in my arms."

Bill wished he had words to comfort Harry. "You will marry and have others one day Harry. And your daughter is safe with her mum."

Harry nodded and looked to his mum. "Watch over them both for me Mum. I know my daughter is safe, if she has both you and Katie."

Bill handed Harry a bouquet of roses and one of lilies. "You know they'd want you to go back to school, and enjoy the celebrations."

Harry laid down the flowers but kissed his fingers and pressed them to his wife and baby's stone. "Tonight is as much your night as mine."

Harry allowed himself to be led away and taken back to school. He was reminded it was safe, and he could return later, when he chose. But he should be at the school celebrating, and when they got back, they could hear the party in the hall. For a moment Harry held back, but he knew Bill was right; all those who he had lost would want them to celebrate.

Cheers went up as he entered the hall, which was full of students but also the Order and a lot of family. He found his friends and others surrounding him, amazed that he had finished the war once and for all.

He looked at Ginny when she came and hugged him. "I'm sorry he died."

Ginny knew he spoke of Seamus. "Like Katie he was watching, and so proud of you."

Molly nodded. "So would my brothers and everyone else."

His dad took him into his arms. "It's done; you finally get to live your life, just as a normal student."

Harry laughed when he heard that. "I don't even know what that means, but I want it."

Remus smiled. "Seventh year approached, and you can decide what you want to be for real."

No one spoke of the summer; he still faced the trials of the headmaster and Ron, before this was up. It seemed Ron lived, Albus had known the mark would kill him, and told him to take an oath on it like Lucius and Severus. It wouldn't save him from his crimes, but kept him alive. But Harry wanted for tonight to celebrate, to think of his future, what he would do. He wouldn't be an auror, he had fought long enough. He knew the whole world lay ahead of him, teaching or dragons or quidditch, so many choices. But in a way it still felt wrong moving on.

Severus reminded him. "The biggest honor to those who died for you, is to live. Make them proud, not as a hero, but the man you will become."

Author note: This story is nearly as sad see end as the first time. There are sequels if you're interested, but the tone changed in this story from the original, so after a well deserved break, I may consider a re-write. Thank you for reading and your support.