Hey I've never done the whole fan fiction thing before, but hopefully what I've created has passed the proverbial test. –What I've wrote is a continuation from Stephenie Meyers own creation of Edwards perspective. "Rosalie's News."

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Love, Life Existence Over.


I shut the phone.

Love, life, existence over.

I had nothing left to hold, to love, to feel, to breathe, to be…

I barely realized that my phone was crushed in my hand that the snarl of fury, —of pain had erupted from me.

I felt numb, there was nothing left, the pain was sickening, worse then my rebirth, worse then the look of intense pain on Bella's face when I told her that I didn't want her—that I didn't love her. I thought there was nothing worse then that —but I was terribly mistaken.

I couldn't think, couldn't breathe, my actions were running away before I could catch up with my thoughts, it didn't matter. Nothing mattered.

I erupted from the small dwelling, flying past the four stories of families without notice. —Until I shattered through the front door, the old wood cracking and splitting unable to resist my granite bodies force. Then the blinding sun mixed with the debris and dust of the air swirled around me.

I was barely aware of the people around me, obviously surprised at my sudden dramatic appearance, and how my skin reflected the sun and threw rainbows in their direction. I took in some of their faces, their expressions mystified squinting at me because of the bright light. Horrified.

I barely had time to register my surroundings before I was running, running so hard, trying to run from the pain from the guilt from the complete anguish.

I saw her. Her eyes filled with tears, her eyelashes danced with tiny diamonds that clung to them. They spilled over her pale cheeks as she tried to comprehend what I said to her.

"Goodbye, Bella."

"Wait!" she barely manages to get out, reaching for me helplessly.

God how I wanted to reach for her and tell her I'm so sorry, hating that I caused her pain.

I thought she would forget me. Bella…threw herself off a cliff I cringed from the words, hating myself.

I was vaguely aware that I arrived— From San Antonio to Houston, — in record time. I slowly entered the International Airport, the suns beams didn't bounce off of me, I turned back looking at the sky realizing it was twilight…

Bella's warm hands using all their force, pressed against the skin of my face pulled me out of my reverie and brought back my lost thoughts.

Her small delicate hands held my face close, her deep brown eyes burning with passion, boring into mine.

"You must never, never, never think of anything like that again! No matter what might ever happen to me, you are not allowed to hurt yourself!"

Her voice was so clear; I could even taste her scent on the back of my tongue. And tried desperately to keep her in my arms before the warmth left my face, her eyes blur and her voice melt back into the buzz of the crowded airport.

I tried frantically to remember her warmth, her scent, her eyes, the curve of her lips, the brush of her hair, the colour of her skin. My mind came up blank and all I could feel was the mounting pain, I was no longer numb.

I didn't heed my own subconscious trying to remind me of Bella's plead.

I felt my pockets; the dry material was filthy, and almost crumbled in my grasp. But I came up with what I was looking for, and clutched my wallet which held my passport.

Wow that guy smells disgusting. Hasn't he heard of soap or a magical thing called a shower. Jeeze its common courtesy.

I locked eyes with a girl, about 16.

Her thoughts revolted, and she turned away quickly, her mind fluttering in a panic.

A scowl twisted my face as I stealthily walked up to the line leading to the front counter. I didn't miss the glances that people gave me. Seeing myself reflected in all their anxious thoughts. I looked like a vampire. The rings around my eyes were never this black; they almost matched the depth of the coal in my eyes that showed my thirst. My face was unrecognizable. I didn't care, even as they all cringed away from me.

All thoughts seemed to be centered on me, as I finally approached the front counter. The middle-aged women's bored plain eyes glanced at me as I approached her counter. They widened significantly as they took in my demeanor, and appearance.

"Hi there welcome to George Bush Intercontinental Airport."

My scowled deepened as I dropped my visa and passport and sternly growled "Two to Rome, first-class."

Her thick eyebrows rose.

Excuse me! No need for the attitude.

I leaned close to her my black eyes frightening her internally.

"No, there's definitely a need for the attitude."

Her eyes widened even more, but I blocked out the outrage of inane chatter. And concentrated on anything but the throbbing in my insides, the most real pain I've ever experienced.

The women's eyes shrunk and she glared at me through the small openings her eyelids allowed.

"Enjoy your flight." She said icily

I warped my scowl up into a twisted smile (that frightened her more then the darkness of my eyes.) "Thank you." I said curtly.

I barely remembered passing through security, or waiting to board.

I entered the plane in the line of humans; the buzzing around me never annoyed me so much. The plane took off.

"Can I get you anything?" asked a flight attendant through her smile.

Her smile quivered as I met her bright earnest gaze.

"No nothing at all, and please don't ask me again." I answered her briskly.

Whoah, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

"Of course" she answered timidly

I rolled my eyes. And closed them pinching the bridge of my nose, and contemplated the ways to spend the endless time until I reached my goal that lay within Volterra.

I now could perceive why humans thought flying a very ghastly experience. I settled in my seat and tried to remember…


I could barely make out her face and the pain doubled as the realization hit me.

I concentrated on anything else feeling my control waver, and my muscles coil; I'd never be able to wait out a minute let alone an hour.

I contemplated the Volturi, my body relaxed immediately and I took comfort from knowing that the pain would soon be gone. And maybe…


I couldn't think about that, I mustn't give myself the most improbable hope, I so much cleaved to. —that maybe I'd see her again.


I made my wandering mind focus even as the pain seared uncomfortably in my throat.

I planned my strategies, thought of different ways to provoke the Volturi. Our loyal family. The plan was so they would give no mercy and kill me, simple enough. They were friends of Carlisle, and I didn't want to bring him any harm. The Volturi had special talents, I remember Carlisle telling me the stories —there was a new sting, over the already existing pain; the pain of hurting my family.

What would Esme do? What would they say? My mind shied away from the thoughts that erupted from me, the pain I would inevitably cause them. They must understand! I thought of Alice, she may already have told them all, would they try to stop me? My head spun at the realization that they most definitely would. I can't waste any time.

I have to prepare for every improbable circumstance. —I would ask them. The Voturi may simply take pity on me, and consent and take my anguish away. But what if they refuse? They might not do it out of loyalty to Carlisle. My stomach clenched.

Damn Carlisle then. I would have to do whatever necessary. I'll trash the town and bring the beams of the city down, and expose myself; I'll go through the city and kill whoever in my sight …

My mind suddenly conjured up Carlisle face, and knew immediately that I could never take the life of an innocent. Just out of loyalty to my father, if nothing else.

"You…don't…want me?" Bella said in monotone.

"No" I answered

"No!" I said the pained quenched in my throat, as I involuntarily jumped from my seat.

I glanced over into the eyes of the few startled passengers.

I slowly settled back in my seat and buried my head in my hands, resting it on my knees and focused on my breathing. "I'm sorry Bella." I whispered.

We finally landed in Rome and I took the next flight out to Florence.

My goal was just barely in my grasp.

Then I reached Florence.

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