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Chapter 9 Escape Time

Time came and went, for Yael and Spirit's herd time went extremely slow. For Spirit and the other horses' time sped. Soon enough the sun had set and night came, throughout that time since Yael got tied to the post he never stopped fighting, trying to get free.

Spirit listened for any noise from the humans. He didn't want to be caught giving water to his son. Yael was everyone's ticket out of this place, away from the Colonel, away from this hell.

Spirit listened for a few more minutes just to ensure that everyone that isn't on guard was asleep. Of course he knew that there would be some guards above looking towards outside of this hell for intruders, they never worry about the horses or prisoners inside. They know none could escape.

That would be their greatest mistake. Since Spirit know all of this it'll be easy for him to sneak and get water to Yael.

Spirit crept as quietly as he could toward an empty bucket that could be used to get water to Yael. The bucket wasn't far from where Spirit slept, just a few short steps. Heck he didn't even have his own horse stable, or was put in with all of the other horses were.

Spirit's herd wasn't even in the stables. Not enough room he supposed, Spirit didn't care. What he did know was that it made everything a lot more easier. Once he got to the empty bucket he bent his neck down and grabbed the tip of the bucket with his teeth.

Ever so slowly and quietly he raised his neck and crept to the water trough and scooped as much as he could into the bucket.

Once Spirit was sure it was enough and none would spill he crept over to where his son was. Spirit had no choice but to stop at the fence line that was surrounding the post.

Spirit knew what he had to do he had to jump the fence. He also knew that there was a chance that either the water will spill or he wakes someone.

Neither possibility was favourable. He didn't want to spill the water that he wanted to get to his son, nor did he want to wake anyone.

Spirit took two steps back and prepared himself. He started slowly jogging towards the fence and when he was close enough he leapt into the air and landed on the other side of the fence.

Yael looked towards where he heard the noise and saw Spirit standing there.

Spirit started walking towards his son and took no offence to the look that his son was giving him.

Yael watched the horse coming towards him with a glare. He didn't know this horse other than being the Colonel's horse. To Yael that was more than enough to not trust this stranger.

Soon enough Spirit made it to his son and slowly toward the bucket of water on the ground. Spirit than straightened and took a few steps back to give his son some space.

Yael kept an eye on this strange horse and lowered his head to drink some water. Even though he received water from him it doesn't mean that he trusts this horse.

"It's time to escape from here."

Yael surprised by the voice shot his head up from the bucket of water.

"Yeah, yet I don't see you or the others outside of my herd trying to escape," Yael snorted at him.

"I did manage to escape last time. I just wasn't strong enough to go for as long as I did without food or water this time. I never gave up having hope of escaping from here and seeing you all again. I never wanted to leave you all for so long," Spirit said.

Yael thought of what it was the strange horse had just said. He had said managed to escape last time. The only other horse that was able to escape from here is his father. Realization hit Yael like a flock of eagles.

"Father," Yael softly breathed out.

Spirit smiled and nodded his head.

"Just to clarify everything I had my time as leader. Like you said my herd which is correct. My time as leader has ended, it's your turn my son," Spirit said for the last time.

He didn't need to say anymore to his son. He turned and jogged, once he was close to the fence he once again jumped over it.

Yael smiled as well as he saw his father leave. He now knew where he had been and that he still was alive.

Yael drank some more water from the bucket until he had his fill. He bent down and grabbed the edge of the bucket. He lifted his head turned his neck and threw the bucket over the fence.

The bucket flew and hit the ground on the other side of the fence making a loud clang.

Worried that he woke someone up Yael quickly laid down and closed his eyes to go to sleep.

Soon he really did fall asleep not knowing if he woke someone up or not.

The end of the three days came and throughout those three nights just like the first night Spirit brought water to his son.

The day when the Colonel would try to break Yael has arrived. All the humans were getting ready to witness the event. While all of the horses where getting prepared to escape.

Spirit had told the yesterday afternoon to get prepared to escape the very next day. Which just so happens to be today.

Rain, Esperanza, and all of the horses were prepared to go when they spot the opportunity.

All that that they have to do now is wait for the right moment, and they can escape.