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Conceit's Original Sin

A Celdar's Tale

Did you miss me?

Hah, thought so. You probably don't even remember me, having that dense human mind.

Although, some of you DO remember me. Well, not really myself but my own kind. We're either marked as nymphs or gods or whichever supernatural being you silly creatures come up with.

The truth of the matter is, we're celdars.

""Soul devourers" in the human tongue.

We were the first mortals to roam this Earth, or so I was told by my keepers. Both of them are celdars, too. I mentioned this plenty times before, to philosophers long dead and even those beggars on the streets. Perhaps I already told this to you too. I've seen lots of people and faces in the passage called time that I can't keep track. Not really.

I always share the story of us celdars, being the generous creature I am: We exist to make humans' lives- shall we say- a little more interesting. We 'consume' parts of your souls when you're blissfully asleep and occasionally, you feel it. Where do you think nightmares come from? Pickles and ice cream? Don't be stupid.

Sometimes, when we're hungry enough, we feast during the day.

We prefer the clean souls; they make us last longer.

We live for an average of five hundred years. I heard that the oldest one of our kind existed up to a whole millennium. Quite impressive, don't you think?

My keepers, foolish as beautiful as they are, stopped eating spirits fifty-two years ago. They said it is "cruel to lessen the years of the human life." You see, once we take a part of your soul, your life shortens and ours grow longer. And we appear younger. You really can't blame us for what we do. Creatures like you are just too sumptuous and delightful to pass off.

Since we're mortal like you, we also have to hand down our kind. Sometimes we reproduce with humans (but lately this seems to be a rare thing to happen. Poor things: they never realize how they got pregnant later on. Do remember that you humans tend to forget that we exist unless we see to it that you remember us. That can be done through giving part of our soul to you.), but we get quite disappointed when your own kind is sired instead of a celdar. Half- celdars don't live long enough; maybe about three-quarters of a century. Their bodies can't take our blood mingled with your blood and they can't consume souls. Only pure celdars can.

Once in a few hundred years or so we reproduce with celdars (this is even rarer than our intercourses with your kind since there are so few of us existing, what with celdars like my keepers who refuse to devour your souls) to create what we call "full royalties."

As you may know by now, I am one of those.

My keepers, or in the human term: 'parents,' say that only eighteen of us are in existence. I don't think I would bother to look for the other full royalties. I like to fancy the thought that only the three of us are pure celdars.

While there are "soul devourers" such as myself, there are also Phe'ons. Their kind can see us, hear us… most importantly, they remember us. They were created to tame us; make us dead sometimes if we go overboard with our feasting. Only a handful of them know what they are, thankfully. I like being greedy without the cost of my life.

Celdars and Phe'ons are quite easy to spot in a crowd, even if our kind is as fast as forgotten as we were seen. Whoever created us made sure that we have unusual physical traits.

Our breed is considered far more beautiful than yours or the Phe'on's. Probably to compensate for what you might think as evil doings.

Hah. "Evil doings." How do you expect us to survive? Eat the souls of pigs and hens? No, thank you.

Anyway, half- celdars usually have fair on fair appearances. Meaning, they often have pale skin and light hair. Their eyes, on the other hand, are dark in shade. You should see the ones with those onyx-colored eyes. Ah, truly a sight to behold.

Full royalties such as my self can be of any skin color but do expect us to be remarkably beautiful. It really depends on which element we were fashioned after. I was modeled after water. That might explain why I have silver hair and blue eyes that "can turn anyone into ice cubes" (or so one of my acquaintances told me).

It's a shame you humans forget us. Just this morning, I stole those ridiculously expensive clothes you buy- I robbed a whole store- and for a minute, the owner of the shop tried to stop me. He even called the police. Too bad they won't ever catch me. Imbeciles.

I'm sorry. Where was I again?

Oh. Right. Phe'ons.

…Well, I've never seen one (I made sure to keep it that way) but my keepers say that their hair is usually as bright as the sun, with eyes that frequently change their hues into lighter or darker shade depending on the Phe'on's mood.

But enough of that. Let's focus on more important things.

I'll tell you about my latest conquest, you lucky creature, you.

My, my, my. This one's an extraordinary catch: soul's as squeaky clean as could be. I'm surprised I didn't sense this person at once during my recent few days here in Japan. Just a quarter of that soul can let me live for another decade or two.

Let's see now… her name is…

… That's right.

Yanagi Sakoshita.

Pretty one, isn't she? I can't wait.

I'm glad you won't be able to remember this after a short period of time. You might just spoil the fun I have set up for Miss Sakoshita.

Until then, dear human. I'll see you around.

But I doubt that you'd cast a second glance at me.