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I don't know how often this will be updated. I'm hoping maybe once a week but it might be once every two weeks as at the moment I'm trying to write the last 20 chapters of INY as well as the 33 chapters that this is going to be. Yes that's right I'm telling you right now this is going to be 33 chapters long. I have everything planned out. And I've compared the plan to Eleven Years Later.

You don't need to have read EYL to read this. This is set sixteen years before EYL starts and ends when it starts (or a little after it starts really).

Warning: The start of this which is in italics is the plot at the end of Half-Blood Prince. Although I assume that everyone has read it I just want to give a heads up for those that maybe never got round to reading it and are waiting for the movie.

Life of a Death Eater

"Avada Kedavra!"

The figure of Albus Dumbledore lifted into the air at the force of Severus Snape's spell. For a moment it seemed almost as though he was suspended from the echoing green serpent skull that hung over the tallest of Hogwarts towers. Then in what could only be described as slow motion the figure was falling backwards over the edge of the battlements and out of sight.

Draco just stood there looking at the scene. It had been his duty to kill Dumbledore but he couldn't do it. How could he really? Dumbledore may have been full of faults but he was known throughout the entire wizarding world as the greatest wizard ever. Even those that despised him (including Draco himself) had to admit that Dumbledore was the best.

"Out of here, quickly."

Snape's voice held a slight wobble, as did his grip. He had grabbed Draco by the scruff of the neck and forced him through the door and down the stairs before the other Death Eaters or the werewolf could react.

He shouted something at the resistance at the bottom of the stairs but the words went over Draco's head. He still held him tightly by the collar as he was pushed through the school at high speed.

"You killed him. You killed Dumbledore!"

"I had to. Now shut up and run!"

"But –"

"Not now!"

Suddenly the truth hit Draco. He had been trying to kill Albus Dumbledore all year but deep down he never thought it would be done. Now he was dead, not by Draco's wand but he was still dead. And Draco was a witness. Those rebels fighting by the tower wouldn't care if Draco hadn't done it, he had been there. Any chance of getting away from the Dark Lord had ended with Dumbledore's life.

To Draco that meant only one thing now. He had to get away. He needed to be away from Hogwarts when Dumbledore was found. Shrugging Snape's hand off him he picked up speed and was down the marble stairs quickly. As he reach the door into the grounds he was surprised that Snape was keeping up. But then maybe fear had loaned his professor speed. Draco was sure that some of his own was a gift just for that night.

The air was clear although bird song echoed through the sky. It sent a chill through Draco and made his heart burn. Why did he feel that way? The answer ran through his mind even as he sprinted towards the gate. He had never seen anybody die before. He had read about it, heard about the glory days but he had never witnessed it first hand. Dumbledore had looked frail and old at the end and yet still so much power. Why hadn't he stopped Draco? He surely was capable of deflecting his spell.

The oaf Hagrid appeared from somewhere.

"What's going on?"

His words echoed in Draco's mind but he didn't stop. He had to get away. He could hear Snape drawing breath as he too ran. Then the sound of the oaf shouting spells. He was attacking the Death Eaters behind them. But why not them? Of course. The answer was simple. Draco was a student and Snape a professor. He wouldn't hinder their escape, he didn't know.

He felt his knees start to buckle as the impact weighed on him. But still he kept going. The gate was within reach. He could see it. A flash of a red spell flew passed his right and Draco thought that they were done for. Then clearer than before Snape's words hit him.

"Run, Draco!"

There was a panic to the sound and yet Draco obeyed. He was good at obeying when it suited him. He reached his fingers out and touched the gate. He managed to open it and slip outside. He was free! Bending a little he tried to take his breath as he looked back for the first time.

Snape was fighting with Potter. He couldn't make out what was being said between them … they were too far from him now. But spells were flying everywhere. Potter was doing most of the firing he noticed but Snape blocked them easily. Then Potter was on the floor as Alecto hit him with something. But Potter was soon back on his feet.

Draco watched as Potter got back to his feet and staggered onto his feet. Alecto and Amycus reached the gate. The man looked at Draco.

"What you still doing here?"

"Where do we go?"

"Don't know about you but I'm going to the master."

The two disappeared from the spot. Draco looked up as Snape came running towards them. The look told him to get out of there. So hoping that it would work (since he hadn't passed his apparition test) he turned on the spot and thought of Malfoy Manor…

"Wake up Malfoy!"

A slap brought him too and he found himself lying on the floor of an abandoned room in the Dark Lords newest hide away. Wormtail was leaning over him a satisfied grin on his face.

"Dreaming again Malfoy. Is the little baby having nightmares again?"

"Shut up Wormtail!"

The veil man just grinned bigger as he took a step backwards.

"The master wants to see you now."

With a gulp Draco stood up pulling his robes straight. With his head held high he walked into the study where the Dark Lord had set himself up. The back of a chair faced him pointing directly towards the fire place. It was a warm night and so the grate was empty.

"I am disappointed Draco. You failed me."

"I am sorry my Lord."

Draco kept his head low as the creature turned to look at him. He remembered his occlumency lessons from his Aunt Bellatrix and started to apply them. He wasn't sure why but he felt that maybe in the Dark Lord realised what he had just dreamt there might be trouble.

"Maybe… When people fail me Draco that is it. I have in the past been known to give second chances but those people usually just fail me again."

Draco kept his mind clear hoping that he would soon reach his point.

"But on this occasion I intend to give you a second chance."

"Thank you my Lord."

"The task I gave you apparently was too tough for one so young. That is what your mother has told me. She has begged me to allow you another chance."

Draco looked up at this and saw a smile play on the Dark Lord's features. It was the scariest thing he had ever seen.

"Your mother is not the reason for your second chance though. No it is Severus' doing. When he killed Dumbledore he showed his true nature and no longer can he live the double life that he has so long been living for me."

Draco's brow scrunched and the mirth of the man before him was clear.

"You have placed yourself in a rather unique position Draco. Rumours are flying around that you witnessed Dumbledore's death and tried to prevent it. Some say that you were unable to kill him because you truly believe with what he has been saying."

"Lies my Lord."

Their eyes connected and Draco focused his energy on thinking of the mudblood Granger and all his hatred towards her. Finally the Dark Lord looked away.

"Indeed but you are now in a position once more to be useful to me. I am sending you in to replace Severus."


"Draco where are your manners? Would you speak to your father in that tone?"

"I am sorry my Lord. It is just the Order is filled with mudbloods and mudblood lovers. I would have to befriend Granger, the weasels and even Potty head himself. I don't wish –"

"What you wish is irreverent. Because of you I have lost my greatest weapon, my spy. You will replace him."

"Yes my Lord."

"You will go to the Order and claim that you have seen errors. That you wished to have joined with Dumbledore in the end."

"They will not believe me."

"They will. You will tell them that you have been on the run since it has happened. You will tear your clothes and make yourself into a beggar. Then you will find you half-blooded cousin … Nymphodora I believe she is called. And you will ask her to help you. Win her trust and you will get the others."

Draco looked down at the ground. A spy him. Well it would be one of the most important roles in the war. He wouldn't be expected to fight and so would be unlikely to be killed. Plus he could do a lot more damage that way. He would be able to hurt them from the inside. Looking up he looked directly in the eyes of the Dark Lord.

"It is an honour to be trusted with such a task."