Title: Pride and Prejudice, a Maruma fic

Author: isumi'kivic'

Pairings: YuuriWolfram, possibly other pairings in later chapters.

Warning: This story contains shounen-ai or yaoi, or slash. Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: Do you see Yuuri and Wolfram married, yet? No? That's because I don't own Kyou Kara Ma-Ou. If I do, I'd have them married by now, really. And I'd have them kissed on their own will, not just because that idiotic machine and Shinou's domination on Wolfram's consciousness. But, the truth is, I love Shinou more than ever now, because he made our beloved royal couple kissed..-squeal- Let's just hope that Takabayashi Tomo-sensei would have them married soon.. –sigh- oh, and Pride and Prejudice is owned by Jane Austin. I just used it for the title.

Summary: If 'Pride' fell for 'Prejudice', he would fell into a deep slumber state on his birthday. Will his family let him sleep forever? Will 'Prejudice' know and prevent his slumber? Shounen-ai, YuuriWolfram.

A/N: Uhm! This is my second KKM fic, and the first one that would be a multi-chaptered fic. This fic mainly focusing on the royal couple: Yuuri and Wolfram, and the relationship of Cecillie's children: the brothers, with addition of their mother, of course.

Ah, I also would like to thank my incredible, talented friend in this YuuriWolfram fandom: Thia-Lien (Did I spell it right?). This fic is dedicated to you, because you're the one who inspired me to write this fic. It's really fun to talk to you! I just hope that you wouldn't grow bored talking with me.. hehe. Sorry I often annoyed your night…XD

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Pride and Prejudice

Chapitre One: Cecillie's Story

It's just another ordinary day in Blood Pledge Castle, Shinmakoku..

"Yuuri, you cheater! You smiled to her!"

"For crying out loud, Wolfram! She's only three years old!"

….with the casual fight between the royal couple: The Maou and the Prince. As usual, the fight always drew some amused soldiers and maids, making them stopped in whatever it is they were doing and shifted their attentions to the royal couple.

"What is it they're fighting about this time?" Lasagna whispered to Sangria in a tone of curiosity and amusement. Sangria chuckled, shaking her head.

"Nah, this only proves that they truly are love each other. A relationship would be sour if it's not decorated with fights, wouldn't it?" the maids then shifted their attentions back to the royal couple.

"Ah! I see! Not only with girls, now you're flirting with kids as well! What are you, a pedophile?"

"Don't you ever say that in front of me again! Besides, I didn't flirt to anybody!"

"Cheater! Wimp!"

"Don't call me wimp!"

"Maa, maa, Wolfram, Heika," Conrad's deep voice interrupted their yells. Both boys turned to the brown haired man, who was standing near them with Greta, eyes filled with amusement. "I believe Wolfram still has duties to attend to, and Greta wants to play baseball with Heika," he gestured to the little princess, who was pouting cutely.

Yuuri sighed. "I'm sorry, Conrad. Come here, Greta, we'll play together,"

Wolfram glared at him. "We're not finished, yet, Yuuri!"

Conrad chuckled, before turning to the watching soldiers and maids. "Everyone, go back to whatever you're doing, please. This is not something to witness,"

Watching the hurrying soldiers and the giggling maids walked away, Conrad smiled, before turning his attention to the royal couple. Greta rushed into Yuuri's embrace, her face radiating her smile.

"Let's play, let's play, Yuuri! When Wolfram is done with his duties, Greta want him to read another story book before dinner!" she announced. "Can we, Wolfram?"

Wolfram smiled at the little princess. "Of course, Greta,"

"Yay!" Greta chirped happily. "C'mon, c'mon, let's play!"

But Greta barely pulled Yuuri one step before another voice echoed through the hallway. A familiar voice, with a melodramatic tone..

Yuuri slapped his forehead. "Aaakh! It's time to study with Gunter! Conrad, can we just go? Hide somewhere? Please?" the Maou pleaded his Godfather. Conrad merely chuckled, while Wolfram rolled his eyes.

"You wimp, you need to study! As a king, you'd need those knowledge about cultures and histories and so on!" the blonde prince said. Yuuri pouted slightly, and turned his attention to Greta. "But.. Greta wants to play baseball.."

"Heika!" upon the familiar voice, Yuuri's head snapped up. He grinned sheepishly at the sight of his advisor. "Eheheh… Gunter.."

"Oh! Heika! I was so worried! You didn't answer my desperate calls! I thought somebody had kidnapped you!" the advisor wailed dramatically while rushing to the Maou and grabbed Yuuri's hand. "But, no need to worry, Heika. I can protect you while we're studying. Come on, we don't want to waste our precious time together, do we?"

Wolfram's eyes narrowed. "Gunter! Hands off my fiancé!" he barked. Gunter merely rolled his eyes. Yuuri chuckled nervously at the raising tension between them.

"Ehh.. Gunter, but.. Greta wants me to play with her.." he tried to offer the advisor an excuse. Gunter stopped, his eyes immediately brimmed with tears.

"Ah! As expected from Heika! What a great father you have become!" he exclaimed dramatically. At this, Greta couldn't restrain her laughter.

"It's okay, Yuuri!" she giggled. "Greta will accompany you to study! You can read the history of Shinmakoku to Greta again!"

Yuuri's face lit up. "Well, that's great! C'mon, then!" he pulled Greta along as Gunter proceeded to drag them both. Greta laughed uncontrollably, waving her hand to Conrad and Wolfram before they disappeared into the study room.

Wolfram sighed. "That wimp.. always being idiot as usual.." he grumped. Conrad smiled.

"Ah, Wolfram, isn't that what had made you fell for Heika?"

Almost instantly, Wolfram blushed. He glared at Conrad dangerously, but the half-mazoku Prince only smiled wider.

"There they are!" another familiar voice snatched their attentions. Both boys' eyes widened at the familiarity of the firm, fearless tone…

"Conrad, Wolfram!" the voice called. Wolfram subconsciously stepped back, while Conrad hurriedly plastered his mighty smile.

"Yes, Anissina?"

The red haired mazoku walked nearer. Conrad could see Wolfram twitched in fear with the corner of his eyes. He wondered what kind of invention Anissina would force them to try this time. The noble lady stopped gracefully before them.

"Conrad, Wolfram, could you-…"

"No!" Wolfram quickly refused. "No! Never! I would never, ever!"

Anissina blinked. "Eh? What are you talking about? You acted like you're being offered to try cliffdiving,"

This time, it's Wolfram's turn to blink. "Huh? Cliff-.. what?"

"It's something Heika mentioned about people jumping from the cliff for sports. I figured it probably scary for some people," Anissina shrugged. "Anyway. Could you meet Celi-sama in her room, now? She said it's important,"

Conrad raised one of his eyebrows. "Only that? This is not about.. another invention you made?"

"No, no, it's Celi-sama's request to talk to both of you. But if you really want to try some of my inventions, I'm actually looking forward to try my new 'Take-Me-Back-To-That-Time'-kun! I was inspired by this 'time-machine' theory Heika said impossible to make.."

"No!" Wolfram cut her, horrified at the thought of trying Anissina's new invention. "We'll meet Hahaue now! Come on, Weller-kyo!"

The blonde prince stormed off. Conrad chuckled slightly before nodded to Anissina, and walked away in a slightly quicker pace than usual.


Cecillie calmly poured some tea into the cup in front of her oldest child. Gwendal thanked her quietly. The ex-queen of Mazoku smiled widely and offered some sugar, but Gwendal refused politely.

"What do you want to talk about, Hahaue?" Gwendal asked, curiosity shone in his eyes. Cecillie merely smiled.

"Now, now, Gwendal, we have to wait for your brothers. It wouldn't be fun if they missed a word, now would it?"

Gwendal sighed. His mother had ordered Anissina to call him and his other two brothers. He wondered what other crazy plan Cecillie had in her head that caused her to ask Anissina to call the brothers. Anissina, of all people in the castle! That must've been because she knew no one would refuse to go from Anissina.. before the red haired mazoku offered them the honor to try her new inventions..

A knock on the door snapped him back to reality. He glanced at the door as Cecillie said in a queenly manner, "Come in,"

The door opened, revealing the two figures of Gwendal's half-brothers. Conrad cast him a smile, and Wolfram nodded respectfully. Cecillie twirled towards them and greeted them with her mighty tight hug.

"Conrad, Wolfie! Come on, take a seat! I have Doria prepared some tea for us to enjoy!" she announced as she twirled back to her seat and proceeded to pour some tea into the two cups left. Conrad and Wolfram both took their seat on Gwendal's left and right side.

"Sugar, Conrad? Wolfie?" Cecillie smiled. Wolfram and Conrad nodded, both feeling confused on their mother's sudden caring behavior. True, Cecillie's moods and plans and acts were always unexpected, but this was kind of.. weird.

But Cecillie always did weird things, didn't she?

"What is this about, Hahaue?" Wolfram started, he couldn't help his curiosity. Cecillie flashed him a bright smile before she put a teaspoon full of sugar into Wolfram's cup—too bright, actually. It made Conrad and Gwendal frowned.

"Is something wrong, Hahaue?" Conrad inquired. Cecillie finally settled back and raised her cup, her smile still plastered on her face as she shook her head.

"No, no.. nothing is wrong, my dear Conrad," she chuckled, but anyone could catch a slight nervousness in her tone. Gwendal sighed. His mother, apparently, did not want to tell them straightforwardly about the problem.

"Then, why do you call us here?" he asked, more like stating, actually. Cecillie took a sip from her teacup and exhaled. Silence followed her actions, the three princes waited for her to start talking.

"This is all started when I met Scheiner von Bielefeld."

The three of them blinked at the same time, but only Wolfram could manage to say, "Father?"

"Yes," Cecillie nodded, her face lit up with memories. "I was still young back then… after having Gwendal and Conrad, I met with Scheiner. He was such a beautiful mazoku.. my heart was immediately drawn to his.. I can still remember the way his golden hair shone so brightly under the moonlight.. oh, yes, we met when I was in a village's festival. It was a beautiful night, with fullmoon and stars above us.." Cecillie sighed dreamily. Gwendal rolled his eyes, Conrad tried to restrain his chuckle, and Wolfram raised his eyebrows in boredom. Cecillie had always told them stories about her love adventures, and really, it was boring.

"Well, with our desire to each other.. we were young, still young.. not that I'm not young now, but, yes, I was much more young.. although my beauty isn't falter after all these years.."

Gwendal, Conrad, and Wolfram had to admit that it was an absolute truth.

".. and he was a noble, too. When we got back in the castle, we got a little carried away.." Cecillie winked at Wolfram. The three brothers blushed as they caught what Cecillie meant. "Ah, it was a very beautiful night, indeed. I pray I could have such another beautiful night someday.."

Gwendal cleared his throat. "So.. what is the point of this, Hahaue?"

"Ah, Gwendal, no need to rush, honey." Gwendal's eyebrows raised in exasperation at the name Cecillie used to him. "We still have some time before dinner. Don't worry about your duties, my children. Tomorrow wouldn't go anywhere,"

Gwendal sighed and took a sip form his cup, silently telling himself to be patient with his mother's story.

"We were very happy when we knew that I was pregnant again.. this time with Wolfram," Cecillie nodded to herself, her eyes glazed and her face in a dreamy look, lost in her memories. "The flirty men did not falter, though. Even they knew that I was pregnant, but they still couldn't stand my beauty and grace. I'm a little bit embarrassed about this.." Cecillie giggled. ".. but I was thrilled at their sincerity. Yet, again, I was really in love with Scheiner. I could tell that he felt the same.."

At this point, Gwendal allowed himself to think about other things. Conrad, apparently, preferred to busy himself with his cup of tea, while Wolfram was gazing at Cecillie with bored expression. Cecillie continued her story about how she and Scheiner loved each other in a drama queen manner for the next thirty minutes.

".. and just two months before Wolfram was born, we went to a lake. I rode the horse with him.. he was very gentle, indeed. Such a noble gentleman," Cecillis giggled again. "He dismounted me from the horse and picked me up—in bridal style, if you want to know the detail—and we spent almost the whole day enjoying the peaceful quietness of the lake.."

Silence followed Cecillie's words. Realizing that the ex-queen had trailed off, the three brothers looked up to her. Her cheerful expression had gone, replaced by a sorrowful and dreaded one.

"Hahaue?" Conrad called worriedly. "What's wrong?"

Cecillie looked at her three children. Tears formed in her eyes as she shook her head repeatedly. "Everything was wrong," she whispered sadly. Gwendal, Conrad, and Wolfram exchanged glances worriedly at Cecillie's sudden change of mood.

"Everything.. was wrong. Everything is wrong.." a tear rolled down Cecillie's cheek. "Everything after that was wrong.."

Silence. Gwendal frowned at his mother's crying face. He much preferred Cecillie's cheerful face to her crying one. She was his mother, after all..

"What happened after that?" Conrad asked, feeling slightly uneasy about this. Cecillie let out a quiet sob.

"..When Scheiner and I were getting ready to head back to the castle.. a man came," she continued, her voice barely a whisper. "He looked.. very, very angry. I didn't know who he was until now.. but Scheiner knew him. He suddenly became very protective, he drew out his sword towards the man.. I really didn't understand why, because the man didn't seem like he had weapons with him.."

"What did he look like?" Wolfram asked.

"He.. he was slightly taller than Gwendal now.. his eyes were red, and he had long, silky, silver hair. He was a handsome man, if not for the long scar along his left cheek that went down to his neck. His expression was terrifying.." Cecillie choked back a sob. "He threatened me to stay away from Scheiner, whom he called his destined soul mate.."

"And?" Conrad pressed.

"He saw that I was pregnant, and he asked Scheiner whether the child was his or not. Of course, Scheiner said yes, and he also said that he had enough of that man's stalk. He said it had been four years that man had followed him everywhere. The man said that he was destined to be with Scheiner, and he wouldn't hesitate to get rid of everything that got in his way." Cecillie bit her lips, obviously terrified of the memory.

She then continued, "Scheiner wouldn't let him, of course, and he fought for me. That man was actually a magician, and also a powerful thunder-controller mazoku. He was no match with Scheiner, really, and Scheiner finished him off within minutes. But.." she trailed off. The three brothers waited patiently this time until she opened her mouth again and spoke,

"..but.. he cast a curse with his last strength before he died.."

"To father?" Wolfram asked. They were all surprised when the ex-queen shook her head. She stared at them sadly.

"He cast a curse.. to the child I was carrying. To Wolfram."

A tensed silence immediately filled the room. Gwendal's fist clenched, Conrad's eyes narrowed, and Wolfram's face was serious.

"To Wolfram?" Gwendal said, wanting to confirm what he had just heard. Cecillie nodded.

Wolfram inhaled sharply, before daring himself to ask "What.. what was the curse?"

"Because it was me, a mazoku queen whom Scheiner fell for.." Cecillie bit her lips. "He.. he cursed the child I carried that if.. if he or she fell for a Maou like Scheiner…" she trailed off.

The three brothers tensed, all knew fully that it had happened.

"If.. I fell for a Maou like father… what would happen?" Wolfram's voice was slightly trembling.

Cecillie looked at her youngest son sadly.

"If Scheiner's child fell for a Maou like he did.. then, on his birthday after he had fallen for a Maou…the child would fell into a deep slumber state and would never wake up… trapped between life and death.. not living, but not died either…"

Cecillie's words completely stunned the three brothers. Slowly, their gaze fell upon Wolfram's unreadable expression.

"Wolfram.." Conrad began, but Wolfram shook his head, smiling to his mother.

"There is no need to worry, Hahaue." He slowly rose to his feet. "Even though I am engaged to Yuuri, you know that it's only an accidental engagement. I will never fall for a wimpy king like Yuuri."

Cecillie's face was all wet with tears now. "But, Wolfram.."

"Don't worry," Wolfram insisted. "Now, please excuse me.. I still have duties to do. Aniue, Weller-kyo," he nodded respectfully at his brother, and headed to the door.

After the door was shut quietly, Cecillie burst out into a heartbreaking sobs. Conrad stood and walked over to her, gently pulling her into his embrace. "Hahaue.."

"He lied.." Cecillie sobbed. "He lied.. Conrad.. he lied.. you know that.."

"We know, Hahaue," Conrad felt his chest constricted painfully. He inhaled deeply, willing himself to calm down. "We know fully well that he was lying.." he glanced at Gwendal, whose expression grim.

"But.." Cecillie wailed. "He had fallen for Heika..and.. and that means.. on his next birthday.." she sobbed uncontrollably. "Conrad.. I.. I don't want to lose him.. I don't want to lose any of my children again.. not after you.. and him.. Conrad, I would lose him for the second time!"

"We will find a way to remove the curse." Gwendal stated firmly, his gaze met Conrad's. "We will not let this to happen. There must be a way to remove the curse."

Conrad forced a smile. "Gwendal's right, Hahaue," he said gently. "We will save him from the curse. There must be a way. We will figure out how to save him. Trust us."

Cecillie nodded, burying her head into Conrad's embrace.

Gwendal sighed heavily, clenching his fist so hard, but he felt numb. The news of Wolfram's curse shocked him completely. He desperately wanted to get out from the room and immediately order Gunter to look for anything that could remove the curse, and then go to Shinou Temple to ask the Great Sage about the curse.

And, judging by the look on Conrad's face, he could tell that Conrad felt the same.

The fact that it was their beloved brother who had the curse shattered their protection wall they had built for the youngest prince since he was a child. They always thought that Wolfram was safe, safe from the cruelty of the war, from the dangers outside the castle…

Facing the truth that Wolfram was never really safe shaken them.

"Please.." Cecillie whispered softly between her sobs. "Please.. save your brother, Conrad.. Gwendal.." she bit her lips. "Please.."

Gwendal's eyes met Conrad's. Determinations were exchanged.

"We will, Hahaue. We will."




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