When Link Larkin,walked onto the set of the Corny Collins show for the first time, he knew all the people on the show by heart. He knew all the dances moves, all the lyrics to the songs, he knew everything about the 'Corny Collins Show.' When he one of his friends mention that they were looking for some new people, Link was estatic. Everyone told Link he could dance and that he was quite the singer. Link walked into the WYZT studio on a humid August day, behind many hopeful teenagers in Baltimore.

Link managed to twist and tango his way into a fight for the final male spot on the show. Link stood next to a boy, that he had seen around school before but Link was sure this kid was more of a jock then a dancer. Link shrugged it off and watched the council kids walk onto the stage. Link had been stuck in a stuffy room, sweating trying to win a spot, that would sure bring him to his life long dream. Well, his dream he picked up when he was ten. Link watched as a blonde woman with the tallest heels, walked in front of the Link and the other boy, Council kid's surrounding her.

"I'm the station's manager Velma Von Tussle, and I see you two made it to the last stage before one of you make it on the show." She walked circles around them before picking up the boy's tie, and letting to fall back against his chest.

"See if you want be a star in Baltimore then you just have to be." she started voice smooth as sugar but then it became bitter as salt.

"the best, at everything..."
She was cut off by a man walking out next to her, making her straighten her posture.

"Boys, I'm Mr. Spritzer and who might you be."

Link opened his mouth but before he could a syllable out the other boy bustled forward, nearly knocking Link down and grabbed the man's hand.

"Mr. Supriser I'm Edgar Coulter, but you can call me Eddie though."

Ms. Von Tussle looked disgusted and Mr. Spritzer looked taken back.

Link then stepped forward and held out his hand, waiting for Mr. Spritzer to take it. Link shook his head and took a deep breathe before starting.

"Hello, Sir I am pleased to meet you, thank you for letting me even being here."

"Oh Boy, don't be thanking me for anything this is none of my doing. It's all you."

Velma clicked her tongue and walked toward Edgar and Link.

"Let's see what you got."

Velma kept them dancing for nearly an hour before she stopped them and sighed.

"Has Corny decided yet?"

"It's one been a minute since you let those boys breathe." Link heard a girl mumble from the middle of the council kid group.

Corny Collins himself walked across the stage and over to Link.

"Congratulations Mr.Larkin, you are the newest addition to our show."

Velma then walked up chunky jewelry jingling and she got very close to Link.

She spoke quickly and her voice sounding sweet like sugar but the tone was more bitter like salt.

"Don't worry Link, you'll look fabulous in no time."