Corridor, Second Floor

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Hinata weaved her way through the crowd in the school corridor. What was she doing, heading towards the stairs to go to the first floor when she had next class on the third you ask? Of course she was heading to the lockers, she possibly couldn't give it to him, now could she? What "it", you ask?

Wait and see.

Sasuke was bored.

Naruto was telling another of his stupid jokes though no-one was laughing. Not even Chouji, who usually laughed at everything: he claimed that he had "vast sense of humour". Yea right. He was just sugar-high after drinking many fizzy drinks (A/N: i.e. soda . I love British English, sorry..).

Suddenly the whole group stopped – actually just Naruto, but when he got silent they all knew that something was wrong.

"Oy, Hinata-chan! What are you hiding from?"

.. or not. It was just the Hyuga girl.

... Troublesome ...

.. troublesome ..

Still, Shikamaru stopped with everyone else. Now that he got a good look at the blushing girl, he knew that she had infact been hiding.. but from who? Naruto, would be his first guess. Why else would she have a death grip on an envelope? Although it was all white – no heart decorations, no perfume, no nothing – Shikamaru wasn't stupid. Of course it was a love letter. To Naruto.

Naruto, too – finally – noticed the letter in Hinata's hand.

"Who is it to?"

Shikamaru almost corrected him – "to whom is it for" – but he was already at the end of his tether (1) so he just settled for observing. As always. Hey, he wasn't lazy! Just.. uninterested.

"A-ano, konnichi wa, Naruto-kun, Sasuke-san, Chouji-kun, Shikamaru-san.."

"Ne, ne, let me see! What is this?" without waiting for Hinata's answer Naruto took the envelope, turning it around and saw some writing on it. His look clearly said "what the hell?!". Shikamaru concluded that it hadn't been for the blond after all. He would have opened it by now..

"Why were you hiding? We were here all the time, why didn't you just give it to S-" the girl quickly shushed him, "Naruto-kun, please! C-can I just.. give it to him myself?" Naruto really seemed to contemplate it (yes, he can think.. he's not that stupid, you know!) but decided to tease her by holding the paper above his head. This of course resulted in Hinata jumping up, trying to reach it. Too bad for her that Naruto was a lot taller than her.

"Just give it to her, dobe. We'll be late for class", Sasuke butted in, snatching the offending envelope. He was about to give it to the relieved Hyuga, when he too saw the name written on it. Then the Uchica heir did something unbelievable.

He snickered.

Naruto's jaw fell to the floor and Chouji stopped eating his chips. It was the eight World Wonder! Finally Sasuke got himself together and stood up straight. He eyed the girl standing in front of him.

"So.. what would you be willing to do for this?"

Without giving her time to answer, he leaned closer..

"You could begin by calling me Sasuke-kun, Hinata-chan..." he whispered in Hinata's ear. He could feel her face get hot by the closeness. Before she could back a step, he took a step back, still holding the envelope in his hand.

"O-onegai, Sasuke-kun.. please give it back"

Hinata's quivering voice was the last straw. Shikamaru took the envelope from Sasuke while giving him the evil eye. Hinata turned to him, newfound hope clear in her face. The genious almost lost himself in her mauve eyes, but was able to pull away at the eleventh hour. He handed the envelope to her, without even glancing at it. Theit eyes locked.. until Nauro opened his big mouth and ruined the moment.

"Are you giving it to him or going to the lockers? Because, that would be a cowards way out. Give it!" the blond cheered her on. Few by-passers glanced at him, all thinking the same: 'hopeless'.

"We're all voting for giving it personally. What about you, Shikamaru?" Chouji asked, still oblivious about who was going to receive the envelope.

Sigh.. This was going to be troublesome..

"Locker is ok, wouldn't be so much of a bother. But if you really mean what you say in the letter, then giving it personally would be best", he said, looking at Hinata. Strange, she turned from pink to white.. then to pink again.

"A-ano, in that case.." Hinata mumbled, twiddled the envelope..

She took a step closer and put it in Shikamaru's uniform jacket's pocket. With a quick glance at him she hurried to the third floor, to Chemistry, leaving Shikamaru staring after her.

Hinata gave a love letter .. to him?

(1). "feel unable to deal with something because you are too tired, worried or annoyed". oh how I love my English book ! (English Vocabulary in Use, Advanced (Cambridge University Press)).

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