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Hinata hurried to the Chemistry classroom, a blush gracing her cheeks. She had done it! She had given the letter to Shikamaru.. but his possible response worried her. After all, he was close with Ino and, rumours had it, he was dating Temari who liked Neji who had set his eyes on Sakura who was smitten with Sasuke who Hinata knew had taken liking to Naruto – no, Hinata wasn't panicking. Walking to her seat in the classroom she barely had time to sit down when a blur of blond and orange ran in.

"Sakura-chan! You'll never guess what Hina-" Naruto's loud voice echoed in the nearly empty classroom. He had stopped mid-sentence when he noticed that Sakura wasn't there. He and Hinata were the only ones in the room. Hinata sighed: she never would have believed Naruto be such a gossip – wait, yes she would. He was almost dating Sakura, after all.

"Oi Hinata-chan, where's everybody?"

Naruto's confused look was adorable and all, but Hinata had hoped that he would have learned to read during the years they had gone school – their timetables said that the class started at 14.20 and the clock was only 14.15..

"A-ano, classes start in five minutes.." But her answer went to deaf ears as Naruto revaluated the situation and decided to talk about something else.

"Shikamaru was looking for you, by the way. But your next class with him is like tomorrow, so –" this time he was ignored, for the information was all Hinata needed. Her heart started beating loud in her chest and a warm feeling spread to her face. Shikamaru wouldn't bother to talk to her if his answer was negative – it would be too troublesome – so she quickly stood up and nearly fled from the classroom.

She had to find him.

Naruto siged: he had nothing to do for five minutes. To his surprise, he found Sakura's bag on her seat. Slowly he walked to it, then snatched her Chemistry notebook and pencil and quickly wrote something on the front cover. Sniggering, he put the notebook back in Sakura's bag.

Now all he had to do was to make sure she didn't see him in the classroom – or nowhere near the crime scene.

After Naruto had ran to tell the news to his he-wishes-girlfriend - i.e. Sakura -, Shikamaru decided to shuffle along to his next class, Maths. Hinata would probably be in Chemistry right now, and wouldn't dare to exit the classroom for Orochimaru-sensei was alway early..

.. then why did he wish that the fast steps he heard coming towards him were coming from her shoes quickly hitting the floor?

"Shikamaru-kun!" Dread fell upon Shikamaru. He knew that voice..

.. and soon enough, Ino had jumped on his back. She pulled his hair, clearly annoyed with him.

"Damn you, asking Hinata out like that.. she likes Naruto who likes Sakura who is head over heels in love with Sasuke who, naturally, loves me who likes you!"

The Nara boy blinked. Besides Ino's horrible grammar, something else in her overly long and convoluted (1) sentence registered in his head.

'.. me who likes you ..'

Damn, this was going to so much more troublesome than Hinata's confession.. Shikamaru thanked the gods above when the bell rang. Just as he suspected, Ino let go and still seething – but quickly enough not to be late – shuffled along to her respective class.

Cursing wasn't Hinata's style – at all. But when she was few turns away from Shikamaru's class – she hadn't studied his timetable by heart (2) – and the bell rang to announce the beginning of class, a bypasser learned a new word (3).

In defeat, she turned to head towards Chemistry only to bump into someone. Luck wasn't on her side today, she thought as her eyes rose to apologize to the person ..


Or then lady Luck was smiling to her. Hinata couldn't stop the blush appearing on her face as she took a quick step backwards – she had clearly invaded his personal space.

Silence filled the corridor.

"A-ano.. Naruto-kun said that.. you were looking for me.." it came out more like a question than a statement.

"Actually I said that I'd talk to you tomorrow.." Shikamaru's sentence was left unfinished when he realized what had happened. Hinata had been looking for him although they could have met the day after.. and she had Chemistry which meant she'd be dead if she went back to the classroom now (i.e. late). She did such a troublesome thing – for him.

"Shikamaru-sa.. kun?" Hinata strted tentatively, "a-ano, are you alright? You'r face is kind of.. red.." Her comment startled him from his thoughts. Was he.. blushing?

"I'm fine. But, umm.. you're late for Chemistry.." he tried to direct her attention to anythingelse than his blushing cheeks. 'Damn stupid silly crush..'

"I-I know.." Hinata said quietly, turning her gaze to the floor. Did he want to get rid of her so soon? She was about to walk past him to her class when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

"Well, since we're both skipping class.. would you like to come to the roof with me?" Inside Shikamaru was cursing. He hadn't meant to sound so blunt. Surely that would scare her off –

"O-okay.. since we're both.. skipping.." she said, trying hard not to blush. He had sounded so casual that it made her wonder if he frequently invited girls there..

Shikamaru laid down on the flat roof, turning his gaze towards the clouds. It was a peaceful day and nothing hinted that it would rain that day. He sighed happily, finally being in his element.

Hinata sat next to him, deep in thought.

'Why did he invite me, doesn't he think all girls are troublesome? Has he even read the letter? This would be nice, watching clouds, if we ever were together. At least I wouldn't be this tense. I wonder what he's thinking..'

"What do you really think of me, Hinata?"

So he hadn't read the letter. Trying to hide her dissapointment, Hinata gathered all her courage to repear those words she had written down the night before..

"To me, you're not lazy, you just prioritize things in accordance with your mood and values. You speak your mind unless it's troublesome – meaning something you don't feel like doing at the given moment. You concentrate your energy on things you are interested in, not on anything somebody else wants –"

"It's all in here already", Shikamaru interrupted, holding the letter in his hands. He sat up and turned to look at her.

"What do you really think of me, Hinata?"

He had read the letter. Her heart started to beat faster. She could feel the blush coming and this time didn't even try to stop it. The observant look in his eyes, the forfecul tone he had used, the way he was concentrating fully on her..

She couldn't faint now. She had been waiting for this: to be the only thing in his mind.

"I- I think.. I think you are more of a man than anyone else in this school. You speak your mind and don't care what others think. You dare to be silent when others wouldn't. You are just, and you listen before judging. In my eyes.." she looked at him and bit her lip before continuing, "you are the only one".

Shikamaru was left speechless: she had taken great pains with thinking about this. About him.

"I used to think that I'd start dating some troublesome girl and end up marrying her and have a bunch of troublesome kids.. Now I know that isn't the only option. Hinata, maybe we could.. you know, try it out.."

A small smile found itself on Hinata's lips. She gently took his hand in hers.

"I'd love to, Shikamaru-kun.."

Both in their own thoughts, Hinata and Shikamaru didn't pay any attention to Sakura's horrified screams as she read what was written on her Chermistry notebook: 'Uzumaki Sakura dattebayo z3!'

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(1) convoluted complex, difficult to understand, for example a sentence or an explanation. Again, I thank my beloved English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced). ((Even my dictionary didn't find that word.. xD))

(2) sarcasm, people xD

(3) .. at least in Finland we use the 'colloqualism' "to have learned a new word" whenever a young child (or a teenager) starts to curse/cuss (a lot) or use a lot of vocabulary used of intimate places. So yeah, that's Finland to you xD. But in this fic it's just there to mean that Hinata uses .. colourful language .