"Johnny, hurry up and melt Moleman's controls!" cried Mr. Fantastic.

"I'll be there in a jiff," smiled The Human Torch as he dove downward onto one of Moleman's machines.

"Well hurry up kid!" said The Thing struggling to keep it from moving down into the ground.

The Human Torch then came to the machine and used his fire balls to melt down all the control panels of the machine Moleman used to drill into buildings and such. Moleman cried out seeing his controls short circuit and so made his escape back into the earth.

"That's right, you better run Moleman!" threatened The Human Torch smiling away with victory written on his face.

"Good job huney," smiled The Invisible Women as she came up and gave Mr. Fantastic a kiss on the cheek.

"You too Sue," he smiled back to her.

And so after trying to clean up the damage in the city Susan noticed something give off a faint glow that seemed to be under covered in the drill in the earth.

"Reed . . . what's that?" She asked coming closer to it.

Reed took one look at it and his eyes only grew wider.

"Fascinating!" smiled Reed coming to it and picking it up.

"What is that Reed?" asked The Thing coming up to him and looking at the green glowing panel.

"Some green glowing panel looks like," said Johnny coming next to him.

"Hmm, I need to study it and find out where it came from," said Reed placing his fingers on his chin.

"Um, Mr. Fantastic may we speak to you for a moment?" asked some local policemen.

"Sure officer," said Reed going to him. "Here, hold this Johnny."

"Sure thing Reed," said Johnny taking the thing and just looking at it.

"What's that thing you got there?" asked The Thing coming up to him.

"Dunno Ben," said Johnny tossing it up and down on his hands. "Go long!"

"What Johnny!" said Ben. "Daw, never mind!"

The Thing backed up and caught it and smiled saying.

"Now see if you can catch this firefly!" smiled Ben tossing it out to Johnny hard and fast.

"Ow! Hey watch it. I'm fragile!" said Johnny rubbing his hands from the hard catch.

Johnny then looked at it and found it wasn't glowing any more, and worse . . . Ben had bent it!

"Aw, Ben!" griped Johnny throwing his head back. "You bent it!"

"Sorry Kid. Guess I don't know my own strength," smiled Ben.

As Johnny tried to meld the dent back into place with his fiery grasp it soon shot out an even brighter light, but this was more neon like and had many colors.

"Aw, Now what'd ya do?!" gasped Ben seeing the panel do this.

"Johnny what'd you do?!" gasped Susan coming up to her brother.

"It was Ben!" gulped Johnny trying to get out of the blame.

"Why I otta!" threatened Ben.

"Holy . . . lOOK!" gasped Reed coming up to see this miraculous sight.

Then, out of the panel, came a form . . . the form of a small human-sized robot!

"Fascinating!" gasped Reed seeing the robot coming forth and move.

The small robot just stood there starring at them. When Reed went to touch it it started beeping some sort of technical language at him. This only fascinating him more.

"Dude . . . it's an alien robot," smiled Johnny.

"He's so . . . cute," smiled Susan bending to look at it better.

"Uuuhhh . . . sis . . ." stuttered Johnny backing up looking at something tall and big.

Susan looked at it and gasped seeing taller and much larger robots. There were two and they looked as if they were coming for the smaller one.

"I think we have their kid!" gasped Johnny backing up seeing them reach down to take it near them.

"Sue NOW!" commanded Reed.

Susan then used her force field to stop them from coming even closer. They halted for a second, but then one looked angry and so therefore tried to destroy the force field by burning it up somehow like Johnny's power.

"Hey, the thing caught on fire!" pointed out Ben as all gazed at the fiery light. "I think it's more powerful then even you Johnny."

"Says you," said a jealous Johnny.

Soon the flames halted. Susan smiled seeing she had them, but then one came right through it and all gasped in awe and fear. It only came closer and Susan's force field was no use on it.

Hot Shot's girl: Sorry it was so short the next chapter should be longer, but I'm going to finish up the Lost memories seeing I only have a few chapters left and I might write one chapter of What About Now. We shall see. Till then bye :)