Tristan walked through the school with his usual smirk on. He chuckled to himself as some girl, who looked vaguely familiar, walked up and winked at him. Her name was Shana, or Shelly. 'Oh well.' He thought to himself. They never cared what he called them. They thought the pet names were to endear them to him, when in reality it was simply because he couldn't remember their names. He was laughing with one of his friends when he saw her. Well, Derek saw her first and pointed him out to her. "Looks like we have ourselves a new one, DuGrey." Tristan simply smirked.

After first period had gone smoothly, Rory walked shyly to her locker. She didn't know how hard the work load was going to be here. The folder the teacher had given her would fill up one of the two book bags she carried, and she still had five more classes to go. "I'm going to need another book bag." She muttered to herself. "Why's that?" A cocky voice came from behind her and she jumped. "God! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" She turned to see the most intense, beautiful, blue eyes she'd ever seen. His blonde hair was messy and she couldn't help but notice that even in his Chilton uniform, he was pretty hot. "Does that mean I can give you mouth to mouth?" She scoffed, out of shock, that and she couldn't think of anything to say. His smirk told her he wasn't kidding. Rory rolled her eyes and let her lips mirror his smirk. "Are you that desperate that you need to give someone mouth to mouth?" His smirk faltered for a second and then went back perfectly into place. She smiled sweetly and walked away. Before she got two feet away from him he grabbed her arm and slammed her into the lockers to her left.

Tristan slammed her into the lockers and placed his mouth right next to her ear. He kept his voice low and breathy. "Want to test that theory?" She tried to fight, but when she tried to push off the lockers she only succeeded in pushing herself into him, which elicited a low groan from him. "Not so much of a Mary now are we?" She finally pushed him away but he recovered quickly. "My name's Rory." He smirked at her as the bell rang. She groaned out of frustration. Now she was going to be late for class. "See you later, Mary." He walked away, leaving her angry, frustrated, and confused.

"So, I want to hear all about hell." Her mother smiled at her and handed her a cup of coffee. Rory sighed and banged her head back onto the headrest. "That bad huh, hon?" Rory lifted to cup to her lips and took a long, deep drink. "You have no idea. There was this guy…" "Oooh! Was he hott?" Rory shook her eyes. "I don't even know his name. The guys he was with kept calling him 'DuGrey' and…" Loreali gasped. "Tristan DuGrey. His parents are good friends with your grandparents." Rory rolled her eyes and then continued her story from this morning. "Mary." Her mother smiled. "Like the Virgin Mary." Rory laughed for the first time that day. "At least we know this version of hell is advanced." Her and Loreali shared a smile and pulled out of the parking lot, headed to Luke's.

After School The Next Day

"Ah, Mary." Rory sighed and rolled her eyes. "Isn't there anyone else at this school you can bother?" He gave her a half smile. "Eh, well, probably, but none of them are as cute as you when you get flustered." She laughed at that. "I find that hard to believe." Then she saw her mom pulling in. She moved closer to him and placed her hand on his thigh, making his breath catch in his throat. She leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, mimicking his words from Monday: "Want to test that theory?" She kissed his neck and then abruptly stood up, leaving him confused and frustrated just like he had done that morning. "See you later, Bible Boy."

Rory jumped into the car. "Well… It seems you've made a friend." Her mother said laughing. "Have not. I was just repaying Bible Boy back for yesterday." She looked out the window to see him still sitting on the bench staring after her and shot him a smirk and they pulled out of the parking lot. It was then that Tristan DuGrey knew, he had to have Rory Gilmore.