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A Hundred Drops of Scarlet

By Cerise Lupin


Perfectly Breakable
Theme: # 70 Small

She was always so small compared to them, petite, fragile and oh so breakable. She was human, they were not. They were strong, powerful and she knew that they could snap her neck with only the briefest of touches, but she was never scared of their incomparable strength, not even when Zelman wrapped his hands around her neck when he was lost to the passion or when Jirou's deadly fangs strayed dangerously close to major vein that could end her life within mere minutes if he wasn't careful. No, in reality she reveled in the way they dominated her small and petite body. They were strength and she was fragility, a fair combination.

No, she wasn't scared, not even when she was so small and delicate compared to them.

Control the Flame
Theme: # 91 Fire

He smirked, his heated gaze lingering on her petite form, wild, unrestrained, pure passion...and oh so tempting. The tantalizing arch of her naked back made him lick his lips while fire red eyes slid close halfway as he took in the picture of her moving against Jirou in wild abandon. The sounds that she made were enough to set his blood on fire.

And to think that she had been so still innocent at the beginning, untouched and naive in every way, now look at her, his perfect muse. He hadn't even realized that he had moved, not until long elegant digits reached for her, his large hand tracing the curve of her back, before his lips settled against that elegant arch of her neck, caressing, branding, savoring that unique and addicting woman flesh. She tasted untamed, wild...alive and how he reveled in that hotness that only she seemed to possess. Red met blue briefly, just before the dark haired vampire closed his eyes and threw his head back, a sound of pure ecstasy leaving his lips. Feeling her hand on him, he found himself succumbing to her dangerous touch. They were supposed to be the one in charge, but the more time they spend with her, the more it became apparent that they were the one that needed and hungered for her.

A hiss as he felt her turn, her welcoming heat incasing him. Familiarity was the only word that could be used when she moved against him, naked flesh rubbing against bared flesh eliciting a growl of possessiveness from him, his body recognizing her scent, her touch, her presence and welcoming it...needing it. It was at that moment that Zelman realized that he might be the epitome of fire, but in the end it was the petite human called Mimiko that controlled his flame.

Paint the Seconds
Theme: # 65 Whisper

It was moments like these that she cherished the most, the perfect quiet moment after the heated coupling where for a brief few minutes everything seemed to be fine and perfect. At that moment, she wasn't human and they weren't vampires. They were just three beings, whose fates were intertwined.

She briefly felt something tighten in her belly. She didn't know for how long this between would last. They were after all just passing moments in time, weren't they? Yet as she felt another body press against her, she knew that this would not be over so soon, not when she felt a hand brush against her neck, tracing the bite marks there. No, it could not be over so quickly, not when she had barely tasted what their world had to offer.

Not when they've barely started exploring one another. There were still so much that they had to learn.

A small smile reached her lips, while honey brown eyes slid closed briefly, allowing herself to whisper two names.

Her answer was two deep masculine voices whispering her own name. A shift, the weight of the mattress dipped and she felt a warm hand caress her cheek brushing away the sweat-soaked bangs from her face. Another shift and another set of arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her side against a heated body.

Safe, she felt safe...needed.

As her gaze traveled from the dark haired vampire to the redheaded one at her other side, she couldn't help but wish for this to last forever, but even she wasn't as naive as to think that. Many things could happen...and it scared her. Still whatever happened, she would paint these few seconds that they had now, keeping them save like small paintings in her memory and heart.

Whatever fate had waiting for them, she would accept it. With that last thought she welcomed sleep once again.

Theme: #3 Touch

To vampires, touch was often associated with sex…most of the times rough, bloody and even painful sex, the beast in them craving the masochistic and sadistic pleasure. Yet since meeting her, touch to them was different. It was more fleeting, innocent, explorative…and even shy at times. It was precious. The feeling of skin against skin, the trail of fingers against soft flesh…it was delicious and intimate in ways that they couldn't comprehend.

No amount of blood or pain could compare to the way she would willingly accept them, her body molding against their, tracing, rubbing, and kissing their immortal flesh. The vision of her trusting honey brown eyes as they slid shut dark lashes brushing against her flushed cheeks as they got lost in each other's body was probably the most breathtaking picture that they could ever experience and the innocence of her touch, soft and exploring against their skin was like a balm to their frazzled nerves. A taste of heaven…

And even when they got lost into one another's skin, tasting, nipping and devouring one another, there was still that underlying more meaningful sense of touch that none of them could ignore and that brought them each day even closer. No there was much more to touch than satisfying the carnal desires and it was all thanks to the small human girl that they were discovering the true satisfying meaning of this.

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