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A Hundred Drops of Scarlet

By Cerise Lupin


Hands Down
Theme: # 39 Awkward

The first time had definitely been awkward, while vampires were known to be sensual creatures and not exactly picky when it came to the gender of their lover, for some reason it had been almost a disaster when it came to sharing her that first time. While Zelman had no problems with Jirou seeing him naked, the redhead didn't want any body parts of the other vampire touching him or any other more sensitive parts of his anatomy. Of course considering how petite she was and what exactly they had wanted to do, it was no surprise when Jirou's hand had accidentally brushed against Zelman's ego.

To say whatever romantic notions that she had was reduced to ashes after that, would have been understatement. It was only her quick thinking and hands that saved her from what would have resulted in a fight between two very naked vampires. Of course she had quickly regretted it when two equally pair of hungry eyes settled on her. She still could remember trying to run, but they had been too fast. Thus a few hours of hot mind-blowing sex later and she hadn't been able to walk for a few days...

So yes, even now she could say that it had been awkward, but in the end so worth it.

In My Arms
Theme: # 05 Sharing

There was no denying how strong the bond was between them. These moments were when he felt like she belonged more to Jirou than she did to him. It was something that made him jealous, but at the same time there was no way that he couldn't realize how easily he could hurt her at times as well. It only took the whisper of one name to make the dark haired vampire draw back into himself and with this shattering her like a small porcelain doll meeting the cold floor.

He wanted to hurt him then...but he couldn't.

So instead he waited patiently, knowing that she would come to him, big honey brown eyes filled with unshed tears. He would appear aloof on the outside when she entered his room, but that wouldn't stop him from opening his arms and allowing her to find her solitude, her consolation.

Warm, small and trembling, he would caress her cheek, not speaking a word of comfort, but saying everything that she needed to hear with his actions. And it was only when she finally calmed down enough to raise her face to look at him that he would allow his lips to descend towards her in a chaste kiss, tasting, testing, before taking more and more until he couldn't stop.

He was selfish in these moment, but she didn't care and instead allowed him to do what he wanted, there wouldn't be any protest on her part, not even when he took her slowly, sensually...indulging in everything that she had offer, clinging to him, calling out his name in abandon, satisfying that dark desire to know that she belonged to him.

And it was finally in these moments that he understood that even if Jirou knew her better, there a few things about her that he would never know or understand and that was what made her just as equally his as Jirou's.

Theme: # 1 Kiss

There was definitely a difference in the way that they kissed.

Jirou was patient, almost hesitant in the way he would allow his lips to slide against hers. It was almost seem like he was tasting some expensive wine, taking little sips in order to enjoy the taste even more.

Zelman on the other hand was bold, commanding when he devoured her lips. He would hungrily suck on the plump flesh, fangs tracing teasingly against skin, like a parched man getting his first taste of water.

Yet no matter how different their kisses were, there was something that both managed to accomplish and that was to leave her utterly breathless.

Their Mona Lisa
Theme: # 92 Paint

Slick, paint covered hands slid against her body, blue, white and green decorating her flesh, clothes and hair. She didn't know how this started, but she did know how this was going to end. A tug on her now almost completely white arm and she was being pulled against a slippery blue chest. Blue eyes looked down on her, before Jirou lowered his head, his lips catching hers in a soft kiss. Her fingers quickly wrapped in his long dark hair, green, white and blue staining the strands.

They were supposed to be painting the walls, redecorating their new home...not doing this, but she couldn't stop herself, not when a new pair of hands settled on her hips.

Hot breath danced along her ear, while a warm chest vibrated against her back, a deep amused chuckle reaching her ears. "Told you this could be fun." For a moment she was tempted to hit him, for he was the catalyst for all of this, but she couldn't deny that he was right. Yet she wasn't about to lose so easily. Reaching behind her, she grasped him through his pants, feeling the heat of him and as he gasped and moaned, she couldn't help, but secretly admit that this was indeed fun.

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