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Coraline didn't "disappear" from the hospital, but she's vampire again. Her and Mick have been working on the cure for about six months now, all the while Mick ignored Beth in an attempt to forget her. Other reasons are included inside.

Beth Turner sighed as she finished combing out her hair. It had been a year. A whole entire year since Coraline had resurfaced into their lives. She looked at herself in the mirror, lost deep in thought. She absentmindedly fingered her wrist where the bite marks had been and sighed. It had been a year since she staked Coraline and found out she was human. A year since everything had hit the fan. She closed her eyes tightly, forbidding the images that were flooding through her mind. His smile, their first kiss that night in the parking lot, the night when he came to her apartment and told her he trusted her. She smiled at the unwanted memories. Unwanted? Who was she kidding? It was the only way she could see him, he had made that quite clear. She was putting on some mascara when she saw it. Her first wrinkle.

She didn't want to think of the implications of a wrinkle. She was too young for that, wasn't she? She thought back to the night when she had taken the drug, when she had begged Mick to turn her. "Not like this." He had said. But that would have to mean he would have wouldn't it? Reporter Beth was kicking in and leaving Sensible Beth behind. Her mind was working in overdrive when she got into her car. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going, focusing only on Mick's smile. And before she knew it, there she was in front of his apartment building. He was out on the balcony and he saw her. She couldn't read his face, but he looked… almost pleased to see her. But then she began to blame that on wishful thinking as he disappeared into the house.

She sighed and began to think it was a bad idea when her phone rang. It was Mo. "Yeah, Boss." She heard Mo chuckle on the other end. "Are you coming in today, or do I need to find a new star reporter." Beth sighed and looked up one more time, then shook her head. "I'll be there in fifteen minutes." They exchanged goodbyes and Beth put the car into gear, not daring to look back one last time and drove off into the now falling night.