Dean Winchester felt like he'd been driving for days. His black Impala was alone on Route 24. And hopefully it would stay that way. The only way he and Sam would get to Archie by morning was if he drove all night. He looked over at his brother.

Sam had been passed out for the last hundred miles. The poor kid needed the sleep. Their job got to Sam more than it did Dean. He didn't know why. Maybe it was because he had been doing this longer than Sam. Or that Dean just kept his emotions well hidden. Sometimes too well. His feelings weren't something he wanted to talk about. Maybe it was pride. Or the hatred of feeling vulnerable. Dad never talked about feelings. He was an ex-Marine. It was just something he didn't do, and he expected Dean to be the same.

Bottle it up. Divert people away from yourself. That was the rules he had written down for himself. Make a joke. Do anything. He learned that when you have to raise your younger brother, and keep a family secret well hidden from everyday people, and your brother... you don't have time for your feelings. Every time Dean did get scared, or sad, angry, anything. He had to deal with it on his own time. He couldn't scare Sammy. It's a bad habit to get into. You can't get out of it.

The sun was coming up. Rising above the trees in the clear mid-western sky. Dean didn't really notice. They were almost out of gas.

Pulling into the small town gas station, he figured he might as well get breakfast too. After filling the tank he walked in to the small convienient store. A girl, about his age, was manning the counter. She had shoulder length brown hair, slim hour-glass figure and a black t-shirt under her red apron. She was hot.

He grabbed two coffees and a couple doughnuts, and walked up to the counter.

"Hi." he said. Smiling and putting his charm into full play. The girl didn't even look up from her magazine.

"Hi," she rang up the coffee and doughnuts.

"Are you guys always this busy?" he said, trying to make her smile. It worked. She did finally look up at him. Her eyes danced up and down his profile. He could tell she liked what she saw.

"Actually, we are baby. You should see rush hour. Nightmare." They both laughed. She glanced outside at his car. "Nice car." She said leaning over the counter. Dean glanced down at her name tag. Jenny.

"Thanks." She smiled at him.

"Your welcome sweetie. 1967 Impala right?" Dean was surprised.

"Yeah actually it is." He smiled flirtatiously back. They stood in silience for a moment. "We could take it for a drive sometime if you wanted to," She gave him a strange look.

"Sorry sugar. You're cute but I usually go out with guys I've known for more than a few minutes."

"Ouch," he said, acting hurt. "Shot down with no chance to redeem myself." She smiled again.

"Maybe I'll see you again sometime." He grabbed the food.

"If you're lucky." She laughed again.

Sam woke up and had no idea where he was. But after a year of this, he was kind've used to it. What he wasn't used to was not seeing his brother right outside the car. Looking around he saw Dean inside the convienient store. Flirting with the cashier.

Typical Dean. He thought. Smiling a little. Looking around some more He saw a large green sign that blared:



That answers that question. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, he turned his head. Dean walked out and for the first time since Sam had known him, he didn't have a large grin on his face.

"Oh my God," Sam said as Dean got into the car. "You didn't get her number?" Dean shook his head. "Oh my God. It's the apocolypse."

"Shut up." he said. Shoving doughnuts in his hand. Sam looked through the store window.

"Well, you may not've gotten her number but she can't keep her eyes off you." He started eating. Dean smiled and laughed.

"I knew it," Sam swallowed.

"Do you actually know her name?" Dean nodded.

"Yeah it's Jenny." He said, mouth full. Sam laughed.

"Two records in one day."

"Stop gabbin' and tell me about this job,"

"Well," he began, going into what Dean called "Geek Mode". "Locals have been claiming they've seen people getting killed."

"What did the thing that killed them look like?"

"That's the problem," Sam said."They couldn't see anything. Like whatever was killing them was invisible." Dean sighed.

"Great. Murderous and invisible. Anything else?"

"Yeah. Whatever the thing was, sometimes the people didn't die. They were hurt pretty bad but they died later. Uh," Sam took out a newspaper. "After sudden spasms that resulted in injury assumingly self-conflicted."

"Assumingly? So they don't really know how these people got hurt?" Sam shook his head.

"No I guess not." Dean finished the last of his coffee and started the engine.

"Where are we going first?"

"I guess we should go to the last victims house first."

"Any survivors?" Sam shook his head.

"Great, an empty, dark, probably haunted, house complete with blood stains." he put the car in drive. "Great way to start the day."

Jenny hated turning that guy down. He was amazingly hot, funny and he had such a nice car. But no. She had a job to do and some guy couldn't get in the way of that. She watched painstakingly as the Impala drove out of the parking lot.

"Man," she said slumping over the counter. "I never get to have any fun." she picked up the newspaper on the counter. Eighteen people had died in the past month. In Los Angeles that's really low, and a good thing. But here, nobody was murdered. Let alone eighteen people. Strange thing waas, the cops couldn't find anything. Fingerprints, DNA, signs of forced entry... Nada. There were eyewitnesses though. None of them had actually seen what killed them. Weird. But she'd seen weirder. Much weirder. Working at a small town gas station you see stranger things in the bathroom. Reading the paper again, she found it hard to concentrate. Her mind kept wandering to that guy. She was angry at herself for not catching his name. She saw him read her nametag. Well, maybe he was reading her nametag. He might've been staring at...something else. He seemed like the type. She had this inkling though, that maybe she hadn't seen the last of...whatever his name was.

Sam told Dean the directions to the house. After about an hour Dean was getting restless.

"Dude I feel like we've been driving in circles for hours. Are we almost there or what?" Sam rolled his eyes.

"Yes Dean, we're almost there. God, you act like a four year old."

"I do not," said Dean.

"You don't?" said Sam sarcastically. Dean shook his head.

"No I don't. Four and a half, tops." Sam smiled. He looked at the map and back to the road.

"Okay we're here."

"Finally!" Dean put the Impala in park and got out quickly. Dean was wrong about the house. This place looked like it came out of a John Deere catalog. Everything wasn't green and yellow but this place was everything you'd picture when you said "farm". Big red barn, medium sized farmhouse, cattle, horses, the works.

"Well this place doesn't feel creepy at all." said Dean, getting out of the car. Sam had to agree with him. Even though this place was picture perfect it gave off an eerie vibe.

They walked in the house. Treading carefully not to make any noise. Dean had been right about the blood stains. This place looked like it had red walls with green underneath it. As for the furniture...there wasn't any. The place had been completly emptied out. Nothing was left. Pictures, rugs mail, nothing.

"Guess the local community took time to grieve. Cleaned the place out in less than a week." Dean whispered.

"The police probably took it for the crime lab. If you didn't know we are in a federal crime scene." said Sam. Dean rolled his eyes.

"What are we looking for anyway?"

"Try and see if you can find any sulfur or something. How's the EMF?" Dean moved the small machine side to side. The red lights stayed off.

"Not a damn thing dude." Sam kept walking. As they turned a corner they heard a bump in the next room. Plastering themselves to the wall, they crept siliently toward the noise. Reaching the end of a wall, Dean raised his gun and Sam followed suit. Dean turned the corner fast, gun raised ready to fire...

BOOM! There were not one but two shots fired. Dean flew back and fell on the ground.

"Dean!" Sam yelled. He looked around that corner to see who or what had shot his brother. It was the cashier from the gas station. Jill, Julia? The girl groaned, so did Dean.

"Oh my god," Dean said. "What the hell did you shoot me with?" The girl was sitting up.

"The same thing you shot me with." she said, pulling something out of her chest. "You do know you're supposed to grind rock salt up don't you?" Dean looked at the girl.

"Wait a second. Jenny?" The girl looked at Dean. She smiled.

"I remember you," She said standing up. Dean stood too. "you're that guy from the gas station." Dean nodded. "What's your name anyway?" Dean held out his hand, slightly hunched over from the salt.

"Dean Winchester," Jenny took his hand.

"Jenny Anderson," They shook hands.

"Ow." Sam felt it was time he butted in.

"Sorry to break up this little reunion but can I ask what you're doing here?" she looked at him.

"And you are?"

"My annoying kid brother Sam." Jenny looked Sam up and down.

"Wow. They sure make 'em tall these days." Sam ignored her comment.

"Right, and what are you doing here?" She smiled, then winced.

"Can I tell you after I get your brother's rock salt out of me?" Sam nodded. Jenny went upstairs. Dean sighed.

"I should probably do the same."

"Yeah. I bet that hurts."

"You have no idea." Sam smiled. "But I could give you one in about three seconds." Dean grimaced. Sam backed off.

Jenny came back downstairs.

"Now," she said leaning up against a wall. "You wanted an explanation?" Sam and Dean both nodded. "I hunt down evil, and kill it."

"How?" Dean asked.

"Well you take these handy things called guns-"

"No," Dean said, eyes rolling. "How did you start hunting?" Jenny sighed.

"A group of demons tried to kill me and my family. Thought my father was a threat. They slaughtered anyhing that moved. I was the only one that survived." Sam and Dean's eyes widened.

"God," said Sam. "I'm so sorry." She shook her head.

"You didn't do it."

"How old were you?" Dean asked. Jenny looked down.

"I was ten." Dean shok his head.

"That's terrible." He said. She shrugged.

"You get used to it after awhile. Anyway, what's two pretty boys like you doin' in a crap hose like this?" Sam half-smiled.

"We're hunters too." He said. Dean smacked his arm. Jenny eyed them suspiciously.

"What's your names?"

"I'm Dean Winchester and the dork that's being so nice to you is Sam?" Jenny's eyes widened.

"Winchester? As in John Winchester's boys?" they nodded. "Oh my God I can't believe this," she laughed and looked at Dean. "Man was Uncle Bobby right about you." Sam looked up with a jolt. Dean was terrified at her words.

"U-Uncle Bobby?" She grinned.

"That's right Baby-doll. He raised me after my parents died." She giggled at his expression. "What, do you think I learned this stuff on my own?" Dean turned to Sam.

"Sammy I'm a dead man." Sam nodded vigorously. Jenny put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry honey I won't tell if you won't." Dean rolled his eyes. Sam continued laughing.

"What are you laughin' at geek boy?" Sam shook his head.

"Because I knew one of these days your sexed up attitude would come back to bite you in the ass." Dean rolled his eyes again.

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