The Exorcism

Jenny lay on Dean's chest. Thinking. He ran his hand through her hair.

"Hey Dean?" She asked.


"Why do you think the Bleeder picked you instead of me or Sam?" She looked up at him with her crystal blue eyes. Dean shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe the Bleeder thought I'd taste good. I mean c'mon," he smiled."You have to admit I look good enough to eat." Jenny laughed.

"Yeah I guess you do." she paused for a moment. "Does the job ever get to you? And pull that macho crap on me it doesn't work."

"Honestly?" he asked. Jenny nodded. "Yeah. It does. I hate it. Having to sacrifice everything for killing a few demons. Not being able to get close to anyone. Yeah it bothers me."

"Me too." Jenny nodded. "Dean I need to tell you something."

"Oh no," Dean said. "You don't have a boyfriend do you?"

"No," Jenny laughed. "There's a Bleeder inside you. Apparently they travel in two's in case people like us come around. One dies, the other gets to finish what it started." Dean sighed.

"Jenny I know."


"I can feel it. I can feel it moving around inside me. Do you know how to get it out?" Jenny looked down.

"No we don't. They're looking right now." She said.

"What happens if you can't get it out?" He asked. Jenny moved closer to him.

"You'll die." She whispered. Dean wrapped his arms around her.

"We'll figure this out. Don't worry." He said. Jenny nodded.

There was a knock at the door. Jenny flew out of the bed and grabbed her clothes, running into the bathroom. Dean smiled. The door opened.

"Hey Dean," said Sam. "How're you doing?"

"I've been better." Dean shrugged. Sam looked around.

"Where's Jenny?" Sam asked.

"Bathroom." Said Dean. Sam nodded. Dean sat up, wincing as he did so. "So did you guys figure out how to get this thing out of me?"

"Yeah. We have to perform an exorcism." Sam said slowly.

"Perfect ending to a perfect day." Dean sighed. Jenny walked out of the bathroom. Sam smiled at her.

"Jenny I don't know what you did, but Dean's obviously feeling a lot better." Sam said. Jenny blushed.

"She's a miracle worker alright." Dean smiled. Sam looked from Jenny to Dean and back again.

"God Dean you're dying and you still...Maybe I should tell Bobby-" Sam began.

"No!" Dean and Jenny yelled. Sam grinned.

"I'm trying to save your life Dean not kill you." He said. Jenny threw Dean his jeans.

Bobby came in the room with the book.

"Is this gonna hurt?" Dean asked.

"I don't know. I've never been exorcised before." Bobby said shrugging.

"That's reassuring." Dean said. Sam looked at Dean.

"Are you ready?" Sam asked. Dean nodded. Bobby began to read. It hurt. The Bleeder was moving inside him, and it hurt. Get out of me. He thought.

As Bobby continued reading Dean felt like he was slipping away. Deeper and deeper inside himself as the Bleeder took over. Sam watched Dean jerk back and forth. His eyes closed. Sam wanted Bobby to stop, but he knew what had to be done.

"Ah," Dean said quietly. Bobby continued reading. Sarah watched as she felt wind blow around her papers began to ruffle. Jenny was confused. Energy was rising around them. The radio started moving dials on it's own, the lights flickered.

"Uncle Bobby!" Jenny yelled over the noise. "Something's wrong!" Bobby knew she was right. Dean was wincing, tossing and turning. But he couldn't stop reading. He had to help Dean.

It grew louder and louder. Papers spinning everywhere. Jenny's hair flew around her face. Her and Sam's eyes were on Dean. Then everything stopped. Dean opened his eyes. They were pitch black.

"Sam!" Jenny yelled. Dean started to get up. She and Sam held him down. Sarah did as well.

"Bobby hurry!" Sam yelled. The tornado of papers started again. "Dean" Looked at Jenny.

"I'll bet you taste good pretty." It said in a raspy voice. Bobby said the final word and the Bleeder expelled itself from Dean. The papers fell. They let go of Dean. Who was gasping, trying to catch his breath.

"Is it over?" Jenny asked.

"I don't know." Sam said cautiously, gripping a smoke bomb. Jenny pulled out her gun. As did everyone else, minus Dean. Suddenly Jenny was slammed into a wall.

"Jenny!" Dean yelled. Sam pulled out the smoke bomb pin. Smoke filled the room and everyone began to cough. Jenny screamed. "No!" Dean yelled, stumbling trying to get to her. Cuts appeared on Jenny's stomach.

"I see it!" Sam yelled.

"Kill it!" Sarah yelled, coughing.

"I can't I'll hit Jenny!" Dean was almost to her.

"Jenny!" He yelled. "Hang on I'm almost there." Jenny looked at Dean.

"I'm sorry Dean!" She said. She pointed her gun at the Bleeder's back.

"Jenny NO!" Dean screamed. BOOM. The Bleeder shrieked and died. The bullet had gone through it, right into Jenny's chest. She started to collapse. Dean ran up and caught her.

--The Dance, Garth Brooks--

"No, no, no. Jenny no." Dean stammered. He put his hand on her chest, trying to stop the bleeding. He held her close, holding her face in his hand. Bobby Sam and Sarah stood behind them, at a loss of what to do.

Dean tried to smile at her. "Jenny you'll be okay. I can fix this. I can fix this." Jenny coughed and touched his face. "Jenny please no...don't leave me." She smiled that sweet, sweet smile.

"Maybe I'll see you again sometime." she whispered, referring back to the first time they met. Tears welled in Dean's eyes.

"If you're lucky." He said. Her hand fell and her eyes closed. The ghost of her smile still on her face. He would never see it again. Never see those beautiful blue eyes again.

"No," Dean cried. "No please Jenny don't leave me," He kissed her forehead. "Dammit please!" And Dean let go. All the pain he'd been harboring inside was released as he held her limp body in his arms. "Jenny you can't leave." His tears soaked her hair as they slid off of his face. He didn't know how long he sat there. Maybe it was minutes. Maybe it was years. He didn't know. But Sam shook his shoulder.

"Dean," he said softly. "Dean let her go." Dean shook his head. Bobby knelt down and touched Jenny's hair.

"She was like my daughter. Now she's gone." Dean looked at Bobby with red, soaked eyes.

"I- I'm so sorry Bobby," he said trying to keep his voice steady. "I should've watched out for her." Bobby shook his head.

"You didn't know son." Bobby got up. Sam grabbed Dean's arm. Reluctantly, Dean laid Jenny down on the floor. He moved the hair from her face. Sam was scared. He'd never seen Dean like this. But he would stay with him. Sarah was helping Bobby sit down. She looked at Sam and Dean. "I'll take care of her." Dean nodded, tears falling down his cheeks. Sam helped Dean stand up. They walked outside.

Dean walked away from Sam. He didn't stop him. Dean leaned against the barn for a moment. Sam got into the car, still scared.

Dean turned and faced the wall and punched it as many times and as hard as he could. Sam just waited. Ten minutes later Dean got in the car.

"We'll stay for the funeral." Sam said. Dean nodded. "If you need to talk-"

"Just drive Sam."

"Okay Dean."

Dean couldn't sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Or how unfair it was. He gave and gave and gave to this job and never got anything back. He gave his mom, his dad, his life, and now Jenny. What was he supposed to do? He tossed and turned for hours until he finally dozed. And he had the weirdest dream. Or, at least he thought it was a dream.

He was asleep in the hotel room when a bright light woke him.

"Dean," a voice said. A sweet soft voice. "Dean, wake up baby-doll I need to talk to you." He opened his eyes.

"Jenny?" He said, half asleep. She was sitting next to him on the bed. Surrounded by the most dazzling glow. "This can't be real." Jenny smiled.

"You would say that. Look I just wanted to tell I'm okay. I'll be fine. The place I'm at is way better than earth." Dean reached over and touched her face. She leaned in and kissed him. She was so warm. "I'll be watching over you Dean." She said, her brilliant blue eyes shining in the surrounding glow. "So don't do anything stupid okay baby?" Dean laughed, even though the lump in his throat was growing larger and larger.

"You know I will." He said. She laughed.

"Goodbye Dean." She said. Then she was gone.

"Goodbye Jenny."


Every time the boys go through that part of Missouri, they stop by and see Sarah. They make sure nothing "weird" is going on. At one time or another Dean sneaks off and takes six red roses to the cemetery and set them next to Jennifer Marie Brown's gravestone.