Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genesis Trilogy: Prophecy

Summary: The Dead Sea Scrolls predicted 4 Nephilim: Tabris, Tabrias, Azela, and Azrael. They would protect humanity against the Angels. But in order to do so, one would destroy everyone. Is Shinji Ikari really Azrael, the Angel of Death? And what exactly is Instrumentality? How does it differ from Third Impact?

Disclaimer: I don't own Evangelion. This story takes place after the initial storyline (after Koaru's death).

Author's Note: This is my redone version. I realized that I was going too wild with my idea, and I needed to calm it down or I'd end up in a mess. I will still keep the original up, but this is the real story. Most things will stay the same.

The Book of Lilith

Millions of years ago, the sun went into a stage of powerful flares. In a sudden burst of energy, a glob of plasma was ejected from the sun's surface. Surviving to reach beyond the corona, it supercooled in space, heading outward towards the planets.

It struck Earth about 65 million years ago, on the coast of the Yucat√°n Peninsula, exploding on impact. The impact ended the reign of the dinosaurs.

It was not the end of life on Earth. Rather, it was a new beginning. Inside the meteor, scattered across the globe by the explosion, were microscopic bacteria spawned by the intense furnace of the sun. These tiny bacteria joined to other organisms, jump starting the next stage of evolution for several species.

The Age of Mammals had begun.

Slowly, the Earth recovered. Its wounds healed. The world became green again, a shimmering emerald sapphire in space. As if by the will of a divine being, several of the remaining bacteria began to join together, forming cells, then tissue, then organs, then skin. A single being formed, a creature unlike anything else on Earth.

When the process was finished, the bacteria had spent their life creating more life, and the being that would come to be known as Lilith took her first breath.

The world was her garden, and she cared for it. She fashioned herself a two-pronged weapon to defend herself from the more dangerous creatures. When the first man walked upright and evolved to sentience, she taught him, like a mother would teach her child. She continued to watch over humanity as the years passed, feeling every birth and death due to her connection to the Earth's Geosphere. To stay hidden, she abandoned her true form for a more human form, burying her weapon in Antarctica, where she felt it would be safe. She watched as empires rose and fell, and realized that she needed her own correspondents in a world filled with greed.

When the UN was finally formed, so also did another, more secret group, SEELE. Their sworn obligation was to assist her in ensuring the survival of mankind and Earth. During the conflicts that followed World War I, SEELE manipulated the governments when they needed to in order to stop others from invoking Lilith's wrath. Though Lilith was unselfish and passive, she would not tolerate direct attacks on humanity, whom she considered her children.

In 1990, SEELE located several ancient documents of question near the Dead Sea. Calling them the Dead Sea Scrolls, they presented the writings to Lilith. She recognized them for what they really where, the Apocalypse Scrolls. Like the Necromancer and the Prophesies of Nostradamus, the Scrolls contained self fulfilling prophesies of the end of the world. Lilith warned SEELE that the Scrolls would never be applicable unless mankind acted on them, and requested that the Scrolls be sealed away.

One member, however, continued to study the Scrolls. His name was Adam Nagisa, the Japanese Representative.

In 1999, the Sun went into another storm. Another ball of ejected plasma streaked on it's course to Earth. This time, the magnetic field pulled the supercooled plasma toward the South Pole, causing it to land almost harmlessly. All the bacteria inside, except for a few in the very center, died in the cold Antarctic weather.

After being removed from SEELE, Adam worked in secret. He managed to extract and preserve the last of the bacteria, and began his experiments. He experimented on several creatures, saving his last for himself. When SEELE found out what he was doing, they sent the Katsuragi Expedition to stop him from finishing his final experiment.

Unfortunately, they failed, and the condition for the Apocalypse Scrolls was fulfilled. SEELE began working quickly to ensure that the fulfillment of the Apocalypse Scrolls worked to their end of allowing humanity to survive.

Thus the stage was set for the war between Man and God.