Spoon Revolutions

"Why did you want me to watch this again?" Thomas Anderson asked. No one called him Thomas, Tom, or even Tommy, however; for some reason, he went by the name Neo.

"Oh, I just think you'll get a kick out of it," Xander replied with a slow grin. The Slayer's Council's newest techno-pagan really needed to loosen up. He dressed like Deadboy and was more introverted than Willow had been before Buffy showed up.

And what better place to start his socialization than with television. "Hey, Andrew, it's starting!" Xander called into the kitchen.

A few moments later, Andrew entered the room, carrying a giant bowl of popcorn in one hand, and over half a dozen bags of various snack foods in the other. He was grinning madly and wearing a beer hat – filled with cans of root beer. "I've got the snacks!" he announced.

"Thanks, man," Xander said, rolling his eyes as the other boy plopped onto the couch next to him. Andrew got so excited about the stupidest things. It wasn't like this episode wasn't a rerun.

Plus, Xander had his own can of Red Bull, and a box of Twinkies, which were all he needed to enjoy their cracktacular viewing experience.

The episode started off with its trademark theme song, and they watched the two not-very-super heroes cavort across the screen. Neo kept giving the screen the fish eye, like Giles when he didn't understand how Americans could create such drivel.

Then the climax started building, and Xander knew it was close. If only Buffy hadn't busted the video camera last week…

"Wait for it…" Xander cautioned them. Neo kept his eyes focused on the television, watching the two superheroes, one vaguely grayish purple and one larger and blue, run around 'protecting'; their city.

"And…now!" Xander pointed at the screen just as the Tick proclaimed, "Spoon!"

"There is no spoon," Neo said reflexively, scowling. He then blushed at Andrew's shocked look.

Xander just chuckled. He'd been expecting Neo to say that. He'd just known that watching this show with these two would provide him with hours of entertainment.