The short boy with blue hair looked up from his book dispassionately as someone made their way to sit beside him, then his eyes widened. A boy about his age with a blonde mohawk stood in front of him. He had the most beautiful green-blue eyes the blue haired boy had ever seen. As he stared, the blonde sat beside him, smiling the whole time.

That was six years ago, now the two boys were in high school. Demyx was already sixteen while Zexion was turning sixteen in a couple of days. They had remained friends ever since the blonde sat by Zexion that day. He was, for the most part, thought to be emo and anti-social, while Demyx on the other hand was cheerful and outgoing, one of the more popular people in school. The only reason people noticed Zexion was because he was always near Demyx. The two hung out practically all the time. School had already started and the two boys had most of their classes together. The group, that is, Axel, Roxas, Marluxia, Saï x and Riku (which usually meant Sora, too) all thought that Zexion had somehow managed to pull a few strings so that the only class he and Demyx didn't have together was Music. Zexion was taking Home Ec. as his specialty, as he rather enjoyed baking, and the only reason the others found this out was that they had stalked him one day to figure out what it was.

" want my egg roll? I told Mom I don't like them but she keeps saying how healthy they are...bleh." Demyx gives the offending egg roll a disgusted look. It isn't even the middle of September yet and already the leaves overhead were turning scarlet and golden. Few flutter down once in a while. The group was in the schools courtyard during their lunch break. The eight of them sat on one of the schools stone benches, which were unusually cold in this weather. The past few nights there had been frost and so now most of the students were adorned with gloves, hats and/or mittens to cope with the cold. Zexion didn't mind the weather, in fact, it was one of his favorite seasons. He didn't much care for winter and summer, but he enjoyed spring and fall. It was very relaxing to read indoors with the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the window or be outside enjoying autumn's colours. Zexion took the egg roll from his friend, having no lunch for himself as usual. He felt no need to bring one, he was never really hungry, and if he was Demyx always offered him whatever it was his mother had packed him that he didn't like. Even while giving away part of his lunch, Demyx still had more than enough to eat.

"Thank you, Demyx," Zexion puts his book down and takes a bite out of the egg roll, savoring the taste.

Axel and Roxas are giggling on the other side, while Sora is looking confused and Riku and Marluxia are smirking, Saï x ignores the whole scene while staring at the sky.

"Riku...what is it? What's so funny? Tell me!" Sora tugs on Riku's shirt when Riku beckons him to come closer so that he can whisper something to him.

"We think Demyx might have a little crush on Zexy," Riku laughs when Sora continues to look at him with a confused look, "You haven't noticed the way he always stares at him when Zexy's not looking? It's been this way for months, maybe even a year or more." All of this was said under his breath so that the two that were being discussed wouldn't overhear. The said blonde was, at this moment, watching Zexion eat his egg roll with a happy expression on his face.

"WHAAAT!?!" Sora yells and looks at Riku with wide eyes, then looks at Zexion and Demyx, who are now staring at him along with everyone else in the vicinity. "Riku! How do you know? Are you sure!? But he doesn't act g-"

"Sora!" Riku puts his hand on the brunets mouth, "Stop this yelling. Besides, we don't want you-know-who to know we know!"

As the table settles down and they continue with their usual "routines" (Axel flirting with Roxas, Riku eyeing Sora while Sora chatters on with him as Riku's attempts go on in vain, Saï x staring at the somewhat visible moon in the sky, Marluxia shamelessly leading on a girl that had walked by and Demyx sitting by Zexion, still eating and waiting for him to finish whatever chapter he was on) whilst Zexion ponders on the whole situation. Demyx hadn't understood that "you-know-who" must've been either him or Demyx. What could they have been talking about? The blue-haired boys contemplation is interrupted when Demyx pokes at him.

"Zexion..." Zexion raises an eyebrow at him, "aren't you cold? I're only wearing a shirt and pants, no sweater or mittens or anything! I'm freezing and I have these on," he raises his mitten covered hands to Zexion, "so you must be really cold."

It was one of those rare times Zexion smiled. His whole face seemed to grow softer and looked less emotionless. And, as usual, the rare smile was brought out by his sitar-playing friend. The best in Zexion was always brought out whenever he was near Demyx. "I'm fine, Demyx. Don't worry about me." He always found it so considerate of Demyx to worry about him, and it always seemed to make him feel warm and fuzzy inside his stomach.

"What are you doing for your birthday, Zex?" Axel stops molesting Roxas and settles for holding his hand while Roxas plays with his hair absentmindedly.

"Hmm...nothing really."

"Well then, that won't do! Plan a birthday party, Kay? We'll all be there on Saturday at...uh...let's say two o'clock."

Zexion flips his hair and gives Axel an annoyed look, "Don't you think we're a bit too old for a birthday party? And don't call me 'Zex' again. Ever."

Demyx pouts, "Aww...Zexion...It would be fun though. We could have cake, and balloons! Besides," he smiles brightly at him, "don't you want to get a whole bunch of presents?"

"Not particularly. But I suppose I could set something up… you like chocolate cake, right Demyx?"

"YAY!!" Demyx glomps the younger boy, causing him to fall over on the bench, landing on his back with Demyx on top of him. For reasons unbeknownst to Zexion, his heart starts beating faster and he blushes. The blonde's arms are on either sides of his head and he is sitting on the lower half of his body, after sitting up from toppling the both of them over.

"Ohmigod I'm so sorry, Zexion! Are you okay?" He is still sitting on him and the blonde's face looks flushed.

"Uhh...yes, I'm fine." Zexion stares up at him. He doesn't want to tell the blonde to get off of him directly, sometimes he could get a bit emotional. " help me up though?"

The other boys around them laugh at the whole scene, Sora just blushes. Axel speaks up with tears in his eyes from laughing so hard, "Yeah! You're kinda, haha, still on him Demyx! Careful you guys don't get nosebleeds!"

"Gah! Yes!" Demyx gets off of him quickly and grabs his hand, pulling him up. He quickly lets go afterwards.

"Demyx?...Are you okay?" Zexion looks at him worriedly, after sending the redhead a glare for the inappropriate comment. Demyx had been looking down and his breathing had become irregular.

"I'm fine!" The older boy takes out his headphones, trying to distract himself from certain images that his mind had started conjuring up.

"Can...I listen, too?" Zexion looks hopeful. He liked the other boys taste in music, and for some reason he just wanted to do something with him before he had to go to his class. Though that class was useful sometimes. He had started to learn how to bake when he was younger, and that class was helping his cooking skills reach perfection.

Before Demyx could stutter a yes though, the bell rang and lunch was over.