"Zexion!? Zexion! Wake up!" Demyx leans over and looks frantically upon Zexion's sleeping form. He had sent Roxas to get a glass of water when they couldn't wake him by yelling or poking at him.

They were watching the movie when Demyx noticed that Zexion had fallen asleep, he had mention to Roxas how cute he looked when asleep. Neither of the conscious boys were aware of the pained looks that started to contort Zexions face shortly after. Even when the blue haired boy had started to mumble in his sleep fretfully, neither of them gave a second thought to it, figuring it was just a bad dream. When Zexion started to cry and repeating the word 'stop' over and over, the two became worried, thinking that it must be one terrible nightmare that they should gallantly rescue him from. Their efforts had gone in vain though, he was in a deep sleep it seemed.

"Ah!…Don't…Demyx…" The blunet twitches fitfully, his cheeks wet from tears.

"Zexy! it's just a dream! Get up." Demyx shakes him, intent on waking him up. Zexion weakly pushes away from him, then his eyes snap open.

"D-Demyx…" The tears are still trailing silently down his already wet cheeks as he reaches a hand toward the older teen. He blinks a couple of times, and then wipes away his tears with his outstretched hand. Bowing his head down, he hides his blush with his hair.

Demyx wraps his arms around him and pulls him against himself. Zexion revels in the feeling of being held after 'witnessing' such a horrible thing happen to his love. Axel and Roxas enter the room, Roxas with a glass of water and Axel with a concerned expression on his face. Roxas plops down next to them and looks questioningly at the blonde, who answers back with a soft "I don't know." spoken into Zexion's hair. Zexion pulls out of his embrace.

Don't make them worry.

He looks reassuringly at the others, "I'm fine. I was just a bit shaken up during my dream."

Axel cocks his head. "What were you dreaming about?"

They can't help anyways.

Zexion looks at them with a forced smirk, "I received a B on an exam." The blonde and the redhead burst out laughing, Demyx laughs along too, but can tell something is bothering the younger teen. Not the brightest bulb in the group, but he can read emotions well. Zexion, on the other hand, is very bad at this and simply waits until others to tell him if something is wrong or isn't.

"Well then. Have fun. The night is young but dies a little every hour, we've still got lots of work to do. Coming, Roxy?"

"Do I have to?"

"Yup. No fair that you're up here having fun, time to get your lazy ass working. Heh! That sound dirty." Axel chuckles at his own little 'joke' and Roxas sighs.

"Why is it that I stay with an idiot like you?"

Axel slings his arm over the blondes shoulders and grins widely. "Cuz you love me!" Roxas blushes and rolls his eyes, handing Zexion the glass of water while elbowing Axel in the side. The redhead bends over in mock pain and moans.

"Gee, that hurt, Roxy dear. Don't tell me you're becoming abusive? I'm all for trying some S&M if ya want, just not in front of others."

This deserved our beloved redhead yet another elbow to the side.

"Ow! That actually hurt. Later then. Have lots and lots of fun."

The door is shut and the two teens are left alone for the first time that evening.

A silence is pounding in both of their ears, both knowing the conversation that will soon follow. The credits are rolling on the TV, Demyx gets annoyed with the music that is slowly scaring the ba-jeebers out of him. To solve this problem, Demyx leans over and pressing the power button on the TV and DVD, leaving them with the moonlight from the window to illuminate the room.

Zexion sighs and narrows his eyes slightly, a tell-tale sign of his worry. Knowing that the blonde had seen through his lie, Zexion wonders what he will say to him.

"Zexion, what's wrong? Does it have to do something with what happened Thursday?" Zexion can't help but feel a wave of panic, he didn't know that Demyx would be able to piece the two events together so quickly.

"It isn't anything." Zexion looks down into his glass of water in shame of lying to Demyx, his dear Demyx.

"Please! Just tell me, I can help!"

Zexion sighs, knowing that his friend hadn't meant to lie to him, but he couldn't help him. Nobody could.

"Just let me know what's wrong…" He cups Zexion's chin in his hand and forces the blunet to look up, "You can trust me, okay? I won't tell anyone. It'll be a secret."

Zexion shakes free of Demyx's stare and returns his gaze downward, his eyes filling with moisture, thinking about how much easier it would be to share this with someone. But what's the point? Nothing can be done. He's trapped, just as his mother was trapped. Perhaps this was his punishment for being born.

"I will tell you…someday. Just not now."

Demyx sighs hopelessly, thinking that he will never be able to get through to his blue haired love.

"Really. I promise."

"Alrighty, Zex! But just remember- you promised!" Demyx wiggles a finger threateningly at Zexion, an expression to match it. In Demyx's point of veiw.

Zexion laughs, "Dem, you really cannot pull off any sort of threatening gesture."

Demyx lets out a fangirl scream, yes, a fangirl scream, and glomps the poor, unsuspecting teen.

"Eeeeeeeeeehh! You are just TOO CUTE! Your laugh is so adorable!" Demyx proclaims as they thud to the floor.


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