Beautiful Disaster

by: LunarEclipse360

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot

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Chapter 1

She didn't understand it. How had her life become something that she couldn't control? How did it spiral down so much that there was no way she could stop it? All these questions and more were running through her mind as she ran down the sidewalk, away from her house, away from her hell.

"No. You can't do this. You can't run away. What about Michelle? What about your sister?" she thought as she stopped at the corner, leaning against the light pole. She knew this wasn't right. She couldn't just leave her sister behind, not with that man they called father. She fought back her urge to cry and headed back in the direction of her house.

Upon entering, the sound of shuffling feet reached her ears and soon she was being embraced around her waist by a girl who was almost an exact copy of herself. She looked down at her fourteen year old sister, her brown eyes staring up at her in fear.

"Gabriella I'm so glad you're back."

"What happened Chelle? Did he hurt you?" She shook her head but held onto her sister tighter.

"I thought you would never come back. I thought you would leave me behind."

"I would never do that. There's no way in hell that I would leave you with him." Michelle gazed up at her sister and her scared look turned into a smile.

"Well, well. Look who's back." came a dark voice from the next room and Gabriella looked up, her own fear rising in her. "Michelle go upstairs so I can talk privately to your sister." Michelle shook her head. She knew exactly what her father was doing to her sister. She wasn't stupid. "Now Michelle." he growled.

"Go upstairs Chelle." Gabriella whispered.

"But Gabi."

"Please." she said, looking at her sister. "Just go upstairs. I'll be fine." Michelle reluctantly nodded her head and let go of Gabriella's waist. She slowly made her way to the staircase, her eyes sending a glare in the direction of their father. Once she put her foot on the first stair, she ran upstairs and slammed her door.

"Get over here." he said and Gabriella walked over to where her father stood. "Where were you?"


"Out where?"

"Just out." she said in a tone she didn't mean to use. He slapped her hard across the face before pulling her by her hair.

"Don't you dare use that tone on me."

"I-I'm sorry. I d-didn't mean for it t-to sound that way." she said lowly and he let go of her hair. She subconsciously reached her hand up to her cheek, the burning sensation becoming more of a stinging feeling. He paced the room, trying to calm himself down. He turned to his daughter, his eyes full of hatred.

"Put you hands on the back of the couch." he said and she looked at him, fearfully.

"No. Please not that."

"Do it or I'll make you." She reluctantly walked to the couch and put her hands on the back of it, gripping it for dear life. She heard him pull off his belt and she closed her eyes waiting for the impact that she knew was coming. The second she felt the belt hit her back, she stifled a cry. The second time it hit, she felt her knees buckling underneath her and she bit her lip.

From upstairs, Michelle sat on her bed covering her ears, trying to block out the sounds of the belt hitting her sister's back. She wanted to cry out but her sister had always told her to never cry in her father's presence. It wasn't until five minutes later that she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and disappear into the room at the far end of the hall; her father's room.

Michelle immediately got up and ran downstairs when she heard his door close. She gasped when she saw her sister lying on the floor of the living room. She carefully knelt next to Gabriella and fought back tears at the sight of blood coming through her sister's ripped shirt.

"Gabi." she said softly and shook her. "Gabi get up." Gabriella opened her eyes slowly and turned around slightly to look at her sister.

"Michelle." The fourteen year old tensed up and turned around, only to come face to face with her father. "If you know what's good for you, you'll go back up to your room and stay there."

"But I can't leave her down here."

"Are you questioning my authority?" he asked, stepping closer to her.

"No sir."

"Good now get up and go to your room." She nodded and stood up, looking once more at her sister. She sent her a sad smile before going past their father and up to her room.

Gabriella was sad to see her sister go, not wanting to be left alone with their father. She watched as he bent down and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. She knew what was coming from this and she dreaded it more than anything in the world. She closed her eyes as her father carried her off to her room and threw her on the bed. She heard the door slam and the click of the lock. She felt the bed dip down underneath her and his hands running up her thighs. She wanted nothing more than to just disappear but she knew it would never happen.

Michelle sat in her room with her pillow over her ears, hoping it would block out the sound of her sister's cries. She hated this. She hated when their father did this to Gabriella. She wanted it all to stop. She didn't want to see her sister break even more than she already was. Another cry from Gabriella broke through the barrier of the pillow and Michelle couldn't help but break down in her own tears. She wished her mother was still alive. She found that during that time, her and her sister were actually happy and their father wasn't this monster that they had come to fear.



Gabriella stared out the window at the brown building with the red banners cascading down the sides. She could feel her stomach churning as she looked upon her new school. Her eyes diverted to the back of the car where her sister sat, the same emotions displayed across her face. Michelle was now a freshmen, meaning she had no clue what high school was like. Gabriella of course knew what it was like and she knew that Michelle's first impression would make her or break her. Gabriella hoped that Michelle's first high school experience would be better than hers.

Three years ago

Fourteen year old Gabriella walked through the halls of Xavier High with her head down. She didn't want anyone to notice her. All she wanted was to be invisible but she knew someone would see her, someone would notice that she wasn't like the other girls in her school.

"Look at the preggo." a girl snickered making her friends laugh along with her. Gabriella lowered her head more, if possible. It was hard being a freshmen and being pregnant at the same time.

"Geez what a whore." another girl said as Gabriella walked by.

The only thing Gabriella was glad about was that they knew nothing of her past. They didn't know that her unborn child was a result of rape or that it's father...was her own. She'd rather have them criticize her for being pregnant than have them criticize her for how she got that way.

Gabriella didn't spend that much time in Xavier High. During the last few months of her freshmen year, she had her baby; a boy. She only looked into his eyes for two seconds before he was taken out of her arms, never to be seen again. Her father put him up for adoption, tearing Gabriella's heart in two.

Throughout the end of her pregnancy, her father did not lay a finger on her and as much as she was happy for it, she wondered if he had, instead, turned his attention on her sister. She doubted it though since Michelle was only ten at the time. Their father hadn't even touched Gabriella, sexually, until she hit puberty at twelve. Michelle didn't start puberty until she was thirteen. Gabriella, however, made a deal with her father: she would succumb to everything and anything he wanted as long as he left Michelle alone. Gabriella saw her life as over already but she knew there was still hope for her sister.

"Gabi?" she heard Michelle say softly and she broke out of her thoughts. She turned around and saw Michelle giving her a confused look.

"Are you going to get out or not?" her father yelled and she nodded. She got out of the car with Michelle following suit. As soon as the doors were closed, they watched him speed off and disappear around the corner.

"You okay?" Michelle asked and Gabriella nodded.

"Yeah...I'm fine." She took her sister's hand and smiled at her. "Let's go." Michelle nodded and they walked inside of the school together.As they walked in, Gabriella noticed two girls waiting by the door, probably for them. The darker-skinned girl noticed them and smiled, dragging the other girl over to them.

"Hello." she said with a bright smile on her face.

"Hi." Gabriella said, looking between the two girls.

"I'm Taylor McKessie and this is Adrienne Cross."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Gabriella and this is my sister Michelle."

"Nice to meet you too. Welcome to East High. We're going to be your guides. I'm in all of your classes, Gabriella and Adrienne is in all of Michelle's." Gabriella nodded and looked at her sister.

"I'll see you at lunch okay?" Michelle nodded and followed Adrienne. "So are there any rules I should know about?"

"Oh there's a bunch but I think you should just look it over in the rule book that can only be found in the library. That's on the second floor." Gabriella nodded taking in this new information. "Here's your schedule. Best thing to do is make copies. Everyone loses their schedule so it's better to make copies just in case." Taylor explained as they walked down the hallway. "The cafeteria is down this hallway, all the way at the back." she said pointing to a long hallway where red doors stood at the end.

"This school sure loves red." Gabriella mumbled.

"Yeah red and white are our school colors. We have over five sports teams including volleyball, football, soccer, baseball and basketball. Out of all of the sports in the school, the one we practically worship is basketball. I, myself, don't follow the sport but everyone else seems hooked on it."

Gabriella listened as Taylor continued to talk about the school and its accomplishments but her attention was adverted when she spotted a group of guys standing off to the side. They looked like jocks but she couldn't exactly tell. As she and Taylor walked by, she noticed one of the guys had his head down, his dark hair covering his face. He seemed to feel her eyes on him and he lifted his head, his ocean blue eyes connecting with her brown ones. She could see something familiar in his eyes. Something she had seen before but couldn't pin point where. She was soon knocked out of her trance when she saw him smirk at her. She smiled softly back and adverted her gaze, continuing to follow Taylor down the hallway.