Chapter Sixteen: Returning to Normal?

Nobody moved; everyone had his or her eyes locked on Harry as he stared down Draco. Ginny cautiously rose to her feet, careful not to move too suddenly.

"W-What do you think you're doing Potter?" Malfoy growled, his voice wavering slightly.

"Teaching you a lesson Malfoy," Harry snapped back. "You need to learn to keep that mouth of yours shut. I don't care if you think you're so special because I have news for you, the only reason anyone is afraid of you is because of that Death Eater father of yours."
There were a few collective gasps from among the onlookers. Teachers were unsure of what to do as neither child had made a move to cast a spell yet.

"Harry," Ginny said gently as she placed her hands on his shoulders. She could feel the anger radiating off of him in waves. He was tired of Malfoy and it hadn't helped that he'd insulted her. It was sweet of him to defend her mainly because of their bond but it was different somehow that it was him and not one of her brothers. "Calm down."

"That's right Potter, either that or you'll land yourself in detention or worse expelled."

Harry snorted. "You think that scares me? It's about time you learned your place. If I so much as catch you saying another bad thing about anyone I will make sure your life is a living hell from that moment on."

"You wouldn't dare, you don't have the guts," Malfoy said trying to convince himself more than anything else.

"Don't think I won't?" Harry taunted. "I've seen Muggles that were more threatening then you ever will be Malfoy. Sod off or you'll regret the day you ever crossed paths with me."

Malfoy gave him an icy glare as they students laughed at Harry's comparison.

"Better watch out Potter," Malfoy hissed his blue eyes ice cold. "You may not be around much longer to continuously make threats."

The look Harry gave Draco could only be described as malicious. "We'll see who lives in the end."

With that Harry dropped his wand and just as Malfoy relaxed Harry hit him square in the jaw, dropping the blonde haired youth. Harry bent beside the fallen Slytherin.

"If you so much as get near any of my friends the killing curse will look like heaven compared to what I will do to you."

"Mr. Potter," McGonagall called from the entrance of the Great Hall. "Please follow me."

Harry nodded and gave Ginny and Hermione a week grin.

Ginny smiled back as she watched him leave the Hall.

"Well, that was a brilliant way to start the morning," Ron put in with a huge grin, making the Gryffindors around him chuckle.

Ginny shook her head at her brother's antics but just as she was about to sit down she spotted Katie Bell. Now a fifth year and one of the three staring Chasers on the Quidditch team, she was making her way towards Ginny, a look of determination in her eyes.

"Ginny, can I speak with you?" Katie questioned softly to the young girl.

Ginny nodded her head without hesitation as she followed the older girl. They continued on outside of the castle and down to the lake.

"I wanted to be far enough away that no one would be able to over hear us," Katie said softly when they had finally stopped along the shore.

"What's wrong?" Ginny questioned a bit worried. It was now that she was able to discern the relation between Katie and Cassie.

"I got a letter from my aunt just yesterday," Katie began her voice just as quiet as before.

"Oh," was all she could respond with.

"Yes…I…I didn't know you were one of them," Katie remarked her voice holding a bit of awe as she looked upon the younger girl.

"Well I'm really not I'm just being trained."

"No, only Unspeakables train future Unspeakables, it's the way of their world. They do not train anyone without the potential to become one."

"Still I learn more and more about that world," Ginny remarked a bit dryly, making Katie laugh.

"It's not bad, actually Cassie is the first one in years to be an Unspeakable again."

Ginny smiled at her and nodded, she could definitely see why.

"They're coming soon," Katie told her after a few moments of silence.

"How soon?"

"Before the weeks out. It seems that there is going to be a worldwide search of potential younger Unspeakables. They span all across the world and into every country."

Ginny nodded, remembering the Committee from just a few days before. "Do you think they'll find many?"

"Maybe, maybe not. It's never been done to be really honest so anything and everything can happen. Honestly, I'm glad they are. I didn't want to wait another few years before I could even be considered for being tested."

"They said they have an idea that you might be one already," Ginny told her.

"Really?" Katie questioned her voice hopeful.

"You were brought up before the Committee while I was there. I didn't realize at first who they meant until after the fact. But if they already have you in mind I highly doubt that they would not check you during this."

"Thank you," Katie said, as she looked Ginny in the eye.

Ginny was struck by a feeling as she gazed into the older girl's eyes. She felt content, like she knew that Katie would become something great given the chance that was before her. It was almost as if in this moment she was forming a friendship that would prove worthwhile in the end.

Katie smiled and turned to look out over the lake. "My aunt says you're a quick learner."

"Cassie is a brilliant teacher. She's taught me a lot these last two summers."

Katie could only nod her head. "I better let you go then, to enjoy a day before returning to the heck world that is school."

"Take care Katie, I know that you'll be one someday," Ginny remarked before heading towards the castle. She missed the smile that flittered across Katie's face or the grateful look in her eyes.

Ginny was currently sitting the library, her head buried in yet another book that she was combing through. It was already half way through the week and Ginny was buried in her homework. She still had the time to make up from the first week she missed. Hermione was sitting just across from her, the two girls intent on the work before them.

It was during these times that Ginny could see the true strain that was currently on Hermione. The girl had a haggard expression on her face and she looked like she hadn't slept properly in months. Ginny truly understood the consent strain of being so far away and always feeling the other person's emotions. Normally only the strongest of emotions would be felt at such a great distance and it seemed as if loneliness was the top of her brother's emotions.

Harry had constantly been feeling lonely in waves that made her almost with queasy their intensity and it didn't help that he had been at Privet Drive. Now, she could feel a little slight buzzing of irritation that was coming from him.

Hermione sighed and shifted once more breaking Ginny from her thoughts. Ginny reached forward placing her hand on top of Hermione's.

As Hermione looked up she could see the tears that threatened to fall from the older girl's eyes.

"How did you manage it?" Hermione questioned her voice broken.

Ginny's heart went out to her because for the first time she saw how she must have been when everything had begun with Harry.

"A lot of hard work," Ginny told her softly. "It was so hard because I knew he was with those awful Muggles and it felt like I was completely helpless. I wanted to be with him so badly that it was physical. It…it made me feel like I was alone all the time even when there were people there. Then just seeing him…I could barely contain the urge to just hold onto him and never let go."

Hermione looked at her, her eyes betraying the pure agony of what she was going through. "I just want to be with him."

"You will. I know it doesn't seem like that will ever happen but I know you will, nothing really keeps you a part. Hold on Hermione, it will be alright."

Hermione only nodded before taking a deep breath and throwing herself back into her studies. Ginny, however, couldn't even get her eyes to focus. Her heart twisted painfully in her chest after her talk. She knew she could handle the pain, it had already gotten better now but to see her friend going through the same pain.

Ginny quietly closed her books and put her things away. After a quick goodbye to Hermione she headed down the halls of the castle. She could feel the pull from Harry and hoped that she would get to him when he was alone. As she walked along the halls she couldn't help but smile as she felt that he was in a good mood.

Turning around the corner she spotted him talking to her two twin brothers. She didn't move around the turn yet but watched them interact.

The three were talking about something that seemed to be making them all grin. She watched in amusement as he threw his head back and laughed at something George had said.

He turned his head and Ginny met his sparkling green eyes. Harry's grin grew as he bade the two farewell as Ginny moved back around the corner, her back to the cold stone wall.

Harry came around the corner and Ginny wrapped her arms around his waist. He pulled her too her instantly as she settled her head against his chest. She let out a deep-contented sigh as she listened to his heartbeat.

"Hey," he said gently in her ear as he began running his fingers through her hair.

"Hi," she mumbled into his chest. Harry chuckled softly as he pulled away, making Ginny whimper.

"Come, we don't want to be seen," he told her as he took her hand as they headed towards their hide away.

Once inside Ginny returned to snuggling against his chest. Harry held her tightly, resting his head against hers.

"What's been bothering you," Harry asked?

"Hermione," Ginny replied with a sigh.

"What happened?"

"We talked. It's so hard on her and just seeing her going through what we did, it's hard. Thinking that because of my magic this is happening to her too."

"Oh Ginny," Harry said softly as he easily picked her up and set her on one of the desks. He held her face in his hands, making her meet his gaze. "Neither Hermione or Charlie blame you for this. Just watching them the other night made me realize that they are benefiting a lot from this bond. They will never blame you for what happened to them. Don't blame yourself either."

Ginny looked away as the tears began to form in her eyes. "I just feel so helpless watching her like that. Because I can remember how much it hurt and knowing how hard it was on you."
"And now it's better, you saved me from my aunt and uncles."

Ginny could only nod her head. Harry smiled as he bent to kiss her softly. Ginny responded instantly, melting against him at the warmth that came from that simple kiss. Her arms wound themselves around his neck as she pulled him closer. Harry broke away from her first, cradling her against him.

"I just can't help it," Ginny whispered against his neck.

"I know, I know what you mean but this will work out, you have to believe that."

Ginny could only nod. "I miss you."

"You see me every day," Harry told her gently as he began to rub her back.

"You know what I mean. I just want to curl up against you after all our homework is done and forget about everything that is going on. I miss just being held by you like this and being able to do the same in return. Sneaking off and hiding when I just want to snog you senseless."

Harry smiled as he listened to her and chuckled about the last bit.

"I want that too, Gin. I just want to hold you close and tell everyone else that you are mine."

Ginny smiled at this. "We're quite the pair aren't we."

"Very much so but I wouldn't want anyone else by my side."

"That…is very good to know."

It was Thursday during lunchtime when Dumbledore finally stood to make an unannounced speak to the students. Every quieted down as they saw him approach the podium. Since no one had been expecting this the level of curiosity seemed to rise when everyone realized no one else knew.

"Attention students," Dumbledore said in a clear voice that carried all throughout the Great Hall.

It was then that Ginny could see the familiar twinkle was gone from the older man's eyes and she could have smirked at that fact. Her hand found Harry's under the table, as it was rare time for the two of them to be sitting together, and twinned her fingers with his.

"It has come to my attention that over the course of the next two days we will be having some…unexpected visitors. They shall arrive tonight to speak to you all about the reason they are coming, for this reason it is mandatory that every student attend dinner tonight. This is all the information that I am able to give to you as I do not even really know what is going on."

This startled many of the students. Dumbledore not know what is going on? That was positively unheard of. Hermione frowned a little at this but she, like Harry and Ginny, knew what to expect. However, she was a bit uneasy about anything right now due to her lack of her partner.

"You may all return to your meals," Dumbledore said and Ginny could hear a hint of annoyance in his voice.

He didn't like what was about to happen. He didn't fully know what was about to happen but he knew that it wasn't going to go over very well with him.

"This is going to be interesting," Harry whispered to Ginny softly. Ginny couldn't help the small smile on her face as she felt his breath tickle her neck.

"I'll bet it will," Ginny remarked just as quietly.

That night everyone seemed to bouncing with excitement about what was about to transpire. Ginny for her part was a bit bored by all the continuos talk that was going on around her. Tonight she was sitting with her classmates Mystic wrapped around her arm, sleeping peacefully. Mystic still had a tendency to roam the halls of the castle for no particular reason. Marissa was talking so quickly that Ginny just had to finally tune her out to keep her sanity. Caitlin and Alexis were both just enjoying eating as opposed to humoring their friend with her antics.

Dinner had finally wrapped up when Dumbledore rose to his feet again. Just before he spoke the doors to the Great Hall were thrown open and two hooded figures walked in. Everyone's attention instantly left the Headmasters to look at the two newcomers, everyone, that is, except Ginny. Her eyes were locked on the Headmaster as he leveled a glare at them, as he hadn't even had time to speak.

Ginny had a bad feeling about the enmity that the old Professor held for Unspeakables. It seemed that there was definitely more this situation then was currently on the surface. Mystic, sensing her Mistresses feelings, flicked her tongue against her arm, gaining Harry's attention as she spoke something to him.

Harry locked eyes with Ginny, his eyes curious. She could only smile at him and shrug in response, indicating that she couldn't really tell him with everyone around. He smiled in return and they watched as the two figures stopped before Professor Dumbledore.

"Sorry to interrupt," the first figure said and Ginny knew that it was Cassie who had come. Her eyes caught sight of Katie who also knew that it was her aunt that stood up there.

"It's no problem, I was just about to tell the students that you were coming, it seems you beat me to it," Dumbledore said with a chuckle but Ginny could hear the subtle hostility in his tone of voice.

"We meant no offense," the second responded and Ginny knew that it was Kenneth as he almost growled at the Headmaster having heard the hostility.

"May we address the students?" Cassie questioned trying to stem off an argument in front of the entire student body.

"Of course," Dumbledore told her as he stepped away.

Cassie and Kenneth approached the podium.

"Greetings students," Kenneth started, making sure he had everyone's attention. "I am sure you are all wondering about why the two of us are here today. It was recently brought to our attention that some students have been excelling very quickly magically. Now, normally this wouldn't be such an issue but it seems that things have become more complicated."

"What my companion is trying to say," Cassie cut in easily. "Is that we are testing all students from first year to seventh year. We are looking for those who have the potential to completely excel in their magical abilities. Tomorrow we are going to be going through every student, year by year, until we've completely gone through all the students."

"This will not interrupt classes so they are mandatory to return to. It will take us tomorrow and the next day before we are done. We will start with the first years and work our way up. By the end of two days we will be making another announcement. Tonight, in all the common rooms, listings will be posted as to what will happen beyond this point."

"We are very grateful to your Professors and Headmaster for allowing us to come in as we are."

The two nodded their heads to Dumbledore before heading down and out the hall.

No one spoke for the better part of a moment. Know one really knew what to think of this. Many were wondering about what they meant by magically excelling and what all of this could mean. Very few, four in fact, were the only ones who were unconcerned by what was transpiring in their school.

"We are tomorrow," Caitlin told her roommates as she entered the dorm.

All three looked up at her. Marissa was sprawled across her bed, books open before her as she worked on a essay for Transfiguration. Alexis was currently trying to not fall asleep working on her Potions essay. Ginny, however, was wide-awake and staring off into space, trying to discern the feelings that were coming from Harry.

"Tomorrow? Are you sure?" Marissa asked a bit hesitantly.

"Yes, it was posted. It seems that we are the final group and the first of the third years. We are going to be going after dinner actually, then they will stop for the day," Caitlin said as she sat down beside Ginny, reaching out to pet Mystic.

Mystic moved to twine herself around Caitlin's arm. The three roommates had gotten used to Mystic and were occasionally seen carrying her around.

"Wonderful," Ginny drawled.

"And you're the very last."

Ginny groaned as she flopped back onto her bed. "Just what I need, something else to complicate my life." But Ginny knew that it was only for show. She was already an Unspeakable in training and didn't really care to see if she had to go through the test as well.

The three girls smiled at her. They knew that Ginny had a hard time with attention especially since their first year. The last year had brought the four of them closer and closer. They were beginning to become a familiar sight around school that is when Ginny wasn't off with Colin and Luna. Colin, it seemed, still had a thing about spending time with Ginny, when he wasn't off trying to get a good picture of Harry. Luna, surprisingly, spent a lot of time with the four girls. It had taken a little while but the other three had come to accept Luna as a part of their little group. That and it seemed to help Luna in the long run.

Ginny sighed as she sat up. "Well this has been wonderful. Really how many things are going to happen this year?"

"Too many I'm sure," Alexis added as she closed her books. "I can't stand reading another thing for this blasted essay, who's up for a game of Exploding Snaps?"

Ginny declined the offer saying she was going to study more down in the common room. The girls bid her farewell as she made her way down the stairs. She wasn't at all surprised to see both Hermione and Harry still awake. Harry looked up and smiled as she came down the steps.

Ginny made her way over, sitting between both Hermione and Harry. Hermione looked a bit startled when Ginny sat down.

Surprised Ginny turned to Harry for an answer. He could only shrug, as Hermione hadn't really told him what was going on. Ginny wrapped her arm around her friend's shoulder as she hugged her close.

Hermione gave Ginny a half smile as she leaned her head against Ginny's shoulder. The three fell into silence and it wasn't long before Ron approached. He sat down on the opposite side of Hermione and he too wrapped an arm around his friend. This stunned the three others but Hermione gave him a grateful smile. Ron knew nothing about what was going on but knew enough that something big was bothering Hermione.

He hadn't spoken to anyone but he realized that something had definitely changed in his bushy haired friend.

The four of them sat in a comfortable silence as the rest of the common room emptied as the night grew later and later.

No one spoke, none of them really needing too. After a moment of two more a tear traced down both girls' faces almost as if they felt something that no one else was. Another, then another soon followed that tear, and before they realized it they were crying.

Harry pulled Ginny to him, hugging her close, while Ron attempted to soothe Hermione. Ginny buried her face against his chest, unsure of what had come over her but only knew that something was wrong. Harry just whispered comforting words into her ear as he rocked her back and forth.

It took a few minutes before either girl finally calmed down enough to speak.

"What's wrong?" Harry questioned softly.

Hermione could only shake her head, unable to voice what was really going on with her. Ginny only held onto him tighter, her whole body tense.

The boys shared a look both of them clearly at a loss as to what to do in this moment. It seemed as if neither girl would speak about what was going on and Ron had a strange feeling that he was most definitely missing out on something.

"Harry," Ron started softly, a little unsure as to what he was going to say.

"Yeah, Ron?" Harry asked when it seemed as if Ron wouldn't continue.

"Are you…you and Ginny…together?" Ron stammered out, not looking up after he spoke.

All three froze, surprised that Ron had even asked. Harry and Ginny had been very careful about their relationship, as far as anyone else knew they were barely even friends.

"Yes," Ginny told her brother as she sat up to look at him. Ron met Ginny's gaze.

Ginny gazed at him, hoping his brother would understand what was going on. Something that required a lot of explaining but something that they had needed to keep quiet for themselves. Ron seemed to take it all in and slowly he nodded.

A smile broke out on her face as he brother nodded. If anyone had been hard to convince it would have been Ron. Now, though, she knew they'd have to explain it all to him. Harry moved slightly to raise his hand out to his best friend.

"I'll tell you," Harry said to him with a slight smile.

Ron nodded and clasped his hand back. "You better."

That made all four of them smile.

"I'm going to bed, thank you all," Hermione told them as she rose to her feet.

"Sleep well," both boys said and Ginny could only give her a small smile. She hoped that Hermione would learn to dream with Charlie soon enough.

They watched as she headed up the stairs and to her dorm.

"I'll be waiting," Ron said in way of explanation as he rose to his feet. He stopped to kiss Ginny's forehead before heading towards his dorm.

They waited until they had heard his footsteps fade before relaxing.

"Why does this feel like a very bad secret?" Ginny questioned before she buried her face into his chest.

Harry chuckled as he leaned back into the couch, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around Ginny. "Only a few people really know anyway."

Ginny let out a sigh as she leaned up to place a kiss on his neck. "Hopefully this will become easier."

"It will," he responded as he threaded his fingers in her hair. Ginny smiled as she leaned back and then towards his lips. They kissed softly before pulling away. "Maybe this means it'll be easier to get away with all of this."

Ginny grinned. "Maybe but for now all I care about is you," she told him before wrapping her arms around his chest.

Harry sighed as he pulled her as close as possible. The days were changing and things were getting more and more difficult. Yet it made both of them feel better that they had each other. That meant the world to them.

"Do you feel as if there is some…hostility with Dumbledore and the Unspeakables?" Ginny asked after a few moments.

"Yes, it seemed to be coming off of him in waves almost," Harry replied.

"I wonder what it all means…I mean he isn't an Unspeakable as far as I can tell. He doesn't even really know that we are. I think he does know that they trained me that summer but not that I am in training. Then he knew that they took you from where you once lived. But what makes him so hostile? It almost seems as if it was there long before this all happened."

"I've been wondering the same thing and have nothing to really offer. The only thing I know is that we should tread very carefully around him. I feel as if there is more to this then meets the eye."

Ginny nodded as she fell silent once more. The thought that danger was fast approaching twisted Ginny's insides more then she'd like to admit. It wasn't the fact that there was danger but that it seemed to always gravitate towards Harry and that thought in itself was worse then anything else possibly could be. This year was not going to be one she'd want to remember.

Ginny walked through the halls of the castle. She was on her way to the Transfiguration classroom where she was going to have her meeting. The day was full of talk about what everyone had gone through and it seemed to make the rest of the classes edgy especially when everyone realized that with each year there was a definite change in what they asked them to do.

She wasn't really worried. Ginny had spent most of the day working on class work and waiting for a chance to speak to her brother. Harry had told her that things had gone over well as far as he could tell but she still hadn't gotten a chance to speak to him herself. This made her a bit nervous. She had always felt a little guilty for never having spoken it aloud to any of her family members but in the end she realized that there really was nothing anyone could have said or done about the matter.

As she pushed open the door she wasn't at all surprised to see Kenneth waiting for her.

"Hello Ginny," he said with a huge grin on his face.

"Hello Kenneth," Ginny replied as she went to hug the older man. "Where is Cassie?"

"It was my day to go through all of the students, she'll be around tomorrow if you can catch her."

"Ah," Ginny responded as she pulled away from him. She sat down on top of one of the desks as she faced him. "So what shall you have me do?"

Kenneth chuckled. "Nothing to be really honest. We already know what type of power you hold and Cassie is diligently working on that spell to help you out. For now, we can just relax and talk, how does that sound?"

"Good to me. With all the work and the whole tournament coming up, it seems a sure fire way for everything to go wrong."

Kenneth chuckled. "It seems that it happens every year without fail. Which doesn't always bode well for you or Harry I'm assuming."

Ginny nodded her head in agreement. "Kenneth can I ask you something?"

"Sure thing."

"Well…yesterday with Professor Dumbledore…"

"Oh," was all Kenneth said.

"There is more to it isn't there?"

"Much, much more then any of us would care to admit to. Things…between the Unspeakables and Dumbledore are rocky, even hostile in the treatment between us."

"What happened?" Ginny asked her curiosity getting the best of her.

"Cassie would kill me if she knew I told you…" Kenneth began to say.

"So we won't tell her. Come on Kenneth, this could help us. I want to know what's going on all around me. I can't really protect Harry if I don't know what he needs protecting from."

Kenneth groaned. "It seems you are a master at persuasion."

Ginny grinned back at him.

"Fine but this stays between the two of us got that?"

She nodded her head as she leaned forward.

"Many, many years ago Dumbledore had finally gotten out of school he was considered for becoming an Unspeakable," Kenneth launched into his story. "He was promising. Albus was, is, a very powerful wizard in his own right and that instantly made us curious to his abilities. He was tested as everyone is always tested but there was something there. My father, he was once a member of the Committee but gave his life for my mother, Cassie, and myself during the war with Grindelwald."

"Wait that was years before Voldemort rose to power. That would put you well into your fifties if not longer."

Kenneth grinned. "It would in fact make me fifty nine. I was born in 1936."

"So you weren't very old when your father passed away?"
"I was only nine when he was killed yes. Actually I had never really met Albus then but I knew the story about what had happened."

"What happened?" Ginny repeated.

"You see the Committee was going to make a joint decision on all the information they had collected during their exam. They do this will all the potential candidates for entry. Only thing is my father, saw something there that he didn't approve of. There was…a bit of darkness, a need to control that was something that wouldn't be tolerated among Unspeakables. It was jointly decided that he wouldn't be allowed entry, despite his potential. That never really sat too well with him."

"I can imagine. Why would those not be tolerated?"

"You see, we work for the people, Muggle and Wizard alike. We don't try to control anyone, its not who we are. We fight for them where they can not. To have someone who wants the type of control that comes with power is not someone who can be let among us."

Ginny nodded her head. She could definitely understand this point. "So he never really forgave them for excluding him."

"Pretty much. The power he has, every Committee member holds."

"Then why did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald?"

"That was something he had to do himself. I don't know the particulars but I know he knew him very well."

This surprised Ginny but she kept that to herself.

"You're telling me that the power that Dumbledore has you and Cassie have?"
Kenneth grinned. "That's what I am telling you. Want in on a little secret?"
Ginny nodded her head eagerly.

He leant forward. "You and Harry have the potential to outshine all the Committee members in the history of Unspeakables."


"Very sure, Cassie thinks so too. Do you wonder why you're magic is growing? That Cassie herself had the same problem at your age? Its rare, very rare for someone to have such a huge magical increase and I'm sure it won't end any time soon. You're going to do amazing things one day."

She could feel the heat rise in her chest at the compliment. "It's been a long road that seems to only get longer. But it doesn't scare me anymore."

"Good, it shouldn't."

After her meeting she headed through the halls, a smile on her face as she entered the common room. Harry looked up from where he sat with Ron and Hermione and smiled at her. Ginny waved in return as she headed up the stairs and into her dorm with her friends. Caitlin looked up from where she lay on her bed and grinned.

"You're back," she said as she sat up fully.

"How'd it go?" Marissa questioned as she came out of the bathroom.

"Good," was her response as she plopped onto her bed and watched as Mystic came out from under her pillow to wrap around her arm.

"That's good to hear, it seemed so nerve wracking while in there," Alexis commented from where she lay on her bed.

Ginny smiled at her friends. "It wasn't that bad for me."

The three girls smiled back at her.

The next day brought the same confusion and tension that everyone the day before had suffered. As it was Saturday Ginny and Harry managed to slip away once they had gotten up. Harry would be a little later on in the day, right before lunch, so they felt the need to get in a little alone time together.

Ginny lay back against him, his arms wrapped casually around her waist. His head rested back against the tree and Ginny was in and out of sleep as they sat there.

"Did you have a nice visit with Kenneth?" Harry asked after a while.

"I did, it was nice to sit and talk with him for a change."

Harry chuckled softly. "I do hope that you get a chance to see Cassie then."

"Are you upset that you didn't get to talk to him?"

"No, I would have liked to yes but that's alright that I didn't, I know he didn't mean anything by it."

Ginny nodded as she moved so she could kneel between his legs and face him. He had his eyes closed and slowly opened them when Ginny placed her hands on his chest. She couldn't help but admire the firm muscles that she felt under her palms. His steady heartbeat soothed her as well.

He tilted his head slightly as he looked at her. She smiled sweetly at him as she leaned forwards so that their foreheads rested against each other. Harry reached up cupping her face in the palm of his hand. With a soft sigh she closed her eyes, breathing in deeply.

She was a bit surprised when he leaned forward to press a soft kiss on her lips. Smiling she leaned in to kiss him back. His other arm wound around her waist as he pulled her closer. Her own arms wound around his neck to hold him closer.

This wasn't one of their passionate, almost hungry, kisses that they had started to share more and more lately. No, this kiss was a deep meaningful kiss that left them both breathless.

Ginny held tightly to him, taking in all she could from him. Her heart seemed to race in her chest and she didn't mind the sudden lack of oxygen. The taste, the feel of him was by far better then anything she could have ever imagined. She knew that nothing would ever make her feel like Harry did, all consuming, and so addicting.

They pulled a part to breathe but Ginny recaptured his lips, not wanting to give up this moment for anything. He held her tighter, completely understanding that she wanted more just as he did.

Ginny felt as if she was falling and she didn't mind in the least because she felt Harry's strong arm wrapped around her waist.

It was moments like this that really made Ginny appreciate life. The few times that they could just let go and be together like never before. Where all their insecurities and fears were out there but neither shunned nor made fun of. They accepted and helped each other no matter the cost.

A time when Ginny let the love she felt for Harry overwhelm and control her. Where she could just hold him and let him know that she loved him more than anything. She knew that he didn't full understand but knew that he revealed in the feelings that she gave him. Harry would drop his own walls and tell her how much he cared for her, letting her feel the love he held for her. Even if he didn't really know that it was love that he was giving to her.

She accepted everything he gave her and never pushed him into anything. They were equals and Ginny knew that only he could equal her and she could equal him. Deep in her heart she knew they were made for each other. That they were two halves of a whole.

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