A/N: Probably the shortest thing I've ever written, but I just couldn't get the idea out of my head.

The Power of Suggestion

I don't believe it. Here's that damn thought creeping into my head again."Take Eames to a motel and get it outta my system." He cringed at the memory of his brother's taunting, sarcastic "advice."

Since when did I even start listening to Frank, much less believe what he's saying. And since when did he become so observant? Or is it just that obvious? Hell, if Frank could see it, then Eames surely can. Nothing gets by her powers of observation.

Great. As if I needed another reason to be pissed off at my brother, now he's planted this in my head.

"Take Eames to a motel and get it outta my system," his brother's words echoed again.

Alex stared at him across the desk.

"Good idea! You ready to go?" she said.

"What!?" Bobby exclaimed, and instantly blushed.

Alex looked at him and repeated. "I said, 'good idea. You ready to go?'"

Bobby remained silent, at a loss for words. Please tell me I wasn't thinking out loud.

"C'mon," Alex said, getting up from her chair and grabbing her pocketbook. "We can still beat the dinner crowd at Carucci's and be back in time to give the Captain his evening briefing."

Bobby released a deep breath that he hadn't realized he was holding. "Dinner…right," he agreed.

"Well it was your idea to take a break to eat. It's gonna be a long night," Alex said, reminding him.

Bobby nodded and followed her to the elevators. It's gonna be a long night, all right.