By: Waterrockz

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This fanfic is rated M for a reason, there will be language & mild sexual reference in this chapter.

This fanfic is in modern time, but the characters still have their bending abilities and the nations they come from (fire, water, air, & earth). In America there are all types of nations, countries in colder climate (Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, & Canada) have more water tribes, countries in hotter climate (South America, Australia, & Africa) have more fire nations, any land masses (Russia & Asia) have earth kingdoms, and all of Europe is where the air nomads are.

The teenage boy (17yr) is based off this drawing made by Asherluck…

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Zuko's (17yr) clothing is based off this drawing made by Asherluck…

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The door slammed shut as a teenage girl threw her bag on the floor next to the navy blue couch. The girl sat on the couch and turn on the TV, switching channels until she saw a show that got her eye. This had become her schedule when she got home from practice. She like playing basketball, but her true love was soccer. She was stubborn, head-strong, brave, smart, and spoke her mind and that got her in trouble. Her older brother insisted to their parents when they were younger that it was because of her dark skin, hair, and eye color that got her in trouble. The two siblings had a deal, she would do his homework and he wouldn't tell their parents that she did soccer. Soccer was forbidden for some reason, but that just made her seem to do it more. Her father trained her in basketball after a year of fighting about it. Their father soon realized that his daughter wasn't the skirt wearing type, but an athlete, bender, and tomboy. After an accident happen in Japan, the family moved to New York to stay with relatives. The teenage girl's mother was Japanese and her father was American.

The door opened and shut when a teenage boy came in. He tossed his bag by the staircase and headed towards the kitchen. Their house wasn't big, but it wasn't small by any means. The house had two levels and a basement. The basement (which had a shower and toilet) was the teenage boy's bedroom. No one had fought over the room with him because it had no windows and smelled. On the main floor were a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a den area that was an office. The living room had a TV, two couches, a recliner, and family pictures that were hung all over the room. The living room walls were painted in an ocean blue color, just like the teenage girl's eyes. Her eyes were an ocean blue and when she got angry, her eyes would grow a faint darker blue. The kitchen was done in dark blue and navy. There was a huge window above the sink that had a view of the mountain range. The house was always stocked up on food, whether it is homemade or not. However, the dining room was never used. It was the perfect place for dust to collect. It made no sense for only one or two people to eat at the table, therefore, most of the time meals were eaten in the kitchen or the living room. The fact that their father was a cop and worked twenty-four seven, didn't help the situation.

Upstairs were 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom was done in Japanese to honor where they came from. Above the mirror hangs a sign that reads, "neba-gibuappu" means "never give up". Their mother always told them this when they were growing up. The teenage girl made the sign without their father knowing because he didn't want to remember anything about her. He never used that bathroom, only the one in his room. The room next to the bathroom was for their grandmother, who has been living with them for years. Their grandmother's room was done in a pale blue almost white, color. The next room by their grandmother's belonged to the teenage girl. The room was done in a turquoise color, but you couldn't tell that because the walls were covered in posters. With one glance at this room, most people would mistake it for the teenage boy's room instead of his sister's room. The posters consisted of soccer, basketball, draggers, and all types of bending. Even though the girl was a waterbender, she always felt the need to study earth, air, and fire bending. In a corner of the room was a bed which had junk on it, mainly books and magazines about soccer, basketball, and bending. There was a TV in another corner, which had an X-box 360, Wii, and Playstation 3 coming off of it. The TV also had a DVD and VHS player and next to the TV was a trunk which contained 35 DVDs and 21 VHS tapes. By the bed was a desk made out of oak that her grandmother gave her. On the desk was a lamp, a lap top, pictures of soccer & basketball players, and empty pop cans. Next to the lap top was a stereo system, which was always being played. By the door was a dresser made out of maple, which her grandmother gave her as a present for her 13th birthday. The dresser was never used though, clothes were scattered on the floor. Down the hall was their father's room, which was hard to describe because no one was allowed in his room. That didn't brother the teenagers because they really didn't care.

The teenage boy sat down next to his sister and tossed her a Mountain Dew, while opening his own. Both teenagers had secrets from their father and grandmother, but none from each other. Their father had forced both kids into a sport, the boy was thrown into soccer and the girl was thrown into basketball. Both were great at the sport they did, but they didn't love that sport. The boy truly loved basketball and the girl truly loved soccer.

"You do know that…sum…summer is almost over," said the boy to is sister. They had both dreaded the day school started. The girl had dropped out of school before she hit 7th grade and her brother had kept it a secret for 3 years, until their grandmother found out the truth. She went to pick the girl up from middle school early for her birthday, but when she got to the school she found out that the girl had never had attend the school. When she confronted the teenagers, she was told the truth. The teenage girl did underground fighting to help support the family when their father decided to spend his paychecks on hookers and beer. Her underground name was Dark Angel because at a glance you would think that she was an angel, but once you got to know her, you would be totally shocked. She would knockout every person that confronted her in the ring. However, when you start underground fighting you can't leave, so the girl gave up school. But she didn't tell the whole truth to the men who ran the fighting club. Instead she told them what they wanted to hear, that she loved to fight and wanted to keep doing it. When their grandmother went to the underground fighting club with both teenagers, the men who ran the club were upset that the girl wasn't honest with them and the fact that they were about to lose their star fighter but they agreed to let the girl go, on one condition though. The condition was that if they need someone to train other fighters, the girl would be the trainer. She had spent her whole summer training rookie fighters, but hated it because she knew that she could never be in the ring again. Their grandmother dropped both kids off in front of the school and as soon as she left their sight, the girl left and went to the underground fighting club. After she was done training, she went to the park and play basketball with older guys. At first they looked down on her because she was a girl playing a guys sport, but they soon realize how wrong they were when they had her play with them. Ever since that day the guys treated her like one of them and they always met in the park to play basketball. But the girl like going there to hang out with a guy named Kuzan. He treated her like an equal and she loved it. He never went easy on her and when she was having a bad day, he would always push harder. By the time she would get to the park, her brother would be there and ready to play with them. When a couple of hours passed, he would leave to go to his soccer practice. But this year would be very different from the past 3 years because she promised her grandmother that she would start attending school. She wanted so badly just to go outside and play soccer all day, but she made a promise and she would honor that. Their mother had taught the teenagers about promises and the girl would never break a promise. Their father didn't believe what their mother taught and he always broke his promises and the girl hated this, but said nothing. Her brother and grandmother knew this and only made her make promises on rare occasions.

Her brother got up from the couch and shot his empty pop can into the garbage can and headed to his room. Everyone knew what he did when he got down there because he did the same thing every time. He would take his shirt off, throw it in the dirty clothes basket, crank his stereo system up & play, 'Lip's of An Angel', turn on his lap top, go to his Myspace page, and stay up until 1 in the morning talking to his friends. The girl rolled her eyes and looked at the clock, which read 10:01pm. She pulled herself off the couch and tossed the pop can in the garbage can, while heading towards the stairs. When she passed the door to their grandmother's room she paused and pressed her head against the door. There was no noise, not even the sound of her show, ER. Then, very quietly, she crept down the hall passed her room towards their father's room. When they were younger, both would eavesdrop on their father and their grandmother's conversation. She put her head against the door and listened, a bit surprise that her father was home at this hour.

"You are being way to hard are those kids, Hakoda!" yelled her grandmother. The girl sighed because she knew this fight all to well. They were fighting over them, which wasn't a big surprise. The girl hated her father because he had blamed the accident that changed their lives, on her. Her grandmother had told her that deep down in his heart, he knew that it isn't the truth. But it was so hard for her to believe what her grandmother told her because the fight that occurred between father and daughter play back in her mind. Her father had said so many mean and terrible things to her like slut, bitch, and asshole. She tried to listen carefully because they had lower there voices, knowing that the teenagers were downstairs.

"I can treat my children anyway I want because they are my children," growled her father. The way he said 'my' had sent shivers down her spine and not in a good way. She wanted to break down the door and give her father a good beating, but she knew better than that. She turned away from the door and walked towards her room. She opened the door and slammed it close loud enough for her father and grandmother to hear. She ripped off her shirt, to revile a blue sports bra, and threw the shirt towards the dirty clothes basket. She took her rich brown hair out of the braid and put it in a ponytail. After she had cleared her bed of the junk, she went to the window and made sure that it was locked. She did this every night before she went to bed; it had to do with her past. She fell on her bed and when she heard footsteps down the hall she turn towards the wall and grabbed the comforter and wrapped it around herself. The door open and light flooded in from the hall. She could it was her grandmother because her father wouldn't have been so quiet and cautious.

"I'm…I am…sorry," said her grandmother as she closed the door ever so softly. Any other person would've fought back the urge to cry after hearing this, but the girl didn't. She had no more tears to give. With hearing the door closed, the girl fall asleep.

The girl woke up to the sound of the front door slamming shut. She was the only light sleeper in the family and she hated it. She turned over and looked at her stereo system, which had a clock, and gasped. It was 7am and both teenagers had to leave the house in 30 minutes. She had over-slept for once in her life. The girl usually got up at 4am to run 15 miles before she went to the underground fighting club. However, she knew last night that she wouldn't be running this morning because it was the first day of school and her grandmother would have her head if she was late. For her to get ready quickly wouldn't be a problem, but it would be a problem for her grandmother. Their grandmother had always insisted that she drive them to school and she drove 10mph under the speed limit. The girl got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. Once she got out of the shower, she headed towards her room, only with a towel rapped around her body. Since the girl was a waterbender, she was completely dry and didn't have to worry about getting her clothes wet. She went through the clothes on the floor looking for something clean. After moving a pair on running shoes, she found a pair of jeans and a shirt. She threw on the clothes and put her elbow length hair in a single braid, leaving two pieces out because it was her 'signature' as the boys put it. She grabbed her bag, dumped its contents on the floor and stuffed a pair of basketball shorts, soccer shorts, a baby blue t-shirt, a pair of basketball shoes, a pair of soccer shoes, and $20 in it. She grabbed the bag and headed to the kitchen. Going down the stairs she could smell fresh baked bread and bacon. Before going into the kitchen, she tossed her bag on the couch. When she walked into the kitchen she saw her grandmother stirring a batter and she turned around with a smile on her face.

"Good morning Katara," said Katara's grandmother. Her smile turned into a frown as she looked at what Katara wore.

"I can't believe you are going to wear that to school," said Katara's grandmother as she put her spoon down and looked over Katara again. Katara looked down at herself and found nothing wrong with what she was wearing. Katara wore light blue jeans, which had holes where the knees were, and a navy sleeveless shirt, which had a picture of a soccer ball on the back and the words 'Back Off' in white lettering in the front. Her shoes were black and she wore white ankle socks. Her hands were covered by blue 'skater gloves' (the gloves that have no fingers). Katara had no idea what was wrong with the way she looked.

"Leave her alone grandmother. She won't change her ways," said the 17 year old boy as he came into the kitchen with a sly smile on his face. Her brother knew her all too well and she was fine with it because she knew him all too well.

"Whatever. I give up on you two, Katara and Sokka," said their grandmother as she went back to baking. Katara glanced over at her brother and saw what he was wearing. Sokka was wearing his brown sneakers and his brown jeans, which had hole on the right knee and a hole on the left thigh. He also wore a grey shirt, which had sleeves elbow length long and the sleeves were in navy blue. The color of the sleeves matched the color of his eyes. On his right wrist he wore his watch that had a brown band and on his other wrist was a wristband, which had a blue stripe and a white stripe.

Sokka smirked as he walked towards his sister and said, "You checking your own brother out, there sis!" Katara started laughing and Sokka join her after he reached into his pocket. He pulled out a set of car keys and headed towards the door. Katara ran to the living room and grabbed her bag and followed her brother out the door. In the drive way has a dark blue sports car that their grandmother gave Sokka when he turned 16. Katara slid into the passenger seat as her brother slid into the driver's seat. He turned on the car and started backing out of the driveway. The clock in the car read 7:20am and Katara knew that school started at 8am. The school was about a 25 minute drive and that would put them at school around 7:45am. Katara like math and it came easy to her, not like her brother though who struggle with math. Katara was about to turn on the radio on when Sokka beat her to it. He turned it do a CD on cranked the volume up as the song, 'Lip's of An Angel', came on. Katara truly didn't mind the song because she was use to hearing it all the time. When they reach the school, Sokka pulled into a parking space by a black Hummer and a red Ford Mustang.

Katara was about to get out of the car until Sokka stopped her. He looked her right in the eyes and said, "There are some people here who...don't like new students coming in. In other words Katara, don't go and start fights. Grandmother had to pull some strings with the principal to get you in. Only specific students are allowed to come here, Katara. Students are here because of the ability to bend, do athletics, or their brains." Sokka let her go and got out of the car. Once both siblings were out of the car, Sokka locked it and walked over to Katara. "One more thing Katara, don't make any enemies in this school. If any boy gives you trouble, tell me so I can kick his…"

"Do you honesty think I am going to let some rich, stuck-up snob, walk on me? Come on, you know me better than that," said Katara with a frown on her face. She saw his face go serious and then sad. She knew that he was just trying to protect her. Katara punch him in the arm and smiled. Sokka laughed and punch her shoulder.

Katara was about to hit him again, when a voice stop her, "Hey, Sokka! Who is tramp? Won't Suki get mad that you are hanging out with a tramp instead of her," Katara turned around to see a group a guys walking towards them. The leader of the group was junior (you can tell by the way he walked). He wore red, black, and white shoes and pale brown pants. The guy also wore a white under shirt, which came down midway to his wrists and a blood red, black striped hooded sweatshirt, which had sleeves that came to his elbows. He also wore the same gloves Katara wore, but they were black. However the thing that stood out the most to Katara was a scar, from a burn, covering his right eye. His eyes were a golden color and Katara knew he was from the fire nation.

Before Katara could say anything to the jerk, Sokka walked towards him and gave him a pound-dog (ok, it's cheesy! Leave me alone, it's what the cool kids do in this story). "That tramp is my sister, Zuko and I wouldn't call her a tramp if I were you," said Sokka with a smirk on his face. Sokka looked back at Katara and begged with his eyes not to do anything stupid. Zuko's eyes got big and so did everyone else's eyes in the group. Apparently, no one knew that Sokka had a sister.

Before anyone got to say anything, a guy came walking up from the parking lot and looked at Katara. "Hey, Katara!" said a junior as he walked towards Katara. He wore black pants, which had holes on the knees. He also wore red sneakers, which had black shoe strings and white lettering on the side. His red shirt had a basketball on the back and had the word 'You Play?' written in black lettering on the front of the shirt. He walked right up to Katara and gave her a pound-dog (all kids did this to their friends).

"Hey, Kuzan!" said Katara with a smile on her face. Katara knew that her brother would be asking a ton of questions when they got home about him. Katara and Kuzan started talking about basketball when the jerk, Zuko stepped in.

"Kuzan, you know this tramp…I mean Sokka's sister," Zuko said with a frown on his face. He tried to cover up the fact that he just called Katara a tramp again. Kuzan looked at Zuko with wide eyes and then with a frown on his face. The thing that Katara didn't know was the fact that Kuzan had a crush on her. Kuzan didn't like the fact that Zuko got away with calling Katara a tramp in front of Sokka, her own brother.

"Of course I know her, dude. She plays basketball with me after school at the park. And I am surprised that she hasn't gone over and kicked your ass for calling her a tramp. She doesn't take any crap from the guys in the park," Kuzan said with a smile on his face as he looked straight into Zuko's eyes.

Zuko was about to respond, but Katara piped in, "He's not worth it Kuzan." Katara looked at her brother then at Zuko with a smirk on her face. "Besides, I can beat his ass in basketball and soccer at anytime," said Katara as she turned to face Kuzan. Kuzan's face went pale as Katara said soccer. He had never seen her play soccer before, but guessed she had to be good for she had the guts to stand up against Zuko. Kuzan knew that Katara's brother Sokka played soccer and was good at it, but had no idea that Katara played.

"I suggest that you watch your step freshmen," growled Zuko as he took a step towards Katara.

"I guess it's a good thing that I am a sophomore," said Katara with a smirk on her face. Everyone around them could tell that they were both leaders and didn't have a problem with beating each other up. It took all Katara's strength not to beat the shit out of Zuko, but she would be fine as long as she didn't come across him again.

The bell rang and the students headed towards the school. Katara walked behind the group to see what impact they had on other students. A path was cleared as soon as the group walked in. Apparently no one wanted trouble with them. Katara was still shocked over the fact that Sokka belong to this gang and he didn't say one word when Zuko called her a tramp. Katara could feel her blood boiling and tried to calm herself down. She had memorized her schedule and knew where to go, not like most of the students around here who were completely lost. Katara snaked her way through the halls until she came to room 123. Katara was about to go in when she felt someone bump against her and fall. Katara spun around to see a teenage boy on the floor. He looked like he was a freshmen and Katara offered her hand and the boy took it.

"Thanks so much. This must be room 123, I guess" said the boy as he picked on his books. Katara could tell that he wasn't a rich snob like most people in the school. Katara bent down and picked up one of his books. She headed the book to him when she noticed his eyes. The boy had grey eyes, meaning he came from the air nomads. He was wearing brown and orange sneakers with whiter tube socks, which had two orange stripes on the top. He also wore brown striped shorts with a black belt, which the belt buckle had a blue arrow on it. His golden yellow sweatshirt was covered by a brown coat, which had two blue stripes across the front. He also wore a brown beanie that had a blue arrow on it.

"You are from the air nomads," said Katara was she headed him his book. The boy smiled and looked away. Katara could see a blush on his cheeks.

"Yeah, I just moved here. My name is Aang," said Aang as he looked back at Katara. Aang looked so innocent, but there was a hint of something else that Katara couldn't put her finger on.

"You are a basketball player!" Katara said as she smiled. She remembered seeing Aang at the park one day when she was playing with Kuzan.

"Yeah, I play basketball and soccer. But my grandfather says school comes before any sport," said Aang with a hint of sadness in his eyes. Katara understood, Aang wasn't allowed to play basketball or soccer if his grades weren't good.

"Come on, lets get inside before we get marked late," said Katara as she opened the door to the classroom. When they walked in they saw everyone was standing around the outside of the room and not in desks. Katara was about to put her stuff down when someone from behind her grabbed her arm.

Katara spun around to see a girl holding her arm. "I wouldn't put your stuff down by a desk if I were you, Mr. Bumi likes to give a seating chart out before we sit down," said the girl as she looked towards in window. The girl released her hold on Katara's arm, which Katara thought was a pretty strong grip. The girl wore black & white checkered shoes, black leg warmers with a black & yellow checkered skirt over the leg warmers. The girl also wore a green shirt with a white hooded sweatshirt over it. She also wore a silver gemmed belt and a green hat. Katara noticed that her bangs were died yellow, which stood out because she had black hair. But the one thing that stood out to Katara was her eye color, a pale grey. The girl was blind! Before Katara got to ask the girl any questions, a loud voice silence the class. Katara looked to the front of the class to see the teacher. The bell rang and the teacher gave the students their seats. Katara was in the second row, Aang was sitting in the front row on the opposite side as Katara, and the girl who grabbed Katara's arm, was sitting next to him.

The door suddenly slammed opened and shut as a student came in. To Katara's luck it was Zuko. "I am assuming that you have a good reason on why you are late to my class, Zuko" said Mr. Bumi as he glared at Zuko.

"Like I really care what you think," said Zuko with a smirk as he went to sit by his gang.

But before he got there Mr. Bumi stopped him with his voice, "Your seat Zuko, is right next to Miss Katara." Katara couldn't believe that she was stuck with that jerk next to her. When Zuko sat down next to her, he shot her a glare. Katara shot one back and if looks could kill, Zuko would be dead. Zuko's eyes widened a bit and he turned his head back to the front of the class. Mr. Bumi gave the students an introduction of chemistry. There was 5 minutes left of class and Mr. Bumi gave the class the rest of the time to talk.

Zuko turned his head back towards Katara and glared at her. "If you've got a problem with me then just say it, Scarface," growled Katara as she stood up. Zuko stood up quick and walked right up to her face. The other students saw this and moved back if a fight broke out.

"What did you call me bitch," Zuko growled as he looked down at Katara. Zuko had a good 6 inches on Katara, but Katara didn't back down for a second.

"I called you Scarface. It's called payback for calling me a tramp," Katara said with a smirk on her face. The other students around them got wide eyed as they heard Katara. Everyone knew better to call Zuko scarface, let alone stand up against him. Zuko turned his back and all of a sudden turn back around and punched Katara in the mouth. Katara took several steps back, out of shocked. Katara brought her hand up to her mouth and wiped off the blood and frowned. The students started yelling fight out in the hall and more students came in to watch the new student and Zuko fight. Zuko turned his back and started walking towards the door. Zuko thought it was over, but he was wrong. Katara ran up behind him and yelled his name. Zuko turned around and Katara punch him in his good eye. Katara kept throwing punches and every punch hit Zuko straight on. Sokka came in and grabbed Katara around her waist and pulled her off Zuko. Zuko's gang grabbed him and pulled him away from Katara.

A teacher ran in between the two bloody teenagers and yelled, "This fight is over! Everyone back to their class! You two, Zuko and Miss…"

"Katara," said Katara as she glared at Zuko. Sokka was having the hardest time holding Katara back. Sokka knew better to let his guard or grip on Katara down. Sokka had seen a couple of fights that Katara was in, in the underground fighting club and knew that she could beat the crap out of Zuko. Sokka had made sure that Katara didn't know that he watched her fights.

"Both of you are coming with me," said the teacher as he walked closer to Katara. "Zuko, you will walk ahead of me and Katara will walk behind me with her brother," said the teacher as he pushed Zuko forward. They walked through the halls and the students were whispering about the fight. There were a lot of whistles made to Katara from guys as she walked behind the teacher. Sokka walked right beside her in case she decided to make a move on Zuko. He looked ahead and saw the Zuko was walking slowly and had a limp. Katara had done a nice job on him, but she wasn't finished. Katara had gotten all the punches in, except for the one that Zuko through in the beginning. However, that one punch had made Katara's mouth bleed and it was still bleeding. Sokka smirked to himself as he looked over Zuko and Katara. Katara had let her guard down because Sokka told her that fights never happened at this school. Sokka felt a little guilty because he didn't do anything when Zuko called his sister a tramp. They walked into the office and the teacher told them to have a seat and wait. There was another student in the office and he came over to Zuko.

"Damn, Zuko! What guy beat you up? I know that it wasn't Sokka over there," said the teenage boy looking at Zuko. Katara looked the boy over and knew that he was a player and heart breaker. The guy wore black pants and black sneakers, which had white writing on them. He also wore a white dress-up shirt that showed a lot of his chest. Katara didn't mind seeing a nice body now and then, but the fact that he was a player and Zuko's friend turned her way off. The fact that he had a toothpick in his mouth made Katara laugh inside. He truly looked stupid having the toothpick in his mouth. He was just another guy who wanted in hot girl's pants.

"I don't want to talk about," growled Zuko as he looked at Katara then Sokka. Zuko was telling them to keep their mouths shut. Jet's eyes followed Zuko's and they landed on Katara.

"Hey there sexy, my name is Jet," Jet said as he walked over to Katara with a smirk on his face. Katara wasn't in the mood to get hit on and was about to punch him, when she thought about her grandmother. Her grandmother had pulled strings to get her into this school and now she was about to get in another fight. Katara relaxed back in her chair and stared at Jet with a smirk on her face.

"If you know what's good for you, Jet, I suggest you walk away and leave me alone," Katara said with a hint of seduction in her voice. She wanted to sound nice and sweet, so when he made a move on her she could 'defend' herself. Jet walked closer and knelt in front of Katara.

"Now why would I leave a sexy girl like you here, when I can take you home with me for the night?" Jet said with his charming voice. Katara could tell that he had said that line plenty of times before.

"Because if you don't leave me alone, you will end up just like your friend Zuko over there," Katara said with a smirk on her face. "So I suggest that you don't ever hit on me again, Jet." Katara added with a sly smile on her lips. The teacher walked out with an older man, the principal.

"Zuko, my office now!" said the principal with a frown on his face. Zuko walked with the principal and disappeared through a door. Jet left quickly not looking at Katara or Sokka.

"You know that you didn't have to scare him that bad," Sokka said with a giggle. Katara and Sokka started laughing.