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"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you then," laughed James. "Plus we're here already. Now I'm going to buy you a big fat hamburger." Katara started laughing; remembering the time Matt, James, and she had a food fight with hamburgers. The restaurant had band the three since the food fight continued throughout the entire restaurant. It all started when Katara took a bite out of her hamburger and ketchup landed on James' face. Then all hell broke loose between the three fighters.

The two fighters walked through the door, without noticing the sign. Katara was still laughing and James wore a huge grin on his face.

"Katara?" a voice called. Katara turned her attention towards the sound and lost her breath. Turns out, James like the Jasmine Dragon…and it happen to be the place where everyone else was hanging. Great; her mind couldn't take much more and now she had one pair of glaring eyes and six pairs curiously watching her.


"Hey guys, what's up?" waved Katara as she walked towards the group. What else could she have done, they already saw her and she was suppose to meet them here.

"Hey! We were wondering when you were going to get here," said Aang.

"Yeah, so who is your friend?" asked Jet as he eyed up James. Katara looked back at James and back to the group, debating whether to tell them the truth. What the hell was she just thinking…why in the hell would she tell them that James was an under ground fighter!

"James. He's an old friend," explained Katara.

"I've never heard of him," stated Suki as she cocked her head to the side. Katara raised her eyebrows and looked at Suki and Sokka. Since when did Suki know about their lives?

"I'm sorry. When did you become an expert in my life?" Katara asked sarcastically. James stared at Katara with a smile on his face. That was the Katara he knew; confidence laced with sarcasm with a hint of bitchy.

"Since you stayed with me for like a week when I got my tattoo," retorted Suki. Heads whipped towards Suki and eyes grew wide.

"You got a tattoo!" hollered Sokka as he stood up from his chair.

"Yeah. What's the big deal?" asked Suki with a hand on her hip. Just three weeks earlier Sokka was talking about how hot ink was on a girl.

"You didn't even tell me! And ink isn't for everyone—I mean we didn't talk about it—" stuttered Sokka, knowing that he was saying all of the wrong things.

"I was going to show it to you tonight and Katara has one, so I don't see the—" hissed Suki through her teeth. She couldn't understand why Sokka was making much a big deal about this. His own damn sister had a tattoo!

"Katara has a tattoo!" roared Sokka. He spun towards Katara with wide and angry eyes. Little did Sokka know that they had a much bigger audience then just their group of friends now.

"Could you keep your voice down? Everyone is staring now," stated Katara flatly. Looking around, Sokka could see heads turn away from them. He had no idea that he had been that loud in the first place.

"We can talk about this later, Sokka. James and I came to get some food, so can we eat now," preached Katara as she pulled a chair out. Sokka just shook his head and sat back down in his chair. James quietly pulled up a chair next to Katara while looking at everyone at the table. Towards the end of the table, he noticed the Black Phoenix and raised an eyebrow. He knew that Katara was training him, but he didn't realize that they were in the same circle of friends.

"I've seen you before," stated Kuzan as he stared at James. He remembered him all right and had always been thinking about him since the day that he picked up Katara at the park. Her smile to him wasn't anything like the smile she would give to Kuzan.

James turned his attention to Kuzan before sizing him up. He was thinking about where he could have seen this person before…oh, the day he went to the park to fetch Katara. "You were some guy at the park, right?"

"Yeah, you picked Katara up after our soccer game," responded Kuzan. An awkward silence was filling around the group. Everyone was either wrapped up in their own mind or they were playing Pai Sho in quiet (Aang and Jet).

"So Halloween is coming up, any plans?" asked Suki, finally breaking the silence in the group. Shrugs and eyes rolling went around the group.

"We're having a party. You guys can come if you want," piped in James. He dipped the french fry into the ketchup and shoved it in his mouth.

Katara snapped her head towards James with an Are-You-Crazy look on her face.

"I love a good Halloween party! Who is we?" Mai excitedly asked with a bright smile on her face.

"Well usually the party—OUCH! Son of a bitch!" hollered James as he grabbed his leg. His shin was hurting like hell now that Katara had kicked it hard. Damn, he forgot how hard her foot was.

"Katara when you play footise with someone you are to be gentle," sarcastically added Suki as she winked at Katara.

"What! I wasn't—" choked Katara before Mai cut her off and started talking to James.

"So what about this party?" snapped Mai. She was always up for a good Halloween party, especially if she didn't have to throw it. Plus if Zuko or Kuzan were interested, then she needed to get the down low.

"It isn't that good of a party. Terrible costumes and cheesy decorations. I have seen three-years olds scared of a lot worse than one those parties," Katara said before eating a fry. Why would James bring up the party on front of everyone?

"You really don't want them to come, do you?" asked James as he shook his head and ate another fry.

"It's not that I don't want them be there, it is the fact on where it is, that bothers me," Katara said as she rolled her eyes and drummed her fingers on the table.

"You have never complained about it before," retorted James to Katara.

"That's because I don't have a problem with it."

"Then why would they have a problem with it?"

"I can't believe you are this dense," muttered Katara under her breath. "Think about where the party is and who goes to it."

"I don't see—" started James before Katara cut in.

"Don't say thing anything, just think about it," hissed Katara. How dense could James get?

"Well if you just told all of us where it is, then we could make the decision to go or not," spoke Mai.

"Why are you so interested in the party anyway?" asked Katara.

"Why are you so against us going there then?" questioned Jet. "It's not like your living a double life or anything."

Jet, Suki, and Aang laughed at the joke and were completely unaware of the silence coming from the rest of the group. Without even knowing it, Jet had gotten it right. Katara didn't want any of these people to exposed to her life. Sure she let Zuko in, but look where that got her. Mai knew from Azula about her life, the bitch hated her. Sokka got to see his first fight a while ago and he seemed to be more distance than normal. Toph…that was an entirely different story in itself.

You knew what, I'm already going to hell. I might as well do it right, thought Katara. Katara grabbed a pen and napkin from the table and started writing on it.

"Lyrics coming to you there Kat," probed James as he kept eating the fries off the plate.

"Dude! Those are my fries, why don't you get your own!" snapped Aang. "You have been eating off my plate the entire time."

"Better than paying to get my own when I can just eat off yours," laughed James. He tossed up the fry in the air and caught it with his mouth. Smiling at Aang, he chewed the fry.

"You write songs? That is so cool! Why didn't you ever say anything?" Suki asked excitedly.

"Because it never came up and it isn't like we are best friends," explained Katara. "And it isn't lyrics, it is an address and time."

Katara slid the napkin over to Mai and said, "Here is the where and when for the party. I have a friend that has a crap load of costumes, so not everyone has to go out and buy them."

"My kind of costumes?" questioned Mai with a smirk.

Katara answered with matching smirk and snickered, "Yes your kind of costumes. However, there are some more…conservative ones too for the other girls."

"Sweet! Isn't this great Sokka! We finally have plans for Halloween," said Suki as she bounced over to Sokka and gave him a hug.

"The only catch about the party is the costumes. You have to show up with another person and you have to be wearing matching costumes. Now they don't have to be the exact same, but they have to have the same theme," explained James.

"Holey shit! This is a ton of costumes! You could open up your own store with this amount," commented Jun. by a ton of costumes, Jun really meant it. A whole room was dedicated to the costumes, and it wasn't a small room either.

"Why do you have so many of them?" questioned Azula as she went through the first row of costumes.

"My fiancée and I love role playing," responded Ming with a lazy smile. Ming stood at 5 foot even with a body to die for. Her dark brown hair was covered with a blonde bob cut wig. Behind those crimson contacts, were brown eyes that Katara could read easily. Ming was engaged to a local fighter and always had a costume that would fit anyone. Katara went to Ming for everything dealing with Halloween.

"Eww! I don't want to—" cringed Jin before she got cut off by Katara.

"She is just playing with you. Ming, here, has a costume for any and every girl."

Three and half hours later, they were arriving at the club. Katara smirked to herself as they walked to the entrance. She called in a favor with the big boys to have the party at a club that Jee owned. Jee own several clubs and restraunts throughout the state, but more importantly, Jee was one of the bloodlines that funded and profited from the fighting.

Katara was also glad that she had driven to the club by herself; she didn't know if she could handle anyone else. Mai, Tylee, and Jun rode with Azula, while Jin had Smellerbee and Song. Suki's car was the last to pull in; something about Toph and Yue having a catfight in back, but Katara really wasn't paying attention.

Getting into the club wasn't going to be a problem, trying to find the guys was going to be. Several minutes passed until Suki yelled, "Found them!" She took off in their direction and the others followed in her path. Suki's chestnut brown hair was pulled back into a bun and her tattoo was on display in the Princess Lieha costume. The white shirt stopped at the bottom of her breasts and covered only her left arm. The white pants sat low on her hips, where the utility belt was. Suki had managed to jog with the white high-heeled boots over to Sokka. Sokka, of course, was rocking the Han Solo gear; being the Star Wars nerd he was. Katara knew that Sokka wasn't a fan of Star Wars; he just wanted to see his girlfriend in that costume.

Katara could see Tylee bounce over to Haru, who was looking out of place with the matching cowboy hat, coat, and boots. Tylee was wearing a black sexy cowgirl dress; complete with a hat, rope, and black knee-high boots. Yue walked past the country couple over to Hahn, her curled pigtails swaying with each step. Her black and white striped shirt had a deep neckline and showed off the girls. The black pencil skirt hugged her from waist to knees. Fishnet stockings, a black fedora, motorcycle gloves, and white heels finished the costume. Hahn was wearing a white shirt that looked painted on with a black pinstriped vest over it. He also wore a black fedora, that matched Yue's.

Jun smiled to Katara before she walked over to her own personal prison guard. Officer Chan was dressed to the T with a prison guard outfit, even sporting a pair of handcuffs hanging off his belt loop. Jun was wearing a black shiny, cop hat with her raven hair was down in loose curls. The black dress had several buttons open and its own garter belt, which was attached to fishneting. The black tie, officer's belt, gloves, and black military boots made the costume all the sexier.

Jin's red stilettos made a clicking sound as she went over to Teo. The black and yellow rubber costume caught every spic of light, making it shine. The firefighter jacket was a few sizes too small and clung to every curve. Her pants sat on her hips and ended before her knees. Teo was covered from head to toe in black; black dress shoes, black pants, a black shirt with a firefighter logo, and a black with red/yellow strips firefighter jacket.

Putting Toph in her costume had proven difficult for Katara. Toph did not like the idea of her torso being exposed for the world to see, but after some encouraging words and pushing, she warmed up to the idea. Toph's yellow bangs were now red and her hair lay straight. She wore a blue long-sleeved top that ended below her breasts, which had a superman logo on it. Her red skirt frilled out around her thighs and had a gold band around the top. The red boots and matching cape topped off the look. Aang walked over to Toph with his mouth hanging open. He looked quite silly to Katara with his Robin costume. However, Toph didn't seem to mind, especially when she saw the mask.

Katara knew that King Kuzan was disappointed that he wasn't going with Mai, but he really couldn't look away from Azula. She wore a Queen of Hearts costume; a black dress that pushed her breasts up and ended around her thighs. The three red hearts run down the middle of the dress, while red and white followed in different patterns. To finish it off, there was a golden crown and combat boots.

Speaking of Mai, there goes the sult…really. The playboy bunny costume certainly matched her personality. The white top left nothing to the imagination since it was seer. The black bottoms, well more like underwear, were attached to suspenders. The fishnet garters topped with little black bows, white heels, white cuffs, bow tie, and bunny ears just added to her inner sult. Jet was so getting laid tonight, and everyone knew that when they saw her. His red velvet with black trim robe had the Playboy Bunny head on the back.

Smellerbee kept playing with the edge of her dress and shifting the weight between her feet. The modest cream dress had a green corset like pattern over it. Her Robin Hood hat and forest green high-heeled boots really pulled off the costume. Katara nudged her forward towards Longshot, who was dressed up as Robin Hood, the outlaw himself.

Song had changed her shoes several times before leaving the apartment. No matter what heel she had on, she would end up on her butt. Finally they settle on golden two-inched heels, which went with the Egyptian princess costume. The white strapless dress had a belt, which had a golden cloth with blue designs on it. She wore the matching headdress piece and neck plate. Song was just grateful that Prince Charming, aka Pipsqueak was big enough to catch and balance her when she would fall over.

"Are we going or what?" asked a voice. Katara turned her attention to Zuko, who was waiting for her. Usually Katara and Matt would have coordinated their costumes, but since they weren't are speaking terms, Katara was left with Zuko. Not that she minded at all, thought Katara has she looked over Zuko. The black dress shirt clung to his arms and Katara was pretty sure that you could see his abs, but the damn vest was in the way. A golden cross with a red stone in the middle, hung around his neck with blood red ribbon. What made Katara's knees weak were the white fangs and the blood trail on the side of his mouth. Zuko far was better than any sparkly Twilight vampire.

Zuko's voice caught in his throat once he saw Katara. Yes, he knew that they had to be "matching" for them to get in. Yes, he knew that Katara would be some sort of hero. Yes, he did know that she had a sinful body. But Zuko didn't know what hit him when he saw her. Her Elektra costume was definitely made for her and her delicious body. Katara's deep brown hair laid flat against her body and her blue eyes seemed to pop out from the dark makeup. Zuko wanted Katara's lips to be painted red from biting and sucking, whether than the lipstick. The blood red leather corset and pants hugged every single curve and dip of her body. Her breasts were struggling against the tight leather. She was even wearing the metal brace on her bicep and the red bans on her hands and arms.

"Matthew is going to have his hands full tonight," remarked Zuko as they walked towards the entrance. Katara cocked her head and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Why is that? We aren't even are speaking terms." Zuko just rolled his eyes and shrugged.

"Look I…" Katara started. "I know that I screwed up, but don't act like it is all my fault. I'm not going to apologize for what happen."

Zuko turned back to her and said, "Good because I'm not. You better run along now, Matthew is waiting for you."

Katara snarled her lips and walked into the club, making a list in her head.

1.) Forget about Zuko tonight since he is being an asshole

2.) Stay sober, since no one else is going to be

3.) Don't do body shots with Matt…it's going to be awkward

4.) Don't even think about going to the bathroom with these pants

Zuko slammed his fifth shot down and scanned the room. He had to admit, this wasn't too bad. He hadn't seen Katara since they walked in together; the last he saw of her was when she took off to the middle of the dance floor.

Grabbing his water, Zuko noticed Matthew heading to the dance floor. He was wearing red Everlast shorts that ended below his knees. The red cloak robe was left open so you could see his chest and abs. But what really stood at to Zuko was the girl he was with; and it wasn't Katara. The girl hanging off his arm was hot, though. She was wearing pink Everlast shorts, but hers were more like spandex shorts. The pink sports bra with the word 'Knockout' was stretch tight across her breasts. She was also wearing the matching cloak robe, but in pink.

Zuko saw Matthew stop and glare at someone on the dance floor. Following his line of sight, Zuko noticed that he was glaring at Katara. Katara was walking over to Matthew, but stop short once she saw the blonde bimbo hanging off him. Zuko's sight got block when a couple of people stumbled in front of him. No matter how hard he craned his neck, it didn't help much. Once everyone had moved away, he couldn't see Katara or Matthew anywhere.

"Liquid cocaine!" yelled Katara over the music. Zuko whipped his head to the right to see Katara standing next to him.

"What the hell is liquid cocaine?" shouted Zuko. Katara only raised two fingers to the bartender and gave a shot glass to Zuko.

Katara clank the glasses together and said, "Cheers!" Both Katara and Zuko downed their shots, throats burning from the alcohol.

"Damn! What was in that?" hissed Zuko as he put the glass down.

"Silver tequila, vodka, gin, rum, and Ever...I mean something special. You should try it when Bacardi, Jagermeister, and Rumple Minze are mixed together," laughed Katara.

"Everyone knows that there is Everclear here Katara. My turn to pick the drink," smirked Zuko as he turned to the bartender and hollered the next order.

The sound of a phone going off filled the room. It felt like someone was splitting her head open with an axe. Katara just wanted the noise to stop. Swinging her arm out towards the sound, Katara knocked the phone off the table. Groaning, Katara turned over and snuggled back into her warm bed.

She could deal with everything once she slept off this hangover. Thank god her bed was so warm, comfortable, and firm. If only she could get her pillow to stop moving up and down, then she would be prefect.

"Open up in there! I know that you are in there! Don't think that I didn't hear you come home last night," hollered a voice from behind her door. Katara most have been too tired, because she didn't recognize the voice. The door swung open and Katara's eyes open to see whom it was and what they needed.

"Uncle it's too early. Go away!" a voice hissed. Katara couldn't agree more with the person.

"uhhhhh ummmmm…I'll just let you two work this out," said the man as he shut the door.

Moments went by before the realization came to them. Two pairs of eyes shot open and they both sat up quickly. Blue eyes met gold eyes; the same emotions were mirrored in them.

"What the fuck are you doing in my bed?" yelled Katara. Only after did Zuko and Katara both wince at her volume.

"This is my room," responded Zuko with a cocked eyebrow. "So I should be asking why are you in my bed, but I think the bigger question is why aren't you wearing clothes?"

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