Sailor Neptune

There was a legend about a satellite, which used to rotate around Neptune. Legend says that was where the first ruler of Neptune came from that moon. The moon had long since disappeared from Neptune orbit but the man's name lived on: Jiro.

Mizu stared at the ocean before her. She had grown up around the ocean. Neptune was more water than land. Even though Mizu looked like the rest of her people, she preferred her water form where her body had a fine layer of teal colored scales. She often wondered if water on the other planets would also bring out her scales or was it only the water of Neptune. She stood and stretched then she untied the light blue ribbon from her aqua hair that reached down to the middle of her back and had light blue highlights. Stepping to the edge of the cliff, she curled her toes around the dirt. She loved the wind whipping around her almost as much as she loved being in the water. Mizu touched the navy colored disc around her neck, was the only thing she had from her mother, before diving into the water. A grin appeared across her face as the water rushed around her and she felt her skin change into a fine layer of scales.

Soon she came upon a merman with forest green hair playing with a group of dolphins. Mizu laughed as she watched one of the dolphins sneak up on him as the other dolphins distracted him. The dolphin plucked the seaweed sash from his waist and swam away.

"Haiiro," yelled the merman playfully as the dolphin swan away with its prize while another dolphin grabbed the merman's tail fin lightly in its mouth. "Come on Gurei let me go," he said trying to pull his tail from the lighter grey dolphin's mouth.

"Ningyo Masaru," Mizu said with a giggle. "You fall for that every time."

"Hey Mizu," Masaru said swimming up to her and give her a kiss.

"I wish I could stay down here with you forever," Mizu replied kissing him back. "I still can't believe the prince of the seas loves me," she said leaning on his chest.

"Just think there was a time when us being together was not allowed," Masaru told her.

"I am glad we do not have to worry about that but even if we did I would still come to see you," Mizu said.

"And I you," Masaru agreed pulling her into his arms again and kissed her passionately.

"I must go," Mizu, said pulling back, "Father needs me."

"When do I get to meet your father?" Masaru asked.

"He does not know I am seeing anyone," Mizu looked at the fish swimming around the pair. "So first I need to figure out how I am going to tell him before I bring a boy home." Masaru nodded. "It is not that I do not love you or I do not want you to meet each other. It is just ever since the Uranian army killed my mother and my twin sister my father has always been scared of loosing me. They were killed only days after we were born so I do not even know what my mother looked like." Mizu paused and looked a Masaru. "You know what is strange?"

"What?" he asked.

Mizu shook her head. "I do not hate the Uranian people at all. I feel like I should hate but I can not."

"It is not in your nature to hate," he told her.

"We are all capable of hate," she replied.

Masaru kissed her. "Go before your father starts to worry." Mizu nodded before she kissed him back and then swan away towards the shore. Masaru sighed and floated on his back, hands under his head, as Haiiro and Gurie swam around him. "By my father Poseidon I love that girl," he said watching the light bounce off her scale covered body as she swam away. "I even love to look at her in her land form." Masaru looked a Gurie and smiled. "She is even more beautiful in her land form." Gurie let out the dolphin version of yes and nodded. "We better get home too guys," Masaru turned over and dove under the water as him and the dolphins played tag the entire way home.

"Father I am home," Mizu called.

"Where have you been daughter?" Buke asked.

"I was at the water and lost track of time," Mizu blushed. "Calm down," she mentally scolded herself. "Father," she began as they sat the table for dinner and brought the food to the table. "I need to talk to you."

"Are you in trouble?" Buke asked with a panic look on his face.

"No," Mizu shook her head. "I am fine father. It is just I am at that age," she began. "I know you are over protective of me because loosing mother and my sister hurt you so much and you do not want to loose me. You are not going to loose me but," Mizu placed her hand on her father's hand. "I have been seeing someone and I love him deeply."

"No boy is good enough for you," Buke said. "You don't need the pain love brings."

"Father," Mizu begged. "Please!" She stood as her father did and turned from the table. "I want you to meet him."

"I forbid you to see this boy whoever he is," Buke told his daughter.

"You can't stop me," Mizu yelled tears coming down her face as she ran from the house.

"Mizu," Buke cried after her but it was too late. "I just do not want you to get hurt like I was," he collapsed into a chair defeated. Buke stared at the wall for the longest time before pulling himself from the chair and running his hand a long the wall. He came to a stone that stuck out a little more than the other stones, and gently pulled it out to reveal a rolled up piece of parchment. Buke removed the parchment, replaced the stone and went back to the chair he was sitting in before. Tears came to his eyes as he unrolled the parchment, which showed a woman with light straw colored hair to her shoulders standing beside a man with short dark teal colored hair. "Kea," he whispered running a finger on the face of the woman. "I miss you so much. I wonder everyday how you and Kaze are. You should see Mizu. She has grown into a beautiful woman who is now in love. She probably hates me for what I just told her. I just do not want her hurt like we were," he paused, "like we are hurting." Buke went to the window and looked in the direction of Uranus. "Am I wrong for not letting her be with this boy she loves so much?"

"Father, Mother," Masaru bowed at the waist. "May I have a word with you after dinner?" Poseidon and Amphitrite nodded at their son.

"We will meet you in the dinning room with your brothers and sisters," his mother told him.

"We have a few matters to attend to before dinner," Poseidon stated.

"Ruling business or am I going to have another sibling," Masaru replied.

"Ruling business," Amphitrite said.

"Good because I really think five is a good number to stop at," Masaru sighed and swan from the throne room. "Sometimes they act like they just got married," he thought.

After dinner, Masaru met his parents in their bedchambers. "So son," Poseidon began, "What has your tail fin all in a twist?"

His mother took one look at her some and smiled. "Posi," she beamed. "I told you Masaru was in love."

Poseidon swam over and slapped his son on the back, "Who is the lucky mermaid?"

Masaru shook his head. "Mizu is a land being but like none I have ever seen. She can stay under water as long as she wants. When she comes in the water her skin becomes cover in a fine layer of shimmering teal scales." Masaru became uneasy when his parents did not immediately say anything and instead only looked at each other. Finally, Poseidon nodded to his wife.

Amphitrite swam over to their bed and sat down. "Come here Masaru," she patted the seaweed sheets, "we need to talk." Poseidon remained floating in from of them. "There is something we need to tell you."

"Your mother is not from around here," Poseidon said.

"I know," Masaru looked at his mother. "You are from one of the oceans on the other side of Neptune."

"That is not entirely true," she replied. "I am from the other side of Neptune but I was originally a land being. Your grandfather saw how much your father and I loved each other and offered to permanently turn me into a mermaid so I could be with him."

"The fight between the land beings and merpeople had been long over but I was the first merperson of noble standing to take a land being as a mate," Poseidon told his oldest.

"We even had two wedding," his mother beamed. "One on land with my family and friends and one with your father's family in this very palace," Then Amphitrite looked at her husband and smiled. "Your father even got legs for the land weddings."

Masaru and his mother laughed when they saw the King's face. "Never again," he muttered.

"So," his mother said. "What did you want to tell us about this girl? Mizu right?"

Masaru nodded. "I want to ask her to marry me."

"What did her father say?" asked Poseidon.

"I have not asked him yet," Masaru replied.

"Why not," Poseidon asked.

"For some reason Mizu does not want me to meet her father," he answered.

Mizu sat on the edge of the cliff over hanging the ocean crying as the wind swirled around her. She never understood why the wind sometimes felt like her mother was holding her even though she did not know what that felt like. Mizu stood on the edge of the cliff preparing to jump into the water. The wind may seem to feel like a mother's embrace but what she really wanted was for Masaru to hold her and let her cry. Mizu did not see or hear her father running up to her as she dove off the cliff into the ocean below.

"This is stupid," Buke said aloud to himself. "I am stupid. I am so scared of her getting hurt and that I will loose her but I will loose her if I push her away like this," he thought. Buke placed the parchment back in its hiding place before walking out the door to find his daughter. It did not take him long to find her as he knew she would be near the water. What he saw broke his heart. He found Mizu standing on the edge of a cliff as the wind whipped around her.

"Mizu!" he yelled at his daughter but his voice was lost in the wind. Buke lost all control of his legs and fell to the ground as he watched his only daughter throw herself off the cliff and into the raging ocean waters. Buke froze and stared at where his daughter once had stood. When he could move again the first thing he did was empty the content of his stomach before getting up and stumbling back to his home.

Mizu had never welcomed the change of the scales forming on her skin so much as she did at that very moment. As she swam, she felt something nudge her hand to find Gurei's nose. "Hey you," she smiled. "Can you take me to Masaru?"

Gurei nodded and indicated for her to grab his top fin.

Mizu just smiled as the water rushed around her. She had this way before but Gurei had never swum this fast with her before. "It is almost as if he can sense my feelings and how much I want to be with Masaru," she thought.

Soon Mizu and Gurei came upon a magnificent gold looking palace. Two mermen appeared in armor and with spears. "State your business," one said.

"I would like to see Masaru please," Mizu replied.

"How do we know you are not an assassin?" the other guard asked.

"My name is Mizu," she answered.

"I have heard Prince Masaru speak of her," a young male voice said. "Please allow her to pass."

The guards nodded and uncrossed their spears.

A younger merman appeared behind them. "Please follow me," he said. Mizu followed him, as did Gurei, who refused to leave her side. "Please wait here," he told her, "the King and Queen will be with you soon."

"Masaru," Amphitrite said swimming up to her son. "A guard just told me there is a girl here to see you." She smiled as her son almost knocked her back as she swam by her.

Mizu turned around looking at the room around her amazed by the design. This palace was unlike any building on land, the doorways draped with seaweed as people on land would drape cloth on windows. Mizu wondered what the other rooms looked like as these walls were solid but the outside of the palace looked like many thin columns side by side joined at the top and bottom.

"Mizu?" she heard a questioning voice.

Mizu turned around to see Mizu floating before her. "Masaru," she cried and swam to him and buried her face in his chest.

He stroked her hair and let her tears come. "What is wrong Zu?" Masaru asked.

"Father," was all she said.

"Come on," he said talking her hand and pulling her gently. "Let me show you the garden."

Poseidon and Amphitrite came out from their hiding place as the young lovers swam away. "They look beautiful together and so in love," the queen said.

"Yes my dear," Poseidon answered. "One thing puzzles me though." His wife looked at him. "Not even merpeople have scales like that covering their skin."

"I thought it was strange too," Amphitrite agreed. "I never saw any land beings like that either."

"This is my favorite part of the garden," Masaru told Mizu as he brought her to a bed of many different colored flowers.

"They are beautiful," she said, "I love the way they seem to dance in the current."

"Go ahead," Masaru, insisted, "touch one."

"Touch one?" Mizu asked.

"Yeah," he grinned.

Mizu leaned over and touched one of the flowers. It shook and popped up revealing a creature underneath. Mizu smiled and ran her hand lightly across some more of them as the creatures popped up and swam around her. "They are so cute," Mizu, laughed.

"Yeah," Masaru agreed. "They are why this is my favorite part of the garden." Then he laughed. "You should have seen me when I was younger and discovered them for the first time. I was so scared I hid behind mother and refused to come out." Masaru held his handout as a pink haired creature swan up to him, "That is until this little one came up to me and showed me there was nothing to be afraid of. Then after that is no one could find me but mother and father knew I would be here."

"But that means, Mizu began but stopped.

Masaru nodded. "These guys maybe small but live for a long time. Now," he swam over to her and wrapped his arms around her, "What is bothering you?"

"I started to tell father about us," she said but then got quiet.

"And," Masaru gently prodded.

"The closest I got was telling him I was seeing someone," Mizu's eyes began to tear up again. "He started yelling and forbid me to see anyone," she said. "So the only thing I knew to do was come here."

"Well I was going to wait until I talked to your father but I see now that is not an option," Masaru said as he took the gold sash off his waist. "Would you consider becoming my wife?"

Mizu covered her mouth in shock as new tears welled up in her eyes. "Yes, she nodded, "I will be your wife."

Masaru kissed her and tied the gold sash around her waist. "I love you so much."

"Do you think it is time I meet your parents?" she asked. Masaru nodded and took her hand as they swam back toward the palace.

"Mother, Father," Masaru said as they swam into the throne room. "I would like you to meet Mizu." Amphitrite sprung from her throne and wrapped her future daughter-in-law in a hug.

Poseidon put his arm around his son. "You finally asked her." Masaru nodded.

"Welcome to the family," Amphitrite said kissing Mizu on the cheek.

Mizu pulled from Amphitrite's embrace and swam over to Masaru. Mizu faulted as she came over to Masaru but he was there to catch her. She nodded when she saw the look on his face. "I am fine," she told him. "I have not been this deep before or under this long."

"It has been almost a whole turn of Neptune and the sun has probably already set or is close to setting," Masaru agreed.

"I am not sure," Mizu began, "but even though if it is not a good idea I need to try and go talk to my father."

"Do you want me to come with you?" he asked.

She shook her head as her hair danced in the water. "I need to do this on my own." Masaru nodded. Mizu kissed him before swimming away.

Masaru's mother swam up to him. "She will be alright and she will come back to you." Then Amphitrite smiled, "Looks like I have a wedding to start preparing for." Amphitrite tossed her hair over her shoulder and swam off toward the staff quarters.

Mizu felt her skin shift and change as she got out of the water and walked toward her house as the last rays of the sun shone in the teal colored sky. When Mizu got to the house she shared with her father the door was wide open and the house had an eerie feeling. "Father," Mizu called cautiously as she stepped through the door. She saw her father propped up against a wall with a bottle in one hand and a piece of parchment beside him on the floor. Mizu knelt in front of him. "Father," she said quietly.

Buke stared blankly at his daughter. "You are not real." His next words stunned her and brought tears to her eyes. "You are not my daughter," he slurred.

"Father," was all she said touching his hand.

He shook his hand. "My daughter is dead. You are not Mizu. I saw her throw herself off a cliff." Buke put his head on his knees and began to cry.

"Oh Father," Mizu had tears in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him. She took the bottle of Neptunian ale from him and helped him to his feet. "Let's get you to bed." Mizu placed the bottle on the eating table as they walked past it.

After she put her father to bed and begin to walk away, he grabbed her arm. "Kea, please do not leave me again. Please."

Mizu said nothing and left the room. She picked the bottle from the table and threw it in the trash. Then she went over to where her father had been sitting on the floor and picked up the parchment. "Is this my mother?" Mizu asked aloud as she looked at her father standing beside of woman that looked like Mizu only with golden hair. Then she noticed that the woman had on her necklace and her father had on a teal colored disc around his neck. Mizu took the parchment with her and went to bed.

The next day as the mid morning, sun came through the window Buke sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. Suddenly there was a knock on his bedroom door and he jerked his head up. Buke watched as the door slowly opened and Mizu came to him. "Last night was not a dream," he whispered and pulled his daughter close to him. "But how?" he asked. "I saw you jump from the cliff."

"I went to clear my head," Mizu told him. "I went for a swim and to find Masaru," she paused. "That was the boy I was trying to tell you about the other night." Buke stiffened. "Why are you like this father? Why do you not like him and you have never met him?"

"I do not want you to go through the pain I did when I lost your mother," Buke replied.

"You do not want me to know the joy of love either?" she questioned.

Buke hung his head. "I am sorry," he whispered. "I never thought of it that way."

Mizu pulled the parchment from the gold sash around her waist. "Is this mother?" Her father nodded. "If I have mother's necklace then where is yours?"

"You and your sister were born before we could officially get married," Buke began. "We wore each others necklaces as a sign of our commitment to one another." She looked at her father and took his hand in hers. "Please father let me talk to you about Masaru." Buke nodded. "Yesterday he gave me this," Mizu stood to show him the gold sash around her waist, "when he asked me to marry him."

"You are all I have," Buke told her.

"Father," Mizu began, "I love you but I can not live here forever."

Buke nodded. "I know. You have your own life to live."

"Thank you father," she kissed him on the cheek. "Will you meet him?" When Buke nodded, Mizu started to rush out the door. "I will go get him."

"Mizu," Buke called after her. "How about we eat first?" he suggested. Mizu stomach growled and she blushed. Buke smiled again and shook his head as Mizu left his room. "Young love," he thought.

"That was wonderful as always Mizu," Buke praised his daughter's cooking.

"Can you meet us by the ocean in a little while?" Mizu asked.

"Sure," he replied.

"Thanks," she kissed her father on the cheek and ran out the door.

Mizu swam back to the palace. "Father said he would meet you," she smiled as she told Masaru.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

Mizu nodded and grabbed his hand. "Father is waiting."

Buke stood beside the ocean looking for his daughter wondering where she was, as he did not see her along the shore. He heard splashing behind him and turned around to find a grey dolphin and a light grey dolphin playing. Then Buke got a surprise when his daughter and a young man appeared in the water beside the two dolphins. He had seen his daughter in the water before but never like this. "She looks like a Goddess," he thought as he looked at his daughter covered in scales.

Mizu and Masaru swam up to the rocks and Mizu slipped out of the water. She smiled at her father's shocked face as her scales disappeared. "Could mother do that?" she asked. Buke shook his hand and Mizu shrugged. "Father I would like you to meet Masaru," Mizu gestured to him and he tilted his head toward Buke.

Buke returned with a bow to Masaru. "Why don't you come out of the water and join us?" Buke suggested to the young man.

Masaru looked at Mizu as she kicked her feet in the water and then back to Buke. Masaru swam over to them and one of the dolphins got under him and boosted him on the rocks.

Buke stared at Masaru before giving a slight chuckle and simply said. "I see."

"You are not mad that he is not like us?" Mizu asked.

"He is more Neptunian than your mother," was his only reply. "Son," he said placing a hand on Masaru's shoulder, "treat her right."

"They way you were always acting about me having a boyfriend I am surprised it turned out like this." Mizu got up and hugged her father.

Buke hugged her back and then looked from his daughter to his future son-in-law. "How are you going to do this?" Buke asked. "You are a land being and Masaru is a merman."

"I can breathe under water unlike a normal Neptunian," Mizu told her father. "I think it has something to do with the scales that come over my body when I am in the water."

"When did this first appear," Buke wondered. "You did not have this when you were younger when I would bring you to the water."

"The scales appeared about two years ago and soon after I met Masaru," Mizu smiled.

"What about the wedding? Where will you have it and who will help you?" Buke asked the young couple.

"My mother, Queen Amphitrite, is probably planning everything as we speak," Masaru told his future father-in-law. "Mother loves any reason to have a celebration and has a tendency to go a little extreme with the decorations."

"Amphitrite," Buke repeated. "I remember hearing about a girl when I was young from another village by that name that disappeared into the sea."

"My mother recently told me she was originally a land being before she met my father and fell in love with him," Masaru told Buke.

Then a tear came to Buke's eyes. "I want to be at your wedding but I am not sure how that would be possible."

"If there is a way we will find it," Mizu hugged her father.

Masaru bowed as best as he could before pushing off and jumping back into the water. "I need to return to my parents, sir," he said to Mizu's father who nodded at him. Masaru swam over to where Mizu was and she leaned down to kiss him. "I will see you soon."

Buke and Mizu watch Masaru swim away with the dolphins and disappeared under the water. "Father," Mizu turned to him. "Will you tell me about mother?" Buke nodded. "Why did you say that Masaru was more Neptunian than mother?"

"This," he said reaching over and touching the disc around her neck, "was your mother's."

"You told me that much," she replied as her own hand wondered to the navy blue disc.

"It is more than your mother's necklace," Buke began as they neared their home. "That necklace represents the planet Uranus."

"Why would mother…" Mizu began and then she understood. "Mother was Uranian?" she whispered. Buke nodded. "Is that why the Uranian arm killed her and my sister because they saw her as a traitor?"

Buke nodded again. "Should I tell her the truth?" he thought. "Would she try to go see her mother? If she went to Uranus they would kill her if they knew she was from Neptune."

"Why did they let us live?" Mizu asked. "I would think they would kill us to punish mother."

"They did come after us," he told his daughter. "I was scared they would kill you so I grabbed up and ran. A solider hit me in the head and that is how I got this scar above and below my eye," Buke said pointing to his left eye. "I made it to my shuttle with you but they followed me into the sky and through the atmosphere. I am still not sure what happened next. The Uranian army fired on the shuttle and a fire started inside. I was sure you and I were dead and had given up hope. Then an aqua colored light filled the cabin of the shuttle. The light was so bright I had to shield my eyes bit when the light faded we were here on Neptune beside the ocean," Buke finished his story as his daughter looked at him.

"Any you have no idea what the light was?" Mizu asked.

"None," he replied.

"I am sorry for the way I acted earlier," Mizu apologized.

Buke shook his head. "It is I who am sorry. As your father, I should have handled the situation better. I have always told you to listen to the whole story but I did not even follow what I told you." Buke took a deep breath. "There is more but please promise me you will not run off anywhere or do anything rash."

"I promise," Mizu told her father.

"I have not told you the whole truth about your mother or your sister." Mizu did not say anything so Buke continued. "What I just told you about how you and I left Uranus was true. Your mother and I decided it would be best if I left with you for the time as we could not get married on either planet and neither was ready to move to another planet in the system. Your mother and I had hoped that some time in the future the four of us could be together and be a real family. I did not want to but resultantly I left Uranus and that seem to pacify the head of the Uranian Army but not all of the soldiers."

Mizu saw her father getting angry at the memory and placed her hand on his as they sat at the table. "Please continue."

"As I said not all soldiers or people for that matter agreed with this. They thought that your mother, you and your sister should die for not being pure Uranian. Those soldiers came after me when I ran with you. You mother ran with you sister in the other direction. As far as I know, your mother and your sister are alive and well on Uranus. I figured it was easier for you to believe that they were dead so you would not try to go to Uranus to see them and get killed for being a spy." Buke wiped the tears that threaten to fall from his eyes. "I am sorry for lying to you for so long. Looking back it was selfish but this heart could not take loosing you. Please forgive me for everything."

Mizu nodded with tears in her eyes. "I love you and I forgive you. I will not do anything rash but I hope one day that I can meet my mother and my sister. I also hope that you get a chance to see mother again."

Down in the place Queen Amphitrite swam around giving orders to the maids as they set out sea flowers and hung seaweed.

"Mother," Masaru said coming into the concert hall where the wedding was being set up. "One thing Mizu would really love is the flowers from the garden."

A few of them swam up to Amphitrite who smiled, "I already though of that dear."

"Do you know where father is?" Masaru asked his mother.

"Last I saw your father he was working on his speech," she replied. As he swam off to find his father, Amphitrite called after her son. "I think you should be worried if you know your father," she laughed. Masaru groaned and shook his head.

"Let's hope my son does not get nervous on his wedding day like he did the first time he had to stand before you and give a speech as the crown prince of Aqualantis," Masaru heard his father rehearsing and cringed.

"Will I ever be able to forget that," he groaned before knocked on the wall of his parent's bedchamber.

"Who is it?" Poseidon asked.

"It is I father," Masaru replied.

"Come in my boy," Poseidon said heartily. "I see you are back and that her father did not harpoon you," he laughed.

"Mizu's father was more understanding that either of us expected," Masaru declared.

"Listen to my speech boy," Poseidon insisted motioning for his son to sit.

"I do not think I am supposed to hear it before hand father," he replied.

"You dare deny your king?" his father asked.

Masaru tried not to laugh. "Yes I do," he mocked.

"You are almost as bad as your mother," the King replied defeated. "You take the fun out of everything."

"I probably would not let you say any of it if I knew what you had planned," he told his father.

"You are probably right," he smiled. "What do you need my boy?" Poseidon asked swimming over to his son.

"I have a favor to ask but I am not sure if it is possible," Masaru began.

"Tell me what it is and then we will see if we can figure out a solution," Poseidon answered wisely.

"Is there any way Mizu's father could come to the wedding?" Masaru asked.

"Nothing immediately comes to mind but I will see what I can do," he told his son.

"Thank you father," Masaru bowed. "It we can it will be my wedding present to her."

The day of the wedding came and Mizu was sad, happy, and nervous all at the same time. "Father," Mizu said with tears in her eyes, "I want you there so much."

"I wish I could be there too," Buke told his daughter as tears formed in his own eyes. "Be sure you and Masaru come here after the ceremony so I can see how beautiful you look on your wedding day."

"I promise father," Mizu hugged his and dove into the sea.

"Have I lost you forever?" Buke thought as he watched his daughter dive into the ocean.

"How would you like your hair?" the Queen asked Mizu.

"I was thinking in a loose bun fashion on the sides with hair coming out the middle," Mizu answered loosely balling her hair up and trying to make some stick out. "I think it would be easier if my hair was not wet," she laughed.

"Like a knot?" Queen Amphitrite asked and Mizu nodded. The Queen helped Mizu with her hair, makeup and her clothes. Since Mizu's entire body was cover in teal scales and she had legs, Amphitrite applied a light blue to her eyelids and a dark blue to her lips. Mizu had pearl white scallop shells covering her breast and a shear pearl white sarong around her waist, which tied on her right hip.

"I do not know if Masaru told you but I was originally a land being," Amphitrite said to which Mizu nodded. "So I know about land customs." She opened a draw on the vanity and pulled out a box. "This has been passed down throughout the generations to all the queens." Mizu looked at her sharply and Amphitrite laughed. "When I married Poseidon I did not realize that meant I would be queen one day either."

Mizu opened the box and saw an aqua-colored eight-pointed star brooch. "It is beautiful." Mizu stared at the brooch for a while. "It looks like the brooch is glowing."

"The brooch has never glowed before," Amphitrite thought as she looked at it not seeing a difference. "Let's put it on your hip at the knot." She took the brooch from the box and fastened it to the cloth making sure not Mizu.

Mizu ran her hand over it as she looked at herself in the mirror. Suddenly there was a teal flash of light and when the light faded, Mizu was in a strange outfit with a mirror in her hand. "What happened?" Mizu said in a panic. "This can't happen! Not now," she said as tears began to form in her eyes.

"Calm down Mizu and just breath," her future mother-in-law told her. "Close your eyes and imagine yourself as you were before."

Mizu did as the Queen suggested. When she opened her eyes, she was back in her wedding attire with the brooch on her hip but she was still holding the mirror. "How did you know that would work?"

Amphitrite shook her head. "I did not. It was just a guess."

"Do you know what this is?" Mizu asked holding up a golden mirror with a teal back, which had a gold sigil of Neptune in the middle.

"I have never seen it before but I have heard of a legend that says Jiro formed a mirror from some sea foam of the drying Neptunian seas. From that mirror came all of the water which covers Neptune."

Buke sat on the rock watching the waves. Suddenly a teal flash lit up the ocean. "It is the same light from all those years ago," he thought.

Then a man with a white flowing beard and gold spiked crown holding a golden triton appeared before him. "Are you Mizu's father?" the man asked him. Buke nodded. "I am King Poseidon," he told Buke. "Your daughter and my son are to be married today. My son, Masaru, asked me to find away to allow you to be at the wedding. He knows how much she wants you there and if you are like me I know you want to be there too." Buke nodded again. "I can grant you the ability to breath under water and be like us for a days span but it is a choice only…."

"Yes please," Buke interrupted the sea king. Poseidon smiled and waved his triton as Buke felt misty water wash over him. "I do not feel any different," he said.

"You will once you enter the water and begin swimming toward my home," Poseidon replied. The same two dolphins that had appeared with Masaru came up beside Poseidon. "This is Haiiro," he said indicating to the grey dolphin, "and the lighter grey dolphin is Gurie. They will take you to the palace but I must go ahead of you."

"Thank you your majesty," Buke bowed to the merking.

Poseidon smiled. "Do not bow to me. Soon you and I will be family."

Mizu was still sitting in from of the mirror staring at the hand mirror, which now seemed to belong to her. She heard a knock, which brought her from her thoughts.

"Yes," Mizu said and was shocked to see her father swim through the seaweed doorway. "Father!" she jumped up and swam to him wrapping her arms around him. "How?" she asked.

"King Poseidon," was his reply.

Amphitrite began to swim to get Mizu for the wedding but Poseidon stopped her. "She will be along in a few minutes dear."

"Are you ready?" her father asked holding his arm out to her. She nodded with tears in her eyes. "You look just as beautiful as your mother."

"I wish she could have been here," Mizu said.

"So do I," Buke agreed.

As Mizu and Buke floated in Amphitrite squeezed her husband's arm. "You did it!" she whispered excitedly.

After the ceremony the bride and groom along with the King, Queen and Buke went to a private room to talk. "Mizu," Poseidon began. "Amphitrite told me what happened when you touched the star brooch." Mizu looked at Amphitrite who smiled assuring her it was okay. "I believe I know what is happening."

"I am lost," Buke stated.

Mizu took the brooch off her skirt. "When I was getting ready before the wedding I touched this brooch. There was a flash of light and I was wearing a strange outfit and holding a golden mirror. Queen Amphitrite told me to close my eyes and to think of myself in my wedding clothes. I did and was back in my wedding outfit."

"Have any of you heard of Queen Serenity and the planet soldiers?" the King asked.

Buke, Masaru, and Queen Amphitrite nodded while Mizu looked confused. "The planet soldiers," Amphitrite began, "are girls in their late teens and one is chosen from each planet. No one knows how or why but these girls are gifted with special powers. You Mizu," she turned to her new daughter-in-law, "seem to be the chosen warrior of Neptune."

"Why?" Mizu asked.

Amphitrite shrugged. "That may explain why your skin is covered in scales when you are under water and how you can breathe like us. From what I have heard the other warriors wear outfits similar to the one that you wore before the wedding."

Buke smiled. "I always knew you were special."

"This means you will have to leave Neptune and travel to Earth's Moon," Amphitrite continued. "Poseidon and I wish you the best of luck."

"What about us?" Mizu asked turning to Masaru.

He smiled at his new bride. "Simple," he replied, "I will wait for you until you return to Neptune."

"I will send one of my messengers to the head of the land dweller's army and ask him to prepare transport for you," Poseidon declared.

"Why do you think he would help us?" Masaru asked his father.

"I heard they have been looking for the warrior of Neptune but I never conducted a search here because I did not believe the warrior could be a merperson," Poseidon told the group. Poseidon got up from his chair, "Come," he motioned to Masaru and Mizu, "we have kept your guest waiting long enough."

It was time for Mizu to leave for Earth's Moon. King Poseidon, Queen Amphitrite, and Prince Masaru waded in the lagoon beside the shuttle that would take her to meet the other planet soldiers.

"Are you sure you will not take this with you?" Queen Amphitrite asked as Mizu gave her the crystal back.

"You keep it here on Neptune," Mizu replied. "When it is time for Masaru and I to rule I will accept it back."

Mizu tried to give the crystal back to the Queen three times and each time it floated back to Mizu. The fourth time Mizu tried to give the crystal back to her mother-in-law if floated back to Mizu the crystal flashed, changed into the shape of a wave and then back into the eight-pointed crystal before disappearing into Mizu's chest. When the crystal entered, her body Mizu's eyes glazed over as her aura glowed teal.

"I guess the crystal wants to stay with you," Queen Amphitrite smiled.

"I guess you are right," Mizu replied. She then went and hugged her father. "Thank you for everything. I love you," she told him and then kissed him on the check. "I will write when I can. I am not sure how often I will be able to visit at first but I will certainly write."

Masaru splashed his tail in the water. "I wish I could be with you."

She nodded. "I wish I could have you go with me too," she sat down on the rocks and pressed her head to his.

"Just don't find anyone else," Masaru whispered.

"Never," Mizu whispered back. "I am always yours." She kissed his passionately and then touched her ring, "always."

Mizu stood and walked to the shuttle without looking back. She knew if she did then she would take even longer to get off the planet. "Let's go," Mizu said to the pilot.

"Do you want to know how long it will take to get to Earth's Moon?" the pilot asked.

"No matter how long it takes it will still feel like an eternity to me," Mizu replied already sad to be leaving Masaru, her father, and the planet itself.

Mizu was surprised by the way Earth's Moon looked. She knew that no other planet would have, as much water as her home but the Kingdom of the Moon was lusher than she thought it would be. When Mizu stepped off the shuttle, she saw a woman with blond hair streaked silver and pink wearing a white dress. On one side of her was a man with long white hair wearing white shirt and pants. On the other side was a woman with black hair, which stopped just above her shoulders wearing a yellow dress.

"Mizu of Neptune," the blond woman asked. Mizu nodded. "I am Queen Serenity," she continued but before she could go on Mizu dropped to one knee. "Why does everyone keep doing that?" she muttered. "Mizu please stand. You and I are equals. Follow me please," the Queen of the Moon spoke as she began to walk. "I know we do not have as much water as Neptune, but we have a pool here in the palace and the Mare Serenitas over there," she pointed off to her left behind the palace. "I also have installed a private pool for you in your quarters. Once Kaori, Sailor Mercury, and the other scientists finish the portals, the planets will be connected to the Moon and to each other." Selene paused when she saw the look on Mizu's face.

"Connect Neptune to Uranus?" Mizu whispered.

Selene nodded. "Neptune and Uranus will not always be at war."

"I do not hate the Uranian people but I can not imagine they would want to be our friends just as I know there are people on Neptune who would not want to be friends with the people of Uranus," she told Selene.

"Do not even think of calling me by any titles. As I said before we are equals. Call me Selene," she smiled.

"I am glad that you bare no ill will towards the people of Uranus because their warrior has also been found and she arrived a little while before you did. I shall warn you though she is not too fond of your people and was rather angry when she found out you would be joining us."

As if on cue, a woman with long white hair with half of her hair pulled back in a braid came down the hall. "Is that her," she spat.

"Yes Kaze this is Mizu, the warrior from Neptune," replied Selene.

"I see," was all Kaze said before spinning on her heels and going to her room.

"Father's necklace," Mizu thought as she watched Kaze storm away.

"Well it could have been worse," Selene, said breaking the silence. "After the other day I thought she would have attacked you."

"Our two planets have always been at war," Mizu replied.

"Kaze hates your people because they killed her father and twin sister," Selene replied not noticing the look on Mizu's face. "This is your room," she told Mizu.

"My room is next to hers?" Mizu asked.

"It could not be avoided," Selene replied. "You both are on the same team," she said opening the door to reveal a dark maroon and black room.

"Do you need me Selene," a woman with short green hair asked.

Selene blushed. "I was showing Mizu to her room."

"Remember," the other girl began, "you said the warrior of Neptune's room was across the hall."

"Oh yeah," Selene scratched the back of her head and smiled, "This is Kankaku."

"Hello," Mizu bowed.

"Hello," Kankaku bowed in return.

"Sorry for bothering you," Selene said. "We will see you with the others tomorrow?" she asked and Kankaku nodded. Selene and Mizu walked across the hall and Selene opened the door to reveal a room done in white and shades of teal with the ceiling painted a light teal and white carpet.

"This is beautiful," Mizu said.

"I know it is now home but I want you to think of this place as your home away from home." Selene told her.

"Thank you," Mizu replied.

"Get some rest," Selene started to walk away. "You meet the others tomorrow."

After introduction, although Uranus only glared at her, she transformed for the first time since her wedding.


"I want to be the one to test her," Uranus volunteered.

"No," stated Venus sharply.

"Why," demanded Uranus.

"Honestly," Venus began, "We do not know if you would try to kill her." Venus turned to Mercury, "Since you also control water you test her."

Mercury nodded and stepped forward. "I have some water attacks but I have the power to control water in all its forms. My strongest attacks are ice based although I can't control them well yet."

"I understand," Neptune replied. "I am ready."

Mercury began to power up but then stopped. "Do you have any experience fighting?" Neptune shook her head. "Selene I will not battle her but I will analyze her attacks," Mercury told the Moon Queen who was the only one of the warriors not transformed. Selene nodded agreeing.

"I will fight her," Uranus declared again.

"I already said no," Venus, stated.

"I already heard you," Uranus replied summoning her space sword.

"Don't make me do this Uranus," Jupiter said stepping in front of the Uranian warrior.

"Do what?" Uranus challenged.

Jupiter sighed. "This," she said punching Uranus in the face, knocking her backwards and unconscious.

"She really hates me?" Neptune said quietly.

"Maybe a full alliance was too much to hope for," stated Selene.

"The other planets thought Jupiter was a bunch of barbaric women but me a chance Selene," Jupiter said.

"Everyone deserves a chance," Selene smiled at Jupiter.

"Selene makes anything possible," Mars told the group. "Before I came here I hardly talked and was terrified of fire."

"You over came your fear on your own," Selene replied.

"Other planets think Venusians are a bunch of sluts but Selene did not judge," Venus declared.

"Why should I judge you for how you love or who you love?" Selene asked.

"I never knew my sister," Neptune said. "Now that I do and she hates me it hurts." The others in the room stared at her. "The necklace she wares was my father's and the one I ware belonged to my mother. All my life I had thought my mother and twin sister were dead. Now that my sister is alive I am hoping that my mother is as well."

"Does she know she is your sister?" asked Venus.

Neptune shook her head. "Father told me had told me they were killed so I assume mother has told her the same about father and me."

Mars nodded. "When we found there was a warrior from Neptune, Uranus yelled something about Neptunian warriors killing her father and twin sister."

"She has got to be my sister," Neptune whispered with tears in her eyes.

"In time she will talk to you," Pluto said and Venus started to laugh.

"What?" Venus exclaimed. "Plu said 'in time.' She is the warrior of time. It is funny." Mars rolled her eyes.

"Do you have to call me that?" Pluto asked.

"Yes," Venus grinned and winked.

Jupiter whacked her on the back of the head. "Do you flirt with everyone?"

"You can not tame Venusians," Mars said coolly.

Mercury pulled her computer from her space pocket and tapped her triple earring to make her visor appear over her eyes. "Neptune, could you please throw one of your attacks? I would like to scan both you and the attack."

Neptune nodded and raised her hands above her head. She closed her eyes and listened to the words that formed in her mind. "Deep," Neptune began as a wave crashed behind her and water swirled around her. A planet shaped sphere formed around her hands. "Submerge!" she yelled and threw the sphere, which sped along the floor as water trailed behind it, and crashed into the wall across the from one still in repair.

"Wow," replied Jupiter and Venus.

"Selene," Artemis began. "Maybe we should find somewhere else for you girls to train or we will have to keep repairing this room and the palace." Artemis motioned to the other wall that was still in repair. "That was from Uranus' attack," he said. "That wall has a fresh coat of paint was from Pluto's attack."

"The others have more powerful attacks than us," Mercury stated.

"I think I know the perfect place," Jupiter offered.

"The patch of land behind the palace where we can't get anything to grow," Selene asked. Jupiter nodded. "Okay," she said, "Looks like we have a new training ground."

"Thank, the Gods," Artemis thought.

Kaze avoided her at all cost and Mizu had been on Earth's Moon for a few months. If she were able to Kaze would leave the room when Mizu entered the room. When they fought against each other, Mizu felt as if she was fighting for her life. If Mizu and Kaze had to work together, Kaze refused to help her. If Mizu tried to help Kaze, she would say that she would rather die than to be help from a Neptunian.

"I have to try and talk to her," Mizu thought walking towards Kaze's room. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Something inside Mizu told her this would be her only chance and did not wait for Kaze's invitation.

"What do you want?" Kaze growled summoning her sword even though she was not in her Senshi form.

"I want to talk," Mizu replied.

"I have nothing to say to you," Kaze said.

"It is about your necklace," Mizu stated calmly.

Kaze's hand when to her throat and touched the disc. "What about it?" Kaze demanded.

"That necklace belonged to my father," Mizu told her.

"I got this from my mother," Kaze said. "My father gave it to my mother before he was killed by those Neptunian bastards."

"And," Mizu said holding the dark navy disc around her neck, "was given to my father by my mother before she was killed." Mizu stood where she was and did not dare move closer. "Before I left Neptune to come here he told me that my mother had been Uranian. In addition, I found a parchment with a picture of my father and a blond woman wearing my necklace. In the picture, my father was wearing a necklace, which looks exactly like yours. Father told me the woman was my mother."

After Mizu described the woman on the parchment, Kaze stared at her for a moment. "Why should I believe anything you say Neptunian?" Kaze demanded.

"There seem to be too many similarities between our past for it to be a coincidence," Mizu answered.

"I have listened to what you had to say," Kaze began. "Now leave." Mizu did not move from her spot. "What?" Kaze yelled, "Did you think was going to happen? You were going to say we are sisters and then were going to hug and all the hate would be in the past. Sorry but it does not work that way."

"I guess you are right," Mizu turned away defeated and left once out of Kaze's room she let silent tears fall.

After Mizu left Kaze pulled out a parchment, which had a picture of her mother on it, "If what the Neptunian says is true then my father is alive," she thought.

Kankaku saw Mizu in the hall and invited Mizu to her room. "I do not have full mastery over my power yet but I believe that Neptune and Uranus will not always be at war," Kankaku said as she handed Mizu a cloth to wipe her tears away. "At one point in the distant past of this system every planet was at war with one or more planets. There used to be more than nine planets but they were destroyed by the wars."

"She just seems to have so much hate towards me," Mizu said, "towards the Neptunian race." She shook her head. "It is just I have always thought that my mother and sister were dead. Now there is a possibility that they are alive and want nothing to do with father and me because we are from Neptune."

"If your mother is from Uranus then you are half Uranian as Kaze is half Neptunian because you father is Neptunian," Kanakaku tried to console Mizu.

"I never thought of it that way," Mizu, replied shocked as to why that did not occur to her when her father told her that her mother was Uranian. "Although I do not think Kaze will see that as a good thing. Thank you for the talk, Kankaku," Mizu stood and bowed.

"You are welcome," Kankaku smiled as Mizu left. The orb on her staff began to glow. "So the last warrior has been found," she thought closing her eyes in meditation.

****Written in Jun 2009 and 18 pages typed.

****In Greek Mythology, Amphitrite was a consort of Poseidon but they were never married. Their children were

****Masaru lives in a castle like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

****Masaru mean victory

**** Ningyo means merman

**** Haiiro and Gurie mean grey

****I had the shuttles in mind from Star Trek TNG.

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