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Neji sat stiffly, in perfect posture in front of his uncle. After Hiashi's brief explanation both Hyuuga's were silent as they were waiting for the servants to bring them tea.

His uncle sipped on the tea, but Neji didn't touch it. He waited patiently for the knowledge of why he was summoned beyond the offhanded comment that was made before. A clack was heard as the tea cup was placed back on the saucer.

"I have only daughters."

"Yes, uncle, what does that have to do with me?" Neji's rude comment earned him a glare from Hiashi.

"A female cannot lead the Hyuuga household. It is disgraceful. Therefore, you will become a main branch member. You will be the heir. I do not have to waste time explaining your own accomplishments to you as a shinobi of Konoha as well as how you conduct yourself for our clan. It is disagreeable to many of the main branch elders that you are a branch member however, with circumstances the way they are we have no choice but to overlook it."

Neji mulled over his uncles words. "What about the seal on my forehead?"

"It will be changed along with your status."

The two males were silent for a couple more minutes until the servants cleared the dishes. Neji hadn't been thinking about Ino, but she suddenly popped into his head when his uncle stood up and left with one more parting comment.

"You will be getting married before you are announced the heir. Don't disappoint me."

Sasuke Uchiha would definitely be out of the running for Ino's heart if she married Neji. A plan started to formulate in the young man's mind.


Ino woke up on the floor. Her back was all out of sorts and she was grumpy enough to take on even the most hardened scariest criminal.

Then she thought again when she saw the mess of her hair. "Ah! There are so many knots!"

Vanity had always won out over practicality, so Ino began the long process of becoming beautiful enough to go out in public. Boys and missions were far from her mind.

For her sake, she probably should have thought about it at least a little.


Sasuke lifted his shirt and threw it onto the side of the field before continuing to train again. Sweat was dripping off every available surface on him, but he didn't seem to notice.

His muscles ached. He was taking ragged breathes. It was all proof of him pushing the limit of his body until the point of collapse.

It was only times like these that Sasuke's mind went from anger and chaos to the method of movements he was able to do to reach a target.

Today, he needed to be mindless especially since he was so aggravated at Ino. Why didn't she understand that there needed to be sacrifices in order to reach the goals people set? And he hadn't really put her in any harm with the mission. He had everything under control.

Sasuke wasn't an eight year old boy anymore, after all.

Ino never understood things like that though. She was about trust, companionship, and she would never think to betray the village as much as it might betray her. The blond female was made of stuff that Sasuke didn't even believe in anymore. She represented everything that was ripped away from him.

He hated that.

Try as he might, he could never corrupt her. Her ideals never changed. Even when the situation wasn't black and white there were absolutes that Ino stood by when she had no other ground to walk on.

What was Sasuke supposed to do now? Grovel at her feel? Did he want her that much that he would throw away everything?

He didn't know. He didn't know how to answer any of millions of questions that whirled around his head.

So instead he punched at the wooden target.


Ino's hands were on her hips as she regarded her bed. Itachi had slept in it, more than once by the look of it. She hadn't seen him when she woke up this morning, but seeing his injuries firsthand had worried her.

Still her bed smelled like him and she didn't want to sleep where he had. The blond girl also had a feeling that Itachi would be back, so there was no point in washing a bed that was just going to be slept in by a hardened criminal once again.

Ino left to go work at the hospital instead. She wanted peace and quiet, not problems that were best left until later.

She wasn't quite sure why Itachi seemed much more vulnerable than he should be.


Karin tried to talk to Sasuke a multitude of times. She constantly had the appearance of a fish, opening and closing her mouth. However, even if she were able to express what she wanted to say the Uchiha wasn't paying any attention. He was too determined to train until he collapsed.

Orochimaru… Is really dead? He…He can't be. And Kabuto…

The red haired girl had admired Orochimaru. She worked hard for him. In just one moment it seemed everything had fallen to pieces.

Kabuto… Such a kind presence compared to their snake-like leader.

Karin felt empty with all of the loss she had experienced. She had hoped to talk it out with Sasuke, but he seemed upset about something entirely different.

She kept watching the pretty boy. His sharp movements were becoming a mantra in her head. Right kick, left punch, spin kick, flip, rapid punches…

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