Disclaimer: I dont own the characters! This is for fun, because I have no life!

Bella Swan walked out of the store called "How to trick a Vampire" with a huge smirk on her face! She just bought some vampire restraint rope, with double knots and everything! She threw the rope in her bag, careful not make her jacket move, because she wasnt wearing anything under it except a black leather skin tight zip up suit that showed off her cleavage a little to much and ended right above her thighs! She didnt want to give anyone a show...except a sexy vampire at home!


Bella walked into the Cullen house giggling. She could not wait to show that man what she has for him! Her thoughts were interrupted by loud fucking moans. She looked over to the left and rolled her eyes.

"Emmett, Rosalie can you guys PLEASE not have crazy hot ass sex on edwards new piano! I had to be a whore for to damn long to pay for that! Ugh!"

They payed no attention to her, so she completely ignored them! She also ignored the fact that Alice was putting lipstick on Jasper, and that Carlisle and Esme were playing 'patty cake' with their hands while jumping on one foot, naked.

She walked upstairs with a bounce in her foot and a smirk on her face, humming "Its a small world after all." She entered Edwards room and did a little 'ahem' so she could get his attention. He stopped plucking his toe nails and got a scared look on his face.

"Oh Bella, your wearing 'the jacket' again! Please no! I beg of you!"

Bella took the rope out of her bag and ripped off her jacket!

"Shutup bitch! Take off your clothes, put the blindfold on like we practiced, and lay down! NOW!"

"Oh yes...uhhh...my poor balls..."

Edward took his clothes off at the speed of light, put the blindfold on and layed down, waiting to see what this diva, slut, whore, whatever, had in mind! Bella walked slowly over to bed, slamming her shoes down on the ground so they made an even louder then if she walked slow! She tied the rope around his wrists and tied them to the bed.

"Edward pull to see if they work, you slut!"

"Yes Master!"

He pulled as hard as he could and they didnt break! His bottom lip started to tremble, he knew he was a submissive little bitch tonight!

"Well fuck me up the ass and call me Hitler, THEY WORK!"

Edward was crying now, looking like a pathetic baby.

"Say it Edward, say the lines we practiced!"

"Uhhh...I dont know...Bella please..."

She took a whip out of her 'cleavage' and whipped it on his thigh, close to the meat and potatoes!

"SAY IT! And say it with meaning and longing and lust in your voice!"

He took a deep breath and said with the most passion he could give;

"You gonna be my sex machine tonight?


"Oh your a dirty girl!"

"...What the FUCK did you just call me, vampire slave?!"

"Uhhhh...dirty girl...OUCH!...I meant woman...OUCH! OUCH! WOMAN! DIRTY WOMAN!"

"Thats right! Are you ready, for the big one, huh, punk, are you, ready?"

Bella took off her clothes and sat on edwards lap...on the lap...on his manhood...the big one! On her lower back, there was a small tattoo that said 'sex machine' with a picture of edward smiling next to it.

"Ok Edward, now are you really rea-- CUT!


Catherine Hardwicke rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Kristen get off of Robert, im to fucking tired to direct anymore! And I dont think Stephenie would like this 'extra scene' if we put it in the movie, might upset the little fuckers who come to watch this shit."

Kristen got off of Robert, sad she couldnt be the sex machine anymore and helped him up. They both got dressed and walked over to Catherine.

"So uhh...You guys wanna go get a popsicle?"