Welcome to Kissing for Tangerines: Chicken Soup for the DXS Soul. Otherwise known as the sequel, spin-off, continuation, rebirth, love child, ect. of the Random Zone. These stories will range from long oneshots to short, sweet and silly drabbles. Who knows, Danny might even wish upon a shooting toilet...

Kissing for Tangerines

Within the room of one Daniel Fenton, two teenagers were studying. Well that's what they were supposed to be doing. Instead they were simply lying around and procrastinating. The female member of this duo, otherwise known as Sam Manson, had in her lap a small Tupperware container full of what looked like orange slices. The Goth was happily snacking on the fruits while the room's other occupant watched.

"Are those oranges?" Danny asked. His female companion simply shook her head in a "no" and went back to eating. "Then what are they?" Annoyed at his questioning, Sam swallowed the mouth full of mystery fruits she had previously been chewing on.

"They're tangerines. Want one?" Sam handed the halfa a small piece. He looked at it quizzically. After all Sam had some pretty strange tastes in food, Danny half thought the fruit would do something horrible to him.

"They taste great. They have a tough skin but when you bite through it, it explodes in your mouth and then it's like you have a mouthful of orange juice." Sam reassured. Finally the ghost boy delicately placed the tangerine slice onto his tongue. Closing his mouth, Danny began to chew. Three words entered his mind at that moment. Sam. Was. Right. Savoring the last of the fruit he reached into the Tupperware hoping to get another slice only to have his hand meet solid plastic. The halfa watched, much to his dismay, as Sam popped the last tangerine piece into her mouth.

Just as the Goth girl was about to bite down on the fruity goodness that was the tangerine slice, Danny randomly began kissing her. While a little shocked by this, Sam certainly wasn't complaining. She started to return the kiss only to have Danny pull away just as suddenly as he'd started the smooch. Sam was obviously confused. Then, as she realized her mouth was now empty and saw Danny happily munching on her stolen tangerine did everything make sense.

"Danny, that was just disgusting!" The halfa simply smiled.

"No, it was delicious!"

Sam's description of how a tangerine tastes is based on my reaction to eating a said fruit for the first time, which was also my inspiration for the story. Though I'm pretty sure that it was also subconsciously inspired partly by A. LaRosa's story "Phantom Delights". Oh why did the rating have to go up to M? Anyway I hope this has fulfilled your fruit related DXS cravings for today. The next oneshot will be "Dance, Samantha Manson, Dance" in which Danny gets a very odd lessson in payback.