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'Gosh! Could my life get any worse? After all those things that happened… Sure most of them were horrible… But… I miss the action! I miss the fun when I'm fighting someone strong and the shivers life threatening battles send down my spine!' Fuuko Kirisawa, the seventeen-year-old ex-wind wielder thought.

"Dating Domon wouldn't be enough to ease this boredom. Besides, I won't commit the same mistake again…" she told herself in a hushed voice, as she climbed the stairs leading to the rooftop.

Yes, after SODOM, Fuuko started dating Domon. After experiencing a near-death experience during the last fight of the Team Hokage to the monster Mori Kouran, she realized that it was high time she gave her friend and teammate, Domon at least a slight chance. But then, just as her head has continued telling her from the start, it was a ridiculous idea. Yet it also made her realized that all the care, and the tears she shed for Domon whenever he was in danger, (Like the fight with Noroi…) was all because he was like family to her. After two months of dating on and off, Fuuko told Domon the truth. She thought he would go hysterical on her and start begging. However, it seemed that the battles they went through, didn't only improved Domon's skills as a warrior, they also strengthened his heart. He accepted her decision with a surprising calm demeanor, and said that it would be nice if they remained friends. She gladly accepted the offer of friendship, of course.

Now there she was, feeling bored to death and with no solution to get over such boredom. She had tried doing a lot of things already for the past few months. She tried teaching at the kindergarten where Yanagi was working part-time; but the evil children don't seem to like her that much (and she sure feels the same). She then thought of entertaining herself and Ganko (her adopted sister) by playing together the child's favorite games. Yet less than an hour of playing with her so-called 'fun toys', (which are dreadfully 'Barbie dolls') Fuuko fell asleep, obviously bored. Then, she figured helping the Hanabishi's with their fireworks business would be nice as a part-time job. It all ended up with Recca interrupting her from her work and inviting her to play video games instead (which yes, made Hanabishi Shigeo-san really mad).

"What the hell am I going to do?" she shouted, finally arriving at the rooftop.

After two months…

"Haa…" she sighed, her eyes captivated by the starry skies. She was at the Hanabishi's house, with the rest of the gang. A few more hours and the New Year's coming… Yanagi and Kagerou-san were busy preparing the food. Recca and Domon were playing cards, and were losing hopelessly to Ganko. Shigeo-san was busy making preparations for the fireworks later. Even Mii-chan was there, watching the monkeys as they continue to lose to a little girl and seemed to be enjoying himself, although he was still pretty good at hiding and denying it. (They decided that starting this New Year and for all the New Year's to come, they will all celebrate it at a different house. This year, it was at the Hanabishi's, as what is aforementioned.)

"I wonder how I had survived the last two months without going insane… All I did was study for a change because there was nothing else better to do…" Fuuko said, talking to herself again.

"Hey, did you know talking to yourself is the first sign something's wrong with your head? Should I go give the nearest mental institute a call for you?" Mikagami Tokiya, the eighteen-year-old heartthrob teased, as he approached Fuuko.

"Oh, it's you... What are you doing here? It hasn't even been five minutes and you already missed me? Aww, I didn't know you cared so much!" she gushed, and tried to imitate the girls pouting 'cutely' at him in school.

"Not in a million years, monkey. Yanagi told me to call you because they need an extra hand in the kitchen." He replied.

"Haa… At least that's much better than acting like a drama queen in here…" she muttered under her breath, still he heard it. Yet chose not to comment on it.

The two of them went inside, Tokiya towards the living room and Fuuko to the kitchen. She was greeted by worried glances from both Reccas's mother and his princess.

"Hey you two, what's with that look?" she said in her cheerful voice.

"Fuuko-chan, is something bothering you lately? Ever since our lives went back to normal, you seem to be less energetic." Yanagi said.

"I'm just not used to it. I miss the fights and the action. Without them I'm bored to death like now. Plus… life doesn't seem to be the same without my Fuujin-chan…" she replied sadly.

"I see… Everyone's been gloomy about that too, Fuuko-san. They just don't want to show it. Your madougus have all been a special part of you. I know it may be hard, but life has more things to offer. You just have to find what else it is that will entertain you other than fighting." Kagerou said.

"I've been trying to. But nothing seems to work for me. It really sucks!"

"Fuuko-chan, all you've tried to do so far are things we, your friends do. Like how you helped me at the kindergarten, play with Ganko and work part-time at the Hanabishi's business. For a change why don't you try something none of us have ever tried. Maybe you'll find something…" Yanagi advised.

"I say, Yanagi has a point. Why don't you try it Fuuko-san?"

"Yanagi-chan, Kagerou-san, arigatou. Maybe I can give it a try." Fuuko said with a smile.

"Now girls, let's finish the New Year's banquet, shall we?" Kagerou-san told them.

"Let's go!" both girls answered happily.

'This year's New Year's celebration was so much fun. I'm glad my mom and dad allowed me to do this.' Fuuko thought, as she was walking home alone.

"Now, I've got to come up with something only I can do and will interest me…" she said out loud to herself.

She stopped walking, curious upon seeing a jinja (shrine) up ahead.

'That's weird. I don't remember there being a jinja here before…' she thought.

Usually such a strange occurrence would startle and scare anyone else, but Fuuko was never part of the 'anyone else' group. So, as adventurous as she is (and as bored as she is too), she decided to go inside and look around for anything suspicious.

"Hello? Is anybody in here?" she shouted, yet received no answer.

"Does anybody live in here?" she shouted again, still no answer.

"I guess I should just leave for now. There aren't even ghosts in here…" she mumbled and was about to walk away when…

The sliding door opened and a beautiful shrine maiden (probably at her early twenties) came into her view. Fuuko turned around to face the girl and walked towards her.

"Hi there! I thought no one was here. What's your name?" The wind child said, starting up a conversation.

"Annai Rei. How about you?" the girl said with a smile.

"Kirisawa Fuuko. Nice to meet you. Has this shrine always been here? It's my first time visiting."

"Ah. No one really pays attention to this shrine anymore. Look around you. It's old and no longer in good shape after it caught on fire a few months ago." Rei replied. Fuuko noticed for the first time the scorch marks against the walls and the blackened flooring.

"I'm not staying too long, though. I was the last shrine maiden here, and I thought it would be nice to drop by. It is the start of a new year. There's always something magical lurking in unexpected places at times like this."

"Magical..." She thought sadly, remembering her Fuujin.

"So, Kirisawa-san? What do you want?"

"E? Ano… first of all, you can just call me Fuuko. And what do you mean by 'what do I want'?"

"For this new year, what is it that you want the most? I think I can grant you at least one wish."

'Does she actually expect me to believe her...? Oh well, it wouldn't be bad sharing one wish with her...'

"Hmm, give me a minute to think it through, Rei-chan."

Fuuko fell silent for a moment and started thinking about things she have and doesn't. Then it hit her, what she wanted wasn't a material thing… What she wanted was…

"Lately, life has become really boring for me. So, I just wish things were 'different'…"

Rei gave her a kind smile before standing up. "Wait here for me. I think I know exactly what you need…" she said.

When she came back, she was carrying a broken piece of a mirror in her hand.

"Fuuko-san, on the first full moon of this new year, touch this broken mirror's surface while looking at your reflection and think about that wish you just told me."

"What exactly will that do?" Fuuko asked.

Rei gave her a gentle smile and answered… "It will spice up your boring life… But it only works if you believe."

"So, it's like a charm of some sort?"

"Call it whatever you want. But remember what I told you to do if you really want your wish to be granted."

"Okay… I'll leave now, since it's really late and I'm sure you're tired." Fuuko said and turned to leave.

'I guess it won't do me any harm to actually believe in this 'charm' of sorts…' Fuuko thought, as she walked home quietly.

Back at the shrine…

"Kirisawa Fuuko-san… I hope you will like that magical mirror I gave you. Hopefully, the thing you want most will be granted correctly as well… And along with it, you will discover new things, which will likely lead to unexpected changes… 'Cause that's what a New Year is about- CHANGE…" Rei whispered to the air, as she watched the young girl walk away.

The night was deathly silent, a little eerie, with not a single soul in sight. The shrine which stood where it had been moments ago, disappeared, leaving not a trace of its existence- nothing there but a vacant lot.