You Are The Music in Me


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Chapter 8: Soundful Advice

It had been the longest week of her life.

Everywhere she went there were glances and whispers, looks and giggles. She felt like the life was slowly being squeezed out of her. Miss Katazami had been so sweet: she said she understood what Naminé had been going through, she had been in a situation similar. Kairi and Olette—bless them—were true friends. They'd fussed over her and did everything in their power to patch up her battered soul. Sora had been quiet; Naminé didn't have the heart to bring up what had happened. Lylah and her posse were still the worst. Naminé shuddered. No matter where she went it seemed like those hateful green eyes were always on her back. It was horrifying.

And Roxas wasn't there to make it better.

She always spotted him a lunch, hanging out with his friends and laughing, like what had happened a week previous meant nothing to him. But every day he was absent from Music, something that panged deep in her heart. She missed him and his outrageous ideas and giggled sadly as she remembered the memories they had shared: their first duet, Roxas in drag, Christmastime when he had sung her to sleep, New Years, writing a song…

Stop, Naminé told herself, absentmindedly stirring her chopsticks around. If she kept thinking like that, she would start crying. She felt someone poke her arm—Sora—and turned towards him. Suddenly Roxas flashed before her eyes: the hair, the deep blue orbs. She blinked and suddenly he vanished. She was staring at Sora again. Trying to mask her disappointment, Naminé forced a smile and said, "What's up?"

"Would you mind if my friend came to sit with us?" Sora took a sip from his bright orange bendy straw.

"Not at all," Naminé smiled gently.

"Great!" Sora opened up his phone, pulled up a number, and began texting. Naminé watched his fingers slowly punch the letters, hitting delete more than a frequent texter would. Naminé stifled a giggle and quietly dropped her gaze. Within moments she was yet again lost in her own world. Her mind played the most recent Roxas memory.

The kiss.

Tentatively touching her cheek, Naminé wondered what it would be like if their lips met. His were always so perfect, the softest shade of peach.

"Naminé," Roxas whispered, his face inches from hers. He had her cornered, and she gazed up at him longingly. He placed a hand on the wall and lowered his face gently towards her. At the last moment, he seemed to pause but continued on. Her lips met his and in that moment, she let out a soft moan of contentment.

"Roxas…" she said, caressing his blond spiky hair."I…"

"Hey! I know you!"

The abrupt interruption caused Naminé to jump. She shook her head and found herself staring up at, not Roxas, but Riku. She blinked her wide eyes at the familiar face. He smiled and set his lunch tray down and took the open seat across from Naminé. All of a sudden her fantasy caught up with her and she blushed madly. N-Naminé! She told herself, shocked. What in the world is wrong with you?

"You're Naminé, right?" Riku spooned some food into his mouth.

"Er, yes," Naminé nodded. "And you're Riku."

"Right-o," Riku chuckled, cocking his finger at her. Then he lowered his voice. "I didn't know you were friends with Sora. I thought you hung out with Roxas."

"Eh? I'm friends with both of them…"

"Ah." Riku nodded and chuckled. "You're like me, I see. Never can choose a side," he said, waving at a girl who was seated at another table.

Never can choose a side.

What did he mean?




The cool breeze was a gift from God: it calmed down her system and helped her think straight. Naminé thought about what Riku has said as she made her way toward the tree. She yearned to talk to someone about this. Roxas. Naminé blinked. Where did he come from?

She found herself heading for the Cherry tree. As she neared it, a sight of moppy dark hair clashed with the bright pink petals. Zexion was nestled against the light colored bark, a book in his hands. Quietly, Naminé settled on the other side of the tree, careful not to disturb him.

His eyes never strayed, but he said, "Why are you here?"

Flustered, the blond replied, "Er, I don't know—I can leave if you want—"

"You talk too much."

Red-faced, Naminé shut up and closed her fists tightly. She buttoned the top button on her pea coat and fiddled with her black suede gloves. After a while of silence, Naminé got up to leave: there was no point in staying here if she wasn't welcomed.

"Where are you going?"

The voice surprised her. She turned back to the boy with his nose still in the book. "I was—"

"So tell me." Zexion finally looked up. "How'd you like it?"


"This." He tapped his book. "Oliver Twist."

"Oh." Naminé blinked. "It was really interesting, for me at least," she added quickly, seeing as how the older boy gave her a wary look. He rubbed his cheek, trying to get some warmth back in his system. Why they were sitting outside under a tree in early February weather was beyond Naminé. "Did you finish it yet?"

He closed the book, marking the page with his thumb. "No, actually."


"I thought it was a tad bit boring in the beginning, but I decided to give it another shot since you told me it was pretty good, last week." Zexion returned to his book, his eyes flickering across the page.

"Really?" Naminé asked, curiously. She felt a little braver and looked at him.

"Mm." Zexion nodded.

"So…why are you out here?" Naminé asked. "Its freezing."

"I could ask you the same thing," Zexion replied, his dark eyes narrowed.

"True, but I'm wearing a coat," Naminé said. She motioned to his simple dark blue jacket. It was the only thing he had over his uniform, much to her disbelief.

Zexion smiled slightly. "Touché." He set the book next to him. "I always come out here to read at lunch. Ever since freshman year."


"Well, when I was a ninth grader, most of my friends were seniors. I knew I didn't have a lot of time with them left anyway, so I opted in spending my lunches here," he explained.

"Are you a senior?" Naminé questioned.

"Nosy." Zexion grinned. "As a matter of fact, no. I'm a junior."

"Oh," Naminé blinked. "Wow, I never would have guessed. You give off some kind of…seniority, I guess."

"Now," Zexion said. "It's your turn."

"Er," Naminé glanced down at her shoes. "I'm kind of…dealing with something that I don't want to be dealing with."

"Ah," Zexion raised an eyebrow. "Avoiding the problem."

"Actually, the problem's avoiding me." Naminé chuckled dryly.

Zexion eyed her from the corner of his eye. "Guy problems, I presume."

"You presumed right," she mumbled, resting her chin in her hands.

"When I have a problem, I do something that helps me vent my feelings. You know, like an outlet," Zexion said in his rumbly voice. "Like for me, writing usually helps."

"Good idea," Naminé said slowly. "Well. I like singing," she blushed.

"Singing, huh?" Zexion raised his eyebrows. "Y'know, the annual sophomore-sing-along is coming up," he informed.

"Oh, I don't like singing in front of people." She stared down at her hands.

"It's fun," Zexion allowed himself a half-smile. "I went last year. I didn't sing—but it was great laughing at people making a fool of themselves."

Naminé giggled. "I'll consider it." She pulled her knees up to her chin and tilted her head to the side. Her blond hair fell slightly into her eyes.

"Good." Zexion returned to his book, flipping through the pages. He suddenly stopped. "You know, you remind me of my sister," he said, studying her. The sudden attention made Naminé's cheeks color furiously, her nose turning slight pink from the cold.

"Who?" she asked.


"Xion?" Naminé scratched her head. "That's a really pretty name. What grade is she in?"

Zexion stared coldly at the ground. "She would be in your grade."

"W-would?" Naminé's eyes widened and she mentally punched herself for her stupidity. "Oh my gosh—I'm so sorry, Zexion, I didn't—"

Zexion put up his hand. "It's ok, you didn't know." He sighed and leaned back against the tree trunk. "You would've liked her a lot—you guys are really alike."

"Can I ask how she…how she, ah, died?"

Zexion pushed his hair out of the way. "I'd rather not talk about it."

Naminé's cheeks colored. "That's fine. I was just asking—"

"I'll tell you one day," Zexion promised, rubbing his arm. He exhaled sharply, his warm breath causing a white cloud to appear.

Naminé shivered. It was getting really, really cold.

"You should go inside," Zexion suggested, his voice as low and rumbly as thunder. "You'll catch a chill." He tentatively touched the tip of her already bright pink nose, to prove his point. Naminé blushed, then nodded, getting up.

"But what about you…?"

"I'll be fine," he smirked. "Go inside. And don't forget what I said—the sing along is next week, on the tenth."

"I'll think about it," Naminé smiled shyly. "Bye Zexion."

"Mm." He returned to his book, flicking a strand of hair out of his eyes. One blond was already going to the sing along. Hopefully the other one would choose to show up.

End Chapter Eight

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