I was widely known throughout Suna as being insanely and unhealthily obsessed with the village's greatest—and most unstable—weapon.

And with good reason, too, because I was. Obsessed, I mean. In fact, I think the only one who didn't know was the weapon himself. Which was quite a feat, all things considered.

But it was also, in my mind, one hundred percent good, because I was pretty darn sure that guy didn't even know of my existence, and it would have been pretty weird—not to mention creepy—if he knew about my obsession. You know, not knowing I exist plus knowing I was obsessed equals... Well, you get the point.

It all started at the tender age of six.

Actually, it probably started a good deal sooner than that. From practically the minute I was born, my parents regaled me with tales of 'the child-monster', who would come and eat me—well, children in general, but specifically me—if I was a bad girl. I was terrified by these stories, as any sane child would be, but I was also thrilled. (I had a taste for adventure that couldn't touch me.)

It wasn't 'til I turned six that I discovered that the child-monster was actually a child.

So anyway, it all began at the tender age of six, when I met Sabaku no Gaara.

Well, it wasn't so much that I met him as I was a casual bystander on the night his uncle tried to kill him.

It was my sixth birthday, actually, and I had fled to the roof to escape the party my mother had insisted was to celebrate me. Since no one my age was ever invited—that party, with my friends, would come the next day—I knew they were just social gatherings for Mom's entertainment. (Except that I could barely say 'social gatherings'. But I knew.)

Anyway, while I was daydreaming about the next day's fun party, I was interrupted by a good deal of shouting. Actually, it wasn't really shouting so much as sniffling. I went to investigate just in time to witness several kunai flying toward a red-haired boy who appeared to be about my age.

Being practically a ninja academy dropout—even at six—there was nothing I could really do to help the boy. Plus, I didn't really understand what was going on. Heck, I'm pretty sure Gaara didn't understand what was happening, either, and he was the one it was happening to.

It was when I saw the boy kill the man that I knew this was the real child-monster.

Just because I was failing school doesn't mean I was stupid. I just didn't pay attention and didn't care. It wasn't where I wanted to be; it was where my mother wanted me to be. Having a shinobi in the family raised her social status a touch. My father didn't care; he drank too much to care. Not that any of my mother's party guests knew that.

But anyway, I was smart enough to figure out that the child-monster was not limited to punishing children. Obviously, punishing bad adults was on his agenda, because I'd just seen him do it.

When I told my mother the next day that I'd met the child-monster, she nearly had a heart attack.


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