8.12 Lost In Yonkers

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

A scene from 8.01 – Town meeting…

TAYLOR: Order! Order… let's get this thing rolling, people. (Looks at Kirk) Kirk, please come forward…

KIRK: (grinning and freaking people out — walks to the podium) Thank you, Taylor. (Looks at all the townsfolk) I'm here today to share some very exciting news.

BABETTE: Brace yourselves. (A few people chuckle)

KIRK: This morning at 9:08, Lulu called me all the way from Seattle and asked me to marry her. (Some people gasp in delight)

TAYLOR: (Annoyed) This is why you wanted five minutes off my agenda?!

BABETTE: (Shouts out) Are you sure it wasn't 9:09 Kirk?


A scene from 7.20 – Crap Shack

RORY: (To Lorelai — with a pout) The New York Times doesn't want me.


RORY: I got a letter from the Chicago Sun-Times. They're not hiring. I even called the Providence Journal-Bulletin and begged for that job, but they already gave it to someone else, some non-idiot who didn't think they were too good and turn it down.

LORELAI: You're not an idiot.


Scenes from 8.06 – Hartford Courant

ROB: Rory Gilmore, I'd like you to meet one of our editorial columnists, Nate Di Luca.

NATE: (notices someone standing there, he nods) Welcome.


KEN: Only to think he could be at the New York Times making it big…

RORY: Oh, he was offered a job?

KEN: Not only that, he was pursued twice and the bastard turned them down. After rejecting two proposals, last year - they convinced him to blog for the Times.

Camera on Rory as she looks on at Nate.


The episode takes place a couple of weeks after the infamous dinner at Luke and Lorelai's house.


Lorelai and Rory are sitting at the island counter. Lorelai is looking through the shopping deals on the Sunday newspaper, and Rory seems to be writing stuff down. Next to Lorelai we see a glass of milk and a half eaten sandwich on a small plate.

LORELAI: (Looking through one of the papers) Ooh, we have to stop by Murphy's as well, they have the prettiest mauve coat! Look. (Turns the paper to show her daughter).

RORY: (Looks up from her pad of paper and nods) Yes, very pretty. But I have a question.

LORELAI: (Picks up the sandwich and goes back to looking through the paper) Shoot.

RORY: (As she points with her pen) So, do you plan on wearing all of these winter outfits next year? You know, after you give birth and shed all that weight?

LORELAI: (As if it's a ridiculous question) Uh, duh. (Points to her stomach) There's no way I'm going to fit into all of that now.

RORY: But all these styles will be old next year.

LORELAI: (Explains) I don't want to miss the chance to wear them. (Adds) Besides, I may even let you borrow this pretty mauve coat.

RORY: (Goes back to her pad of paper, and jots it down) Murphy's it is! (Looks up again) Where else do you want us to shop today?

LORELAI: Hmm, let's see… (shuffles through the many catalogs).

They are interrupted by a tap on the door.

LORELAI: (Seeing who it is through the glass, she jokes) Oh, who could that be? (Emily hasn't seen Lorelai through the glass yet)

RORY: (Gets off the stool and walks over to the door. As she opens…) Hey grandma.

EMILY: (Enters the pool house) Good morning, Rory. I was just wondering (notices her daughter)… Oh, Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Smiles as she holds up the sandwich to her mouth) Hey there, mom.

RORY: (Explains as she shuts the door behind them) Mom and I are spending the day shopping.

EMILY: Oh. (Turns and looks at Rory) Anyway, I don't want to keep you two. I was wondering if you had seen my red Roberto Cavalli scarf? You grandfather and I are having our quarterly brunch with two of our friends, Grace and Miles Custer. And I was hoping to wear the scarf with this outfit.

RORY: (Looks at her grandmother's outfit) Oh yeah, a deep red would definitly go with that outfit. But sorry grandma, I haven't seen it.

EMILY: (Disappointed, she sighs) Oh darn. I have no idea where it is. I was really hoping to wear it. Oh well…

RORY: (Suggests) Actually, I have a red scarf that will go perfect. Would you like to borrow it?


RORY: (Gestures) Hold on, let me find it for you. (She walks into her bedroom)

EMILY: (Sincerely) Thank you, Rory.

While Rory is looking for her red scarf, Emily strolls over to the kitchen island and looks across the counter at Lorelai and her sandwich.

EMILY: (Sarcastically) Your second breakfast?

LORELAI: (With a full mouth, she is offended) Uh no? (Swallows) Third.

EMILY: (Continues sarcastically) Oh, my mistake. (She looks at the pad of paper on the counter) Quite the number of stores you're visiting. (She notices a folded newspaper as Lorelai nods – the circled portion catches her eyes. Camera focuses on the words "Apartment". She is quickly interrupted by the re-entry of Rory)

RORY: (As she holds a pretty red scarf with both her hands) Here it is!

EMILY: (Quickly moves away from the counter and stretches her hands to accept the accessory) Oh, Rory. It's beautiful. (Examines it) Is it an Yves Saint Laurent?

RORY: No, it's a Lorelai Victoria Danes. Formerly Gilmore. (Lorelai smirks at her daughter).

EMILY: (Surprised) Oh. (Looks back at the scarf).

RORY: Yeah, mom made it for me last year.

LORELAI: (Nods and chuckles at the unique pattern) Yeah, that's when 4 inches into the knitting part, I forgot my count – so I decided to funk it up a bit. Hence the yarn slash crazy-patterned-material.

EMILY: I see. (Looks at Rory and tries to hand it back to her) I don't think "funk" suits me, Rory.

RORY: (Disagrees and takes the scarf into her hands) No… (places it around her grandmother) It looks great with that outfit! (Looks at Lorelai for support).

LORELAI: (Holding the glass of milk, she adds) Actually, I think you add a bit of class to that scarf, mom. Seriously, it's a great color on you.

EMILY: (Looks down at herself) Well then (looks up at her granddaughter) Thank you.

RORY: (Nods) You're welcome.

EMILY: (Assures her) I will return it as soon as we get back from the club. (Rory smiles. Emily steps back to leave) I'll see you later, Lorelai.

LORELAI: See ya, mom.

RORY: (Opens the door and sees Emily out) Have a good brunch grandma! (Emily leaves the scene)

LORELAI: (To Rory) If you happen to find that Roberto Cavalli scarf, give it to me - yes?

Scene fades on Rory rolling her eyes.

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