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Title: Canidae

Summary: They have been tamed, and molded to societies fitting. They roam the streets like everyday people, yet they stick out so much. Upon meeting a stray that has not been claimed, you are supposed to kill it.

Chapter 1

In this society, there are those who walk among us, who used to be feared and thought of as filthy. They were captured, tamed, and molded. Put on display for everyone to see. It was a contest of who was the best, who could beat the others. Violence was always included in these contests. Many participants and owners disappear the day before the contest.

These are pets.

In this society, there are those who walk among us, who are hated, killed, and maimed by others of their kind. Why? Simply because they are strays and have no one who has put a collar around their neck, or have walked away from their previous owners.

These are strays.

In this society, there are those who walk among us, who always have. They captured, tamed, and molded them. They have ignored, hated, and despised the strays that have no one to claim them. They have ordered their pets to kill the strays.

These are masters.

In this society, if you meet a stray…

You kill it.

Walking up to the counter, a man with a mask only showing one eye, stood beside a very portly lady. He knew her very well, for you see, every year she tried to enter her small felines into the Canidae, which was a contest strictly for big cats and canines.

"Hello Shiinki. How very… nice, to see you here again." He spoke to the woman, who had plain brown hair and eyes.

The woman looked to him and scowled. "Kakashi, still living in that filthy house filled with canines as always."

Kakashi chuckled lightly. "Actually, we've had some new additions to our lovely home."

"Oh really? Well, I'll be sure to see you."

Kakashi stared at the woman as if she were insane, which she probably was. "Have you forgotten canines and big cats only?"

"Not this year Kakashi-san." A man with dark blue-ish hair and a cigarette in his mouth spoke. "They've changed the rules and are allowing small felines." He added, looking down towards the black mountain lion that was sitting happily beside him.

Kakashi silently scowled. "Ah well, all the more competition. By the way Asuma-san, Kurenai is looking as good as ever."

Kurenai nodded in acceptance of the compliment, as did Asuma.

Shiinki scoffed. "Well, me and Sakura will see you tomorrow." She spoke, walking out with a pure white tabby in her arms.

Kakashi finished signing up his new pets and turned to Asuma. "Well, I'll be taking my leave."

Asuma nodded, while filling out the paper work. "Just be careful, I've heard rumors that people are getting angry at you Kakashi. I over heard someone was plotting to break into your house and kill them all while you were here." He turned to Kakashi, expecting a worried look on the man's face, what he could see of it.

Kakashi just whole heartedly laughed. "Then I guess I won't have to feed them today." And with that he walked out leaving a pissed off Asuma.

Rule number one in the Canidae, no one is your friend.

Everyone who entered the Canidae knew very well who Kakashi was, despite the sheer number of canines he had, he only used two to four every year. His favorites were Itachi, Sasuke, Neji and Anko. But with the new additions into his place, no one had a clue who he would be using this year. There had also been this rumor going around that the famous fennec fox owner, Iruka, had moved in with Kakashi. After the announcement of their engagement, it was no longer a rumor, but the truth.

Upon arriving to his home, he was met with the smell of blood. Yes, after the countless people who had tried to come here and slaughter his pets, he'd been able to pick out the scent of blood. This talent actually stopped his pets from eating a bad piece of meat that Neji was about to eat one time.

He walked to the back yard and saw one of his arctic wolves digging a hole in the ground, while his dingo and dhole just sat and watched. He knew perfectly well that they were burying the body, they'd discovered long ago that humans tasted horrible, which is why they killed only if someone invaded their property.

"Deidara, Sasori, if you're only going to stare at Kiba digging a hole come inside and help with dinner, Iruka should be returning soon." Kakashi yelled out. He watched as the dingo turned into a blonde with blue eyes, and the dhole turned into a red head with maroon eyes. (A/N: ZOMG! That was a complete accident! If you also watch wolf's rain then you should get what I mean about Kiba in this fic)

And speak of the devil, Iruka returned right then, with his three prized foxes helping him with groceries. "I'm home!" He called out as he set down the bags. "Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, just set those down there and you can go play." He instructed. (A/N: A fennec fox is a fox found in the deserts of Africa (which is why the Subaku's are fennec foxes) they're the smallest breed of foxes, with the largest ears.)

A boy with blood red hair and jade eyes, a girl with four blonde pig-tails and blue eyes, and a boy with brown scraggly hair who all had two large sand colored fox ears on their heads and sand colored fox tails set down their bags and darted off.

Iruka sighed. "I can't believe tomorrows the contest. I hope that no one tries to kill our pets." He spoke, taking out the newly bought steaks and placing them in a giant pan.

Kakashi smiled, wrapping his arms around Iruka's waist. "I'm sure they'll win. Last year Temari was runner up in her category against an opponent who… Asuma disposed of."

"I guess you're right." He chuckled.

"Gag me with a spoon." A bored voice said from the doorway.

Looking up, Kakashi and Iruka spotted Anko, she had her messy hair tied up in a gravity defying way, African wild dog ears on her head. She was a rare breed, and when originally bought, most had thought her to be some sort of dog breed like most, but Kakashi had a knack for picking out weird breeds. Like his dhole and dingo, he'd traveled to Australia and come back with Sasori and Deidara. They had instantly fit in with the family.

Anko walked over to the fridge, picking out a carton of milk, and drinking from it. Iruka was about to protest, but something caught the wild dog's eyes, as it did with everyone else's in the house.

All of a sudden the pets began shrieks and howls, immediately dashing after it, finding it to be none other than his next door neighbor's coyote.

Sasori had him pinned down and was growling immensely. "You've got some nerve showing your face here, Kabuto."

Kabuto spit in the dhole's face, causing Sasori to take his hands off the coyote and rub the spit from his eyes. Kabuto freed himself and hopped on the ledge that divided his master's and Kakashi's property. "Master Orochimaru just wants you to know that tomorrow you might wind up having a few pets… 'Runaway'." He spoke with a smirk. "Ja."

Kakashi scowled. His neighbor and his pet were always trying something.