Chapter 4-

Chapter 4-

Title: They Don't Write Songs About The Ones That Come Easy.

Summary: C/B goodness, yep yep yep :D

Pairing: Blair/Chuck

Disclaimer: Duh, kids, as if a fourteen-year-old would own a TV show.

Rating: T, for some language :S. Beep it out in your head if you under 15 :).

Authors Note: FINALLY FINALLY! Ok, so um, how do I break this to you guys? This is probably the last chapter. I've written it (lie. All I've written is the last perspective, Blair's, cos I kinda wrote the last few lines, worked backwards through Blair's bit, and then went back to the start and wrote the rest.) But still, this chapter is (will be) written to fit with more chapters, or I can stop now. Obviously ever since episode 14 its gone AU ad that's harder to write, so unless I get some REALLY encouraging reviews (hint) I might stop it here and try to think up some other GG story ideas. But seriously, this is my baby, so do tell me if you like it. Aaaand, the timeline gleechild wrote is in my reviews so you can all see it. It was in my authors note, which I took down, but just to confuse you I'm gonna have my own timeline THAT DOES NOT COINCIDE WITH THE SHOW ONE. But yeah, gleechilds all kinds of awesome and actually has a sense of continuity. I'm so bad at continuity, it's horrible. So this is my timeline, was posted in the last chapter, here it is again-

-Friday night, Blair and Chuck show bar scene happens.

-Blair tries to run to France.

-Next night, Saturday, in this story scarf/bar scene happens.

-Sunday night, Eleanor hosts dinner party, Mr Kane appears, blah.

-Monday, Chuck gets call from S at Blair's, first day back at school, because I think I'm taking the downfall day as a Friday, followed by the weekend and now it's Monday. If you have a problem with it or are still confused, please tell me

This bit starts Monday after school :)

Also, I know it's really short, but I still reckon its okay :)

They Don't Write Songs About The Ones That Come Easy.

Chapter 4


He's made a decision to never attend a history lesson again his life. Who cares who invented the freaking microwave, he doesn't cook anyway.

It doesn't help that Nathaniel still hates him more than anything and Serena spent all of lunch alternating between smiling encouragingly at the fallen queen next to her and sending him warning death glares at him, standing ten feet away from them. It really just resulted in her looking utterly confused, a fact not lost on Blair.

"S, what's wrong? You look confused, are you not getting any from Cabbage Patch"

He holds his laughter inside, and ends up having to turn away so no-one sees him shaking.

"Blair! That is so not true!"

"So you are getting some?"

Blair doesn't bother to hide her triumphant smirk, there's no-one here to disapprove. Except the whole school maybe.

"Yes, I mean, Blair this so not a conversation we're having!"

"Uh, yes it is S. So, does he insist on keeping his doll in the room, no wait, does the doll partake in the deed. Do cabbage patch dolls even have sex? I thought their babies, like came out of cabbages."

"OK, this is getting way to weird, I'm gonna go now, and get a drink. Maybe even some holy water. Bye B!"

Chuck knows he shouldn't have listened in on their conversation, if you can even class it as one, but he just wanted to make sure Blair wasn't going to go stick her fingers down her throat any time soon. And anyway, the end result was worth it.

Blair was smiling sweetly to herself, Serena having left only a few seconds ago, happy and laughing.

Chuck stood close enough to be able to see the happy glow about her, but not close enough to be able to bask in it. Blair looked up and immediately spotted him. How cliché, being able to pick him out in a place filled with a hundred people. She surprised him by smiling a shy smile and walking towards him.


Her voice was soft, but not soft enough that a few nearby pains-in-the-asses didn't look up and watch closely.


She kept walking, past him and towards her school building. He couldn't help but notice how amazing she looked today, and he told himself it was because of the angle of light, or some other shit he'd heard in science.

Yeah, he is so whipped.

This was un-freaking-believable. She's been having a good day. Serena and she were the epitome of best friends, people didn't seem to give a stuff about her past indiscretions anymore, and she and chuck had spoken. Well two word. Okay, so it was a word each, but it was a step towards being friends again. That was all she wanted. Friends. Definitely.

She's Blair Waldorf, and in case you haven't picked up on it yet, lying to herself is her forte.

But then, all she had to do was walk into her home and her mother was on her like a freaking hawk. Except she had pointy words, not pointy feet.

"Blair, honey, I was in your room this morning look for that old valentine I love so much, and I found a Hershey bar wrapper. I don't mean to criticise Blair, but I really don't believe that you need a Hershey bar of all things darling"

Seriously, she'd tried to run to France like, three days ago and already her mother was back on the 'eat one piece of lettuce a day lectures. She knew her mother just wanted what she thought was best for her, but did it have to be now?

All she feels like doing right now is running away. But she knows she won't, because she'd end up standing next to a helicopter with her best friend pleading for her to stay. Again. It would be like going in a circle, and Blair Waldorf does not move in circles, she moves forward.

So she runs to her room, holds in the tears and picks up her phone. Speed dial never felt so good.




"Chuck? I need you to get her as soon as you can. Please, I…I need you."

"Give me ten minutes Blair, I'm coming"

He's there in five.

He swears that if anyone has hurt her, he'll make their life hell. He doesn't care if they simply told her that her shoes were the wrong shade of green, he will bring them down and he will bring them down hard. He's riding the elevator to her penthouse three and a half minutes after he hangs up. It takes him twenty seconds to bypass Eleanor, a minute for Dorota. He begins to wonder who the mother is in this household. He's up the stairs and crashing through her door in five seconds. Across the room in three. Holding her in two.

He tells her that whatever happened isn't worth her being upset. She tells him that her mother thinks she's fat.

"I'm Serena times two to her"

He smirks,

"Yeah, because you're twice as good"

She cracks a smile and he tells her that she's beautiful and more amazing than anyone he's ever known and he cant' explain his feelings right now but friends just isn't cutting it. They could be more.

So much more.

She looks at him, straight in the eyes and he tells himself that she simply wants to kiss him.

Hey, he's Chuck Bass, he's got to be right once in a while.

"Care to relive that night in the limo, on your bed Waldorf?"

"Shut up Bass"

"Make me"

So she does.

Three hours, two rounds and a lot of apologies later, she lies next to him, watching his chest rise and fall with the even breathing of sleep. He looks incredibly peaceful, and she really, really wants to talk about where this is going with them.

Sure the sex is great, but maybe, just maybe, she wants more.

And maybe, just maybe, she heard a soft 'I love you" in between their two trysts an hour ago.

And maybe she replied with the same three words.

And they might pretend it never happened, or they might do something about these feelings. But whatever it is she needs to know. She could wait until he wakes up or

"Jesus Waldorf, did you just poke me in the fucking eye!"

"Umm, yes. Now wake up, we need to talk."

She's Blair Waldorf, and you should know she has no patience.

Chuck lays back down, his head propped up on his hand, as he watches her watch him watching her watching him watch…it's a freaking circle again, but she thinks she might like this one.

She shifts closer to him and props her head up on her hand too.

"Do really think this could work. You, me, us?"

His smile makes her feel giddy, and she can't deny the butterflies, no matter how out of control they make her feel.

He pulls her into his chest and nuzzles her neck. She can't believe how affectionate he's being, but she's not one to complain about it. Actually, she loves it.

"Yeah, yeah I think we'll do better than work Blair."

"How do you know Chuck, how do you know this isn't a terrible idea and that it isn't going to be really hard. Because it is Chuck, it's going to be so hard. So how do you know it's worth it?"

He just smiles, something that's becoming a little more common each day, and kisses her on the forehead.

"Because they don't write songs about the ones that come easy"

Words cannot explain how crazy her stomach feels right now. How crazy her heart feels. She doesn't speak just grins madly, so he pulls her close again. She senses he has more to say, and prompts him gently,


He leans in and murmurs softly in her ear,

"Because I'm Chuck Bass."

She's Blair Waldorf, and she's never laughed this hard.

And she's pretty sure she had a rule to never lose control like this.

But she figures you can always make exceptions for love.

She's Blair Waldorf and she no longer has to wish her life was a fairytale.

Because reality is so much better.




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