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Chapter 1

I winced as I was dragged by iron chains that bound my wrist to the small confined room Master called my home. I called it my dungeon. That all it was, all it ever will be. It held me from my freedom, the freedom I once possessed.

I was a slave now. Thanks to the no good idiot I used to call my Father. When my mother died, he started becoming very abusive and got drunk every night. After a while, he realized I wasn't worth the pain, and sold me to a man five times worst then he.

For three weeks I have lived here. Actually, lived isn't the correct word. Tortured, barely survived, those are much more appropriate. Every time I do something wrong, I'm beaten. Every time I slip up just a drop, I'm beaten. When Master is just in a bad mood, I'm beaten. And boy does it hurt. Scars now cover my body, and old blood mixes with fresh. Sometimes, I think I would have been better off dying with my mother.

Master tells me he no longer wishes to keep me. I'm going to be sold, though I think my life will be much better if I am. But, I hate being owned. I hate someone controlling me, and making me do their every wish and whim. I hate not living my own life. Most of all, I hate Master.

So every house Master goes to, to show me off and try to sell me, I don't behave. I'll talk back, make snappy retorts, and sometimes, punch the buyer. I get punished every time I do this, but I don't care. Because by doing this, I show I'm my own person. That I can't be contained or controlled. That no one can break me!

Unfortunately, Master is growing impatient. I know that if I am not bought soon, he will sell me to a glue factor or some such sort thing. I really am not sure if I want to die yet.

Tomorrow, Master is taking me to a rich family called the Tohomiko's. They have so much money, and many servants. Apparently, they are rumored to be nicer to their slaves then most people. They give them food and a place to sleep, not to mention they don't beat you. If I must be sold to anyone, then I guess this is the best place. But I don't wish to be sold, and like I said before, I don't wish to be owned.

I slowly lay down on the cot I have been given and check my wounds to make sure none are infected. A large gash on my back is still bleeding, so I rip of my shirt to make a makeshift bandage. I know Master will gave me new clothes tomorrow. He always does before he takes me to a buyer. The pain caused by wrapping it makes me flinch, but I know it will get infected if I do not stop the bleeding.

Once done with my wounds, I stare at the ceiling, trying to make myself fall into a sleep. But for some reason, I couldn't. Too many questions swarmed my mind; too many left unanswered. Should I be good tomorrow and let myself be bought? Should I rebel like I always do? Could this family actually be better then the rest? Or are they like all the other slave masters, unforgiving and abusing?

I couldn't even answer my own questions. I didn't know. I admitted it. After trying for so long not to be bought, I didn't know if I would be able to behave myself at the next selling. I knew this was basically my last chance. Master must be really desperate to be rid of me if he is going to sell me to someone non-abusive. I think part of Master's life was just making sure I was miserable.

I shifted a bit in my bed, wincing because of the wound on my back. My wrists were still bound in shackles, but I knew those wouldn't be coming off for a while. Even if I could pick the lock, Master would just put them back on and punish me. I learnt that the hard way.

I don't know when I finally managed to fall asleep, but I woke up to a rough kick in my side.

"Get up." Masters gruff voice commanded. I scrambled upward, off the floor where I had landed and stood before Master. He threw some clothes in my face, which I desperately tried to catch, before saying, "come to the entrance way once you are done changing." I nodded, and he left the small room. I rarely spoke back to Master now a days. At selling, of course, but that's only because he can not punish me in his usual way in front of a buyer. At home, well, things could get very unpleasant for me.

I changed as quickly as I could, slipping on the light brown shirt and dark-brown breeches. An olive green tunic went over the shirt, and a pair of shoes were slipped onto my feet.

I knew why master chose these things specifically. The tunic was supposed to show my body build. Apparently, boys with more muscular builds were much more valuable, since they could do harder work. The green and brown colors were to match my hair and eyes to give me a more handsome look. I knew this worked since five girls had begged their fathers to buy me before I called them 'mindless zombie preps'. After that they pretty much shut up.

When I reached the entrance hall, Master was already waiting. He bound my hands in metal shackles, and did the same for my feet. Before, Master had removed them so I could get changed, but now, I was trapped once more.

Master pushed me forward, and I stumbled the first few steps, only able to shuffle in very small movements. Even with my ankles bound, I kept up the pace of Master, only pausing for half-a-second to catch my breath.

'Hurry up you good for nothin' boy!" He pushed me again, and thins time I fell face first into the dirt, unable to catch myself in time. Dust dirtied my clothes as I tried to pick myself up. Master growled and grabbed the back of my tunic, pulling me up. I yelped at this sudden surprise, but was quiet thereafter.

"Remember Raimundo, this is your last chance. I wouldn't waste it." He said before climbing into the carriage. I gulped, before scurrying in after him.

If this was my last chance, I had better make it worth it.

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