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Skies of Arcadia

Legends (Continued)

Chapter 1: Getting used to things

It's a month after Vyse and his crew sent Soltis back to Deep Sky. Vyse's crew had left and went to go live their life again. Hans has become King Enrique's lead engineer, and Hans's wife, Urala, has become the head chef. Enrique built a better Valua then ever. Everyone lived in harmony over the rule of their King and Queen. Moegi, the Queen, has gotten pregnant and is expecting fraternal twins. The rest of the crew went to go live in Valua, except for Kirala and Izmael. They left to Yafutoma. Kirala wanted Izmael to build her a house in his style while she built him a Yofutoman house.

Every nation under each of the six moons has become alies. Yet there was something different about Valua. It wasn't the new rebuilt kingdom; it was the fact that it wasn't surrounded by dark storm clouds. During the one month, the clouds have disappeared slowly. Was it because the moon liked the new ruler of Valua? If not, what was it? This made everyone happy. Polly, Robinson, and Anne, still ran the tavern in Sailors' Island. They have been getting more business than ever! Now that they are all gone, it's just Vyse, Aika, and Fina on Crescent Isle.

Vyse had received news from his mother that she is going to have another baby. It's supposed to be a girl. Vyse is so excited that he's going to have a baby sister. He's going to be able to teach her everything his dad taught him. His father says that she might be just like Vyse. Aika and Fina are excited too. They are so excited for the Dyne family. Fina is hoping to share many things with the baby. That's what Vyse liked. She was the kind of woman who would love to raise a family. That was something Vyse was looking for in a woman. He wasn't so sure about Aika.


Night fell over all of the lands and Vyse is in his room still awake. There were so many things on his mind. He needed new crew members to make his ship run smoother for one things were tough, and two, he was stuck between Aika and Fina. The stress he felt was too much so he stepped out to go stare at the moon for a while. He walked up to go sit next to the flag pole.

'The moon looks so pretty tonight,' he thought.

Vyse breathed in the air and closed his eyes. It was a perfect night and it had a perfect breeze to go with it. He heard some foot steps and he opened his eyes and turned his head, quickly. Fina came walking towards him in a white spaghetti strap shirt, white blue jean shorts that went midway down her thighs. She had white shoes on only because she didn't want her feet to get pricked. Her hair was up in a ponytail, the way it always was when she slept. Vyse has never seen her like this before.

"Hey, Vyse" she said in her delicate voice.

"Hey, Fina. What are you doing up?" he asked.

"I heard you walk out of your room so I thought that I would see if you were alright. Of course I got dressed. I didn't want to be out here in my pajamas." (A/N: for any guy who reads this, I'm not putting what her jamas look like, okay? Okay.)

"Me too," said Vyse, slightly chuckling.

Fina sat next to him. There was just a small distance between them and she would like to close it by being in his arms again but she was just thinking it was just for that one time. Vyse and Fina talked for a while. They talked about new crew members, new journeys, new visits, and whatever they could think of. Finally it got late enough for them to fall asleep. Yet, they didn't go to bed, they fell asleep right there on the floor. Fina's head was resting on Vyse's shoulder and his head rested on hers. They both rested their backs on the fence behind them (A/N: wouldn't want to see them in the water now would we?).


Aika stood there tapping her foot, hands on her hips.

"Rise and shine sleepy heads!" she said loud enough for them to hear.

The two woke up instantly. They looked around and realized that they were outside.


Vyse rubbed his head, "Ugh. Yeah and I'm felling sore."

"Don't worry, it should pass when your up and moving," said Aika.

The three went out to freshen up and get their day started. They had lots of work to do. Aika had to go clean the outside of the ship with Fina and Vyse. Then Fina had to clean the crew members' room. Aika had to clean the diner, and Vyse had to clean the out side of the Island. Then once they cleaned that they moved on to the port. It wasn't that dirty but it was still dusty. They were hard at work when lunch time came. They walked up to go to the diner. Fina made some sandwiches, Aika made some flavored water, and it was Vyse's turn for dishes. They ate and decide that they would go see Vyse's mom.

"Yeah and after that we should stop by the Sailor's Guild and look at some ads. We need more people," said Vyse.

"And we could say 'Hi' to Polly!" said Aika.

Fina just sat there and smiled.

'I can't believe that we fell asleep! I can't keep this in any longer. I must find a way to talk to him again... without Aika there,' she thought.

"Fina, Fina," said an echoed voice that sounded like Aika's.

"Fina!" said Aika, popping Fina's thought bubble.

Fina's eyes and head snapped up, "Huh?"

"Are you okay?" asked Vyse.

"Y-Yeah. I was just thinking to myself," she said.

"Oh, Okay," said Aika, "Well we're going to load onto the ship now. It should be around dinner time when we arrive at Pirate Isle."

Fina nodded and got up when Vyse got up. They looked at each other and smiled. Aika didn't see it. If she did, she would probably be jealous. They walked down to the port and up the ramp that lead into the ship. They went to the bridge of the ship.

"Okay. Destination, Pirate Isle," said Vyse.

"Aye!! Aye!!" shouted Aika and Fina in unison.

The newly built Delphinus backed out of the base and headed south east to Pirate Isle. They passed by Valua without realizing that it wasn't surrounded by dark storm clouds. They passed Sailors' Island all the way to Pirate Isle. Vyse docked his boat and they went walking down the ramp. Vyse's mother was out watering some plants and watching the children. They wanted to sneak up on Mrs. Dyne but she had something up her sleeve. The three tiptoed behind her, built up some air to shout "BOO!" when - all of a sudden - she turned.

"BOO!" she shouted.

"AHHH!" they screamed in unison.

"Mom!" whined Vyse, "We were supposed to scare you."

"Well I beat ya' to it now didn't I?"

"You most certainly did, Mrs. Dyne," said Fina.

Vyse hugged his mom and was about to turn and walk inside of the house when his dad popped out of the bush, "BOO!"

"AH!" he screamed.

The kids and everyone was laughing. Vyse scratched his head.

"H-Hey, that's not funny!" said Vyse.

"Oh yea it was," giggled Aika, "You should've saw that one comin'."

"HAHA! It's good to see you son," said Mr. Dyne.

"Yeah it's good to see you too dad," Vyse said, now laughing.

Vyse hugged his dad (AWWW! not most guys do that ya know!) The group walked inside and sat down at the table.

"So, I hope you came to have some dinner," said Mrs. Dyne.

"Of course, mom."

"Good, we have a lot to catch up on," said Mr. Dyne.

Mrs. Dyne made some pasta and beef stroganoff. They ate and talked about a lot of things. Mr. Dyne told Vyse that he came across three ladies that were interested in joining his crew. The bad part was, there was no contact source. So, Vyse would have to run into them on his own. If not, they would come to them.

"Well that's too bad, Dad. I might run into them though. If they were interested in being in my crew then I'm sure I'll see them," said Vyse.

"Sure thing son," said Mr. Dyne.

Vyse, Fina, and Aika left Pirate Isle. Vyse had his heart set on Sailors' Island. He was sure that the women would have left an ad at the Sailors' Guild.

"Where to next captain?" Aika asked.

"Sailor's Island, I'm pretty sure that the women left an ad at the Sailors' Guild," said Vyse.

"Aye! Aye!" shouted Aika and Fina.

The Delphinus was set to Sailors' Island. The trip wasn't long so none of them had the chance to relax much. The sun was starting to set and Vyse new they had to hurry and get back to Crescent Isle. Vyse docked the boat and they loaded off. They stopped by the Polly's Diner first to say hi and went right across the way to the Sailor's Guild. The man at the counter nodded and the three went straight to the ads. Vyse looked for one that had to do with three women. Fina was looking around and spotted three women like figures in the corner.

The First figure was a woman wearing a long white cloak. It hid the rest of her body. Her hood didn't expose her face and that's how the other women's hoods were. The next was a woman wearing a long green cloak and the last was wearing a long silver cloak. It was the last woman that gave Fina a chill down her back. Suddenly the silver cloak woman's head turned towards her but her face still didn't show. Fina turned away, scared.

"Hey what about this one," Aika asked, "'Lookout, cook, and Helmsman (more like Helmswoman :p) looking for ship to work on', but the bad part is... there's no contact source."

"Great... how are we supposed to find them now?" Vyse said glumly.

"We should go... it's getting late," said Fina.

Vyse and Aika agreed. They all turned and Fina looked in the corner once more. They were gone.


It was late at night and Vyse was up in the meeting room looking at some navigation maps. He eventually got weary and he walked out onto the balcony. He looked towards the elevator to the ground and saw a woman like figure standing in front of it. She was taller than Fina and Aika so it couldn't be them. He quickly drew his swords out. She drew out her sais (look up the weapon Sai on the internet and it will show you what they look like).

"I suggest you back off," said Vyse.

All Vyse could see of the woman was her mouth. She smirked at him and under her hood she had a raised eyebrow. Since she didn't back off, Vyse struck the woman. His eyes grew wide. She blocked him in the blink of an eye. She put the other sai to his neck.

"I suggest you back off. If you want to get more crew members, this isn't much of a good impression... now is it?" said the woman.

"How did you know about that?" Vyse asked.

"I'm one of the three women that want to join your crew," she said.

"Where are the other two?" he asked.

"They're down near your flag pole."

Vyse looked done to the flag pole stiffly because her blade was still at his neck. There stood two women figures. One wore a green cloak and the other wore a silver cloak. He looked back at the woman.

"Alright, I believe you."

The woman relaxed her weapons and put them away as did Vyse.

"Who are you?" he asked.

The woman pulled down her hood. He gasped. She had long white hair that was long but he couldn't see the length of it. She had crystal white eyes and the most beautiful face (although Vyse doesn't fall for her).

"My name is Qu-" she quickly fixed her sentence, "Alycia... my name's Alycia."

"Okay... then who are the other two?"

"The one in the green cloak is May and the one in the silver cloak is Ali."

"Okay ummmm... what position is who going for?"

"I'm going for lookout, May is going for cook, and Ali is going for helmswoman."

"Well, I am in need for new crew members and I did get good reports about you from my father so yeah... welcome to the crew," he said holding out his hand.

"Thank you," she said bowing not taking his hand.

Vyse drew back his hand a bit embarrassed. He gestured towards the elevator and showed her their quarters. Alycia went to get the other and they went straight inside the crew members' room. Vyse went to his room with questions but his new members were up and talking.

"How long?" Ali argued.

"Until we accomplish what we came here to do," said May.

"Yeah," Alycia defended, "I know your not the type of person to come here but we always take trips and well... this is where we ended up."

"Fine," Ali said.


The next morning came and Vyse was on his belly, arm hanging off the bed, snoring with droll comin' out. Aika, Fina, Alycia, Ali, and May were up and at em'.

"VYSE!!!! WAKE UP!!!" shouted Aika.

Vyse woke up instantly.

"VVVYYYSSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Aika.

"Ugh... AIKA!" Vyse complained.

"GET UP CAPTAIN!!!!" shouted an unfamiliar voice to him.

It was Ali. She didn't show much emotion but anger. There was something about her voice that got Vyse moving. She was defiantly not to be messed with. Aika looked at her in awe. Ali looked at her once and walked away. That little look gave Aika chills down her back. As soon as Ali was gone, Vyse was out the door dressed, washed up, and ready to go.

"Finally... took you long enough," said Aika.

"Yeah... who was that?" Vyse asked.

"Who, the one who got ya up? That was Ali, your new Helmswoman," said Aika.

"Geez... she sure can put chills down your back," Vyse said.

"Oh yeah," agreed Aika.

They walked down to the diner for breakfast. When they walked in they got a better look at the new members. Alycia has already been described as having white hair and crystal white eyes, but today, you could see the length of her hair. Her hair went down to her ankles and it looked like her hair was being blown gently by the wind. The weird part was there was no wind what so ever. She wore a white strapless looking, bathing suit type chest piece, white long stocking boots, and a gold shackle on her right arm above th elbow. On her head was a gold crown that had two diamonds on the sides of what looked like the air symbol floating in the middle.

The new cook, May, had rich green eyes, green hair up in a pony tail that touched her waist. Her outfit was similar to Alycia's except it was green and she didn't have the shackle on her arm. Instead she had a leaf necklace on her and in her hair was a green crown and on that crown were two emeralds on the sides of what looked like the leaf symbol connected to the crown on by the tip of the metal leaf.

Ali was sitting at the far table in the corner. She had long silver hair up in a pony tail that touched the ground and bangs in the front. She had pale white eyes and her expression was emotionless... for now. Her outfit was the same as the other two but hers was silver and she had not shackle or crown. She had long silver gloves that went to her elbows. Vyse just stood in the door way looking at all of them. He was puzzled.

'Wow... where did they come from? Different colored hair that no one here in the skies has naturally, unless you're old or you paint it. Different colored eyes, interesting clothes that I've never seen in my life, and symbols never seen or used,' he thought.

Ali caught sight of Vyse and raised an eyebrow. He was looking at her, puzzled. She turned away. May smiled and called to Vyse.

"Morning Captain! Come and grab a bowl. I made fruit salad for breakfast, I hope you like it," she said cheerfully.

As he walked up to get his food, Alycia just nodded once and went to go eat with Ali. He obtained his food and went to go sit next to the talking and eating Aika and Fina. May took her food and sat with Alycia and Ali. They were talking excessively low so that no one in a 8 inch radius could hear them. Aika and Fina turned their heads to look at them.

"Why are they talking to themselves like that?" asked Fina.

"I dunno... maybe they're a little bit shy," guessed Aika.

"Maybe," said Vyse as he finished up his food.

He rubbed his belly. May was such a good cook he was begging to like her. He still had to see the other's skills before he is completely satisfied. Vyse got up and put his dishes in the sink.

"Well... I'm off to go fix the bridge of the ship," said Vyse.

"Okay," said Aika and Fina in unison.

Vyse walked out of the diner and to the port to work on the bridge of the ship. As soon as Vyse walked away Aika got an idea. She scooted closer to Fina to whisper in her ear.

"Hey, let's take the new members shopping! We can make them look like real air pirates!"

Fina's eyes lit up she looked at Aika and nodded excitedly. They got up and walked over to them. Ali looked up at them, May, and Alycia was last.

"Hey guys... wanna go shopping?" Aika asked.

"What for?" asked Alycia.

"To get you more appropriate clothes for the job. The close you have now are great but we don't want them getting ruined," said Fina.

Alycia and May shrugged, "Okay."

Ali said nothing. She followed them to Fina's ship. Now that the bazarr in Nasrad was complete, they decided to go there to shop. They loaded into the ship and they were off. Vyse came up to get some tools when he saw them take off. He ran up to the flag pole waving his hands.


It was no use, they were already gone. Vyse sighed in defeat. Then he came up with a plan to take the Delphinus.

"Hey, I'll take the Delphinus!" he said.

He changed his mind quickly, "Dang it! I remember... you can't run the ship with just one person."

Vyse kicked the floor and went back to do some work. He wasn't so happy that they left him there but he was happy that he had the time to think to himself without Aika interrupting him. Since he was about 18 now, he was interested in looking for a woman that may become his future wife. The only real girls he ever liked were Aika and Fina so those were his best options. He thought a lot about Fina more than Aika so he decided to turn his thoughts to Aika.

She was his best friend for a long time and she knows a lot about him. She loves to have fun and hunt for treasure like he did. He tried to imagine them being together forever but nothing came to his mind. He shrugged. Vyse didn't believe that you would have to be able to picture you life partner before marriage he just thought it would happen. If that was so, then why could he see him and Fina together for the rest of their lives?


The girls arrived at the bazaar and to go looking for clothes. They came to a mini-store and they had some pretty good stuff.

"Let's shop here," said Aika.

"Good idea, Aika," said Fina.

"Well go ahead look for something... we'll let you choose," said Aika.

The three women looked at each other, shrugged, and went to go looking. A few minutes later they came out with some clothes. Aika looked them over and told them to try them on. They did exactly that. When they came out, Aika and Fina were going to decide if it was good or not. May came out wearing a green halter top with a blue mini skirt and some blue boots. Alycia came out with a white swashbuckler's shirt, grey pants and black boots. Ali came out with a silver tang top with white pants and black shoes. Aika and Fina nodded in approval.

"Nice... you guys have some pretty good taste," said Aika with a pleased smile.

"You look great!" Fina said cheerfully.

"You most certainly do," said and unfamiliar voice to the new members but was very familiar to Aika and Fina... especially Aika.

Ali glared at the man. He took a step back. Getting a glare from Ali was like looking death in the eyes. Aika and Fina turned to see Domingo. Aika's eyes grew wide with anger. She had anger creases formed on her forehead.


"Aika! It's nice to see you again," said flirtatiously.

"CAN IT YOU-" she said being cut off by Fina and May.

"Please," they said in unison.

Aika wanted to go and punch him so hard he would fly off (like team rocket :p). She held herself back and crossed her arms. She looked the other way with a "Humph".

"I hear that Vyse is still looking for a crew. I'll be his lookout if he so desperately needs one," he said sarcastically.

Alycia stepped up sais at hand, "That position is already taken."

Domingo took another step back.

'Looks like he has tough women on his crew,' he thought with a little sweat drop on his forehead.

"You're out of luck, Domingo. You're really only good at lookout so I guess there is no room for you," said Fina.

"It doesn't matter. I'm out of here," said Domingo turning. He turned his head towards Aika who was now looking at him, "See ya around sweet cakes," he said with a wink.

Aika had her expression of disgust on, "EWWW! DISGUSTING!!!!"

Fina giggled. Everything and everyone was ready to go. The new members were now looking like air pirates and they most certainly acted like them too. All five of them loaded onto the ship and headed back to Crescent Isle.


Vyse was back on the island in the meeting room. He paced back and forth. He was slightly ticked off. Vyse came to the table and stopped. There was a piece of paper with writing on it. He picked it up and it read:


Make the right choice... we'll know if you did or not so be wise.

Vyse stared at the paper. Who left this note? What desicion was the writer talking about? This creeped Vyse out. He folded the letter and placed it in his pocket.

"What ever... I better go back down," he said.

Vyse walked out of the meeting room, onto the elevator, back down. He spotted Alycia up near the flag pole. His mouth dropped.

'When did they get back?'

He walked over to the flag pole passing little Pow Pow. He barked running around Vyse. Vyse laughed and patted Pow Pow for a while. He sent the dog off and went to talk to his new lookout. Alycia was standing very still, head up looking at the sky, and her eyes were closed. She heard Vyse and she opened her eyes.

"What can I do for you captain?"

Vyse froze a few feet away from her, "Uhhh not much. Are you okay?"

Alycia looked at Vyse face to face now, "Of course, why wouldn't I be?"

"I dunno... you looked sad I guess."

"No, I'm not sad. You looked troubled though," she said.

Vyse thought she knew about the note he received, "No... no, I'm just getting used to things I guess."

Alycia looked to her right, quickly, "Aika's coming. I must go. Ali needs to talk to me."

Alycia strode off. Vyse looked at her surprised. Sure enough Aika came rounding the corner to Vyse. Alycia disappeared in a short while leaving them to talk.

"Hey Vyse?" Aika asked, "Look, I'm sorry we took off without telling you but if you already saw our new members, they look like an air pirate now. When we got back I gave them blue scarf's to represent the blue rouges."

"Yeah I saw that and it's okay. Know you I thought you were going to leave me here while you went to go raid," chuckled Vyse.

"No way! I wouldn't leave you out of that... neither would Fina," giggled Aika.

"Yeah that's true, I-" Vyse and Aika fell to the ground.

Aika fell into Vyse's arms and he held her to protect her. The whole island was shaking.


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