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Chapter 7: Bitter Tears

She walked into what seemed like a room with no walls, floor, or ceiling. Several swiriling portals were spread all the way around her. She walked a little bit deeper into the room. It seemed that no matter how far she went in that room, it was endless and no sound came to her ears as she walked. Her heart beat fast in anticipation. What was this place? Why was she here? Where in all of Arcadia could this be? She began to turn back to find a way out but in that moment, to her left, she saw many different colored lights: white, green, orange, yellow, purple, red, dark and light blue, gray, and silver. They all took a strange form of a human like figure. They waited in the distance as if waiting for something. Waiting for her... as if she was to help them...

At the crack of dawn Crescent Isle began to show signs of life as the crew began to slowly file out of their quarters and getting to their morning duties. The last ones who were left in the living quarters were Alycia and May. It seemed that the night before they were up late and were lagging behind the rest.

When Alycia had woken up, she had bolted up right out of her bed hitting her head against the top bunk. Her mind had drifted off to sleep against her will when she tried to stay awake the night before. Not caring about the pain in her head, Alycia glided across the way to May's bunk and shook her awake.

"May... May wake up!"

One of May's eyes pulled open in response to her friend. She grunted.

"May wake up already! Something's wrong!"

May's eyebrow's furrowed. Shaking off the sleep she had just broken out of, she sat up at the edge of her bed and paid more attention to Alycia. She sounded serious. "Wrong? What do you mean? What's wrong, what happened?"

"I'm not exactly sure but last night I tried to force myself to stay awake. There was a disturbance in the winds close to our base. I'm afraid there might've been someone watching the Island, waiting for it to be completely shut down with everyone asleep. Or at least... everyone but one person."

The words she spoke made no sense to May. Ever since she had met Alycia a long time ago, she would have her strange feelings and when she spoke of them, they would make no sense to anyone except Ali. The problem was, Ali was no where to be found. She must have gotten up bright and early.

"Well let's get dressed and go find Ali. You can tell your story to her. She may be able to make sense of your feeling."

Alycia's face went red with irritation. "What? You don't believe me?"

"I never said I didn't believe you. I just can't make anything out of what you told me. What else am I to do?"

Alycia's eyes dropped to the floor, "Alright, let's go find her."

"No need. I'm here."

May and Alycia's heads shot to look over at the door and there stood Ali in the doorway with a grave look on her face. Her liquid silver eyes were no more. They had turned to solid stones. She held up a bracelet with little charms on it. Two of which were of a leaf and the Silvite crest. "Where's Fina?"

It was as if the whole island had stopped being supported by gravity and it was flying through the air but it took a while for Alycia and May to realize it was their hearts. They both new the braclet well. May had wanted to give a gift to Fina as a sign of their friendship so Alycia helped her craft a bracelt. She was gone. Alycia's haunch was correct.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. Visions were running through her mind. Visions of things she did not know of or had ever seen before. Could they be a depiction of the future? She hadn't been having these visions since she was back at Crescent Isle but up until now, she was sitting in the corner of an almost empty cell at the bottom of an air ship in a most uncomfortable condition. Fina was held captive of people she hadn't seen roaming the skies in her time sailing with Vyse and crew.

Vyse... The thought of him made her cry more. She still loved him and now she may never see him again. She hoped, oh how she hoped, that he would discover her disappearance and come looking for her. She was afraid of a repeat of when she was hunted down by Lord Galcian. If anything at all she would never want to be reminded of what had almost brought destruction to all of Arcadia. What could possibly be her destiny now? It seemed that she was always caught up in the middle of messes that involved other innocent people.

Footsteps echoed off of the walls, growing louder and louder as Fina sat still. Someone was coming. Most likely to her cell. She hadn't heard any other noises from the other cells to signify that she wasn't alone. Her heart beat fast and her breathing was off and in a few seconds came appeared a young woman who made Fina freeze in place. Her hair was long and black. It was tied up in a ponytail with decorated red chopsticks in the tie. On those chopsticks were twin symbols of a carving of an eye. Her eyes were sharp and cold. She looked dangerous, her nails were sharp and looked as if they could pierce the skin easier than a knife.

She paused at the cell and leaned against its bars. A sly smirk spread across her face. "Heh, so you're the girl huh?" Her voice was smooth with a hint of venom in the tone.

Fina was confused. What did she mean? She kept quiet. There was something about her that threw a warning in her. The woman looked less dangerous than Ali but Ali gave a safe feeling to her nevertheless. This woman gave off death's odor.

"Refusing to speak huh?" If she could, it seemed as if she would walk right through the door and make Fina respond. The only thing protetcing Fina were those bars so she prayed that they didn't open. "Well I guess it's good that you're afraid of me. If you weren't, I would have to change that. I'm going to tell you something, so listen well and do not forget my words. You will do whatever we tell you to do other wise it won't be you to die first, it will be your little friends back on that island you call a base. Be prepared to be summoned at any moment and if you refuse, I will be the one to issue your punishment."

The woman gave a disturbing smile of pleasure and flashed her sharp nails at Fina. Without anymore words she walked off back to the bridge of the ship where the captain was. The whole crew was at work and the captain was reading a map. He was big man. Muscles carved out his build and he was full of scars. He had no hair (by choice) and he wore a medallion. On that medallion was the same carving of an eye. He looked up as he noticed his partner walking up to him. He stayed silent waiting for her to speak.

"We shouldn't have much problems with her, but I can read that she will have a defiant spirit. Too bad for her- her friends will only pay for her stupidity."

The man cackled. "Well done, Delida. As your reward for expanding our master's work, you and I shall govern these skies when all is done."

Delida gave the same smile she last gave Fina. It was as if, like all people born evil, she lived and hungered for the pain of others and for power. She bid the captain farewell and went to go stay in her chamber until her duties called or she was summoned for her "talents." As she silently walked back down the metal corridors she laughed to herself. What they don't know won't hurt them? I think not... it will definitley hurt them. It will hurt them all and I shall live above them. Master, I hope we find you before you come back for us.

["Who are you?" asked Fina.

"You know who we are. We need your help. Don't give up... never give up. No matter what things you are threatend with. All will be well Fina."

"How do you know who I am? What's going on! What do you need hlep with? Can you not help me first?"

"No. Do not worry, aid will come.

"Please... please... for us, and your own... never... give... up."]

Fina awoke from her sleep on the hard cold floor of her cell. She refused to sleep on the bed attached to the wall by rusty chains. What did her dream mean? She saw the colored lights again but only three spoke to her. The rest stood still behind them. Who were they? What were they? Despite her confusion, the only thing she felt she could do was take the advice and never give in to her captors; but what would happen to her and everyone else if she did this? Morning tears slowly left her eyes and dripped to the floor.

I can't give in. What would Vyse or Aika do? They're both strong... and me? I'm not.. I'm not... NO! I am... I am strong too. I am no longer who I was. I am a Blue Rouge. Blue Rouges never give in. If only I had cupil with me. He must be worried. I will return to everyone whether I am rescued or not. There is hope...

It's been three days since Vyse had learned of Fina's disappearance. He took what was left behind by her and locked himself up in his room. He hadn't come out for anything. Not even to eat. Vyse's body shook. Angry, hot, bitter, tears escaped his eyes and streamed down his hard face.

"EERRAAAHHHH!" THUMP! Vyse hit the wall so hard he didn't feel any pain quite yet. He tore around the room flinging things that would cause less destruction but things that were enough to satisfy his anger and sorrow. Fina... Fina.. "Fina! No... no."

The whole crew was outside awaiting some sign of life from their captain and when they heard the yelling and crashes, they became even more worried. This wasn't Vyse. They all knew. Aika was more restless than worried. Why wasn't Vyse doing anything? The anticipation made her twitch with energy. Finally she released her chains and stormed up the stone ramp to Vyse's room.

"Vyse! VYSE! Open the door!" She waited there breathing hard, trying to keep herself calm. When there was no reply she said, "Fine... if you won't let me in. I'll be the always welcome guest." WHACK! WHACK! BOOM! Aika Rammed the door with her body and forced it open causing it to almost shatter against the wall. Vyse didn't even turn around to look at the now steaming Aika.

"Vyse! Get out... just get out now! What is with you! It's like we don't even know who you are anymore! Fina is gone- and what are you doing to get her back, huh? HUH? NOTHING! That's what you're doing! We can't sit here. Who knows where she is right now and if we sit here on this piece of rock, we'll never find her!"

"That's the thing..." Vyse's voice sounded dead, "Even if we search for her... where do we start? We don't even know who took her."

"Well that's why you would have us with you, right captain? So we can find her whereabouts faster?" A new voice entered the tense room. Alycia and Ali were standing in the doorway with hard faces. "Vyse, Aika's right. Since we've been here we've seen a hardworking young man who run's his own crew, a ship, and has been managing his own personal life. You need to understand that life is not full of good times and romance..." Vyse's head dropped even more and he held in his building energy, "Life is full of tragedy, drama, adventure and so much more as well. Some are good some are bad. But you can't let that bring you down. It's time to take the helm once again. This time, you will be on an even greater mission."

Aika looked at Alycia with curiosity. Her anger had subsided, "A greater mission? What do you mean?"

Alycia didn't respond to her and she didn't even look at her. Both her and Ali's eyes were on Vyse. Vyse stood in silence for what could seemed an eternity until he made up his mind. He walked through the mess in his room to his desk and picked up his eyeglass and strapped it on. He walked passed Aika, between Alycia and Ali to the outside. The brightness of the day made him feel like he was walking towards the unknown. A new dawn: A new destiny. The crew saw him descending the ramp and they all stood at attention. He walked right up to the cupil fountain and stood up on the rim.

"Aika, Ali, Laney, Z, Alycia, Natalie, Cane, Lily, Tim, Pow Pow, and Jane! Pack heavy and start loading the ship! Who knows how long we'll be. The rest of you are to look after the island in case of raids. May and Lawrence are in charge while we're gone. It's time we brought Fina back..."

Hurrah! The crew cheered at their newly revived captain. They didn't waste one moment's time. Everyone was bustling about the island. Aika came to the doorway of Vyse's room and stood next to Alycia and Ali. Vyse had returned to her... to them- with a new spirit and a new will. Her cheeks went pink with admiration.

"Thank you... both of you. I won't lie, I wonder all the time who you two and May really are but because of you our lives have been changed for the better."

Ali looked over at her red-headed companion. "All will soon reveal itself. Everyone has a destiny and it can't be accomplished without the people we meet during our journies." Ali then looked over at Alycia and gave her a nod. She smiled. "It is almost time. Alycia...?" Ali began to walk off. Aika was struck with shock. Ali had just spoken the warmest words she's ever heard come out of her mouth. Alycia gave one last smile to Aika and was off following her friend.

Everyone who was to embark on the journey was suiting up and packing their sacks. May had walked into the Crew Quarters and squeezed her way through the busy bodies pardoning herself everytime she bumped into someone. She went to the back where Ali and Alycia were. May held two smooth packages wrapped in cloth.

"Ali? Alycia?" May's voice was almost too silent to hear but the two were used to being able to depict sounds out of crowds. They turned and looked at May. Her emerald eyes were shiny and she looked as if she let some tears escape herself. Ali walked to her and pulled out a rectangular white cloth. She wiped her friend's face.

"No tears on our part." Although she didn't smile and speak with life, May knew Ali cared. Being separated for who knows how long during this time in their life wasn't something they wanted right now. Not after the countless trials they've had before they met everyone on Crescent Isle.

"May? What's in your hands?" Alycia poked her head over Ali's shoulder to get a look.

"I think you will be needing these. I will have to use mine soon, won't I? So you should take yours as well. The events to come we all know won't be pleasant but all will be fine in the end... the calm."

Our suits. The two words ran through both Alycia and May's heads. They looked at Ali and nodded. Ali and Alycia grabbed their packages and stowed them away.

Once all of their things were ready, the crew filed out and began loading the ship with them. The off duty crew had helped with the loading of the cargo and basic and complicated necessities. Before they left, they spent one last meal together in the Diner. It wasn't a party type dinner. With all of the talk of the mission, the area became clouded with a suspense that had everyone on their toes. A new adventure was about to unfold before everyone's eyes quicker than anyone could think. Somehow, many of them couldn't help but think that it wasn't just Fina they would be saving...

Vyse walked into his still disasterous room and gathered a few last minute things: His journal, a few items for battle, and Fina's bracelet.

"Cuuup! Cuuup!" Vyse spun around to see Cupil come into his quarters with a paper hanging on his tail.

"Cupil! You're here? ... You mean... Fina didn't have you with her when she was taken?" Vyse felt the cold creep back up on him but he beat it back knowing that he would rescue her soon. He detached the paper from cupil and read it.


Do not worry... you have finally seen the truth and now are on the right path. Be ready for an intertwined experience...

It was another letter. Vyse hadn't gotten one in a while. He began to wonder who was sending these letters all over again. Were they good or bad? On his side or not? He let go of the paper and let it fall to the floor.

"Well... are you coming with us Cupil?" Cupil spun around and swarmmed Vyse. "I take that as a yes."

The rest of the crew watched the Delphinus sail off into the dimming sky to go find Fina. All waited until it was no longer in sight to get back to work. May was the only one who stayed in place longer than the rest. She dropped her head and closed her eyes. Be safe... never give up. She shot her eyes open, turned and walked away. The time... is now...

May climbed back up the ramp of the port and walked out into the light of the base's village in time to see the speck of her long time friends and her new companions disappear. May looked about and spotted Lawrece by the fountain also staring off at the now invisible speck.

She walked over to him and without a glance at him she said, "Help me gather everyone back here. Just because they are on the rescue mission doesn't mean a thing. We must set up defenses immediately. I have a feeling that whoever took Fina has not forgotten about us at all."

Lawrence and May split ways and found the rest of the crew members. They came back to the cupil fountain where May stood up just as Vyse did and began to excersize her power as a temporary leader alongside Lawrence.

"Friends! The time has come. We may feel at a loss now but that is not it. We are still under the radar of our enemy. We were left behind because Captain Vyse believed us to be the best fitted to defend the base. Let us show others what we can do! Domingo! You will be stationed on the balcony to watch out for any ships and strange activity, Danny and X you are to go down to the port and begin preparations with machinery and explosives, Luke make sure all weapons are refined and stand by's will be available if needed and also to take an inventory on items; Nate you will help him, Gina I want you to make sure all imprtant structures are refined as well to ensure stability, Elena please help her as this will be tough on one person."

"We are short many people since our group is split in half. Let's make the best of what we have. Lawrence, you're with me. Let's get going!"

Everyone nodded their heads and took to their work immediately. Lawrence followed both May and Domingo up the elevator up to the blacony where Domingo stayed and him and May went inside the meeting room. May took a seat as did he.

"So what's going on? You seem to know something that we don't, considering how you just gave orders like that."

"Fogive my assertive attitude right now but I do believe I have a better take on things right now than most. The night Fina disappeared, Alycia had fallen asleep. Before I went to bed she told me she wasn't going to but something must have caused her to fall asleep. She told me that she felt uneasy. Ever since I have known her, she gets her haunches from the wind."

As May went on, Lawrence tried to keep up with what she was saying but May sounded as foreign as Alycia did the morning they found out Fina was gone. "I'm sorry but I am afraid I do not understand what you are trying to say." His face had gone somewhat blank.

"I do not expect you to understand. Some of the things I am telling you are shaded even to me but what I can say for sure is this. The morning Fina was reported missing Alycia and Ali went outside to the balcony to do a little bit of scoping of the Island. They saw, within the distance, a small fleet of lesser battle ships. I gave out orders to everyone on the island because we need to be prepared if these ships come closer to the Island."

"If they saw these ships shouldn't Domingo be coming in here to report to us the same thing?"


Lawrence waited for May to explain why but she sat in silence staring at him. She looked as if she wanted to say something but she was being held back.

"You know something. Why won't you tell me!" Lawrence was becoming enraged. "If you cared about Fina as much as the Captain, like you are trying to show to us why are you keeping things hidden!"

May stayed calm. "I would say something if I really knew for sure but I do not. Even what I think cannot be told. Be patient and things will unfold. They will for all of us. Forgive me Lawrence. I am doing the best I can. My abilites are not as advanced as Ali's."

They both sat in silence for a couple of minutes until he decided to speak again, "So what do we do in the mean time?"

May looked up and gave a small smile. "Well..."

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