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Currently, the Justice League members were in Oliver's apartment, sitting around his table. They were just hanging around till it was night time so they could attack another 33.1 location.

"So is Chloelicious still with that boyfriend of her's? What was his name again? Jake?" asked Bart curiously.

"Jimmy." Clark corrected simply. "And no, he broke up with her." At this Oliver looked up curiously.

"What? Why?" questioned Bart.

Clark looked up guilty to find all the members of the Justice League staring at him.

"Well ..." started Clark not really knowing how to state it. At everyone's raised eyebrows he decided to jsut spit it out.

"I think it was because of me." said Clark guiltily.

"Why would you think that?" Asked Oliver speaking up for the first time since the conversation started.

"Well, you see..." Clark began to explain but then stopped and looked at people before him.

"Wait, why do you guys care?"

"Cause we're her friends." stated Victor.

"Yeah, it's not like we haven't kept in touch with her." added A.C. as Bruce nodded in agreement.

Clark raised his eyebrow, not knowing this piece of information but decided that it was for another time.

"So why is it your fault that he broke up with her?" Bart put in bluntly.

"Ok, first of all I said I think. And second of all it's because she has to lie to him all the time."

"What does she have to lie about?" asked Oliver, confused.

Clark raised his eyebrow, again, as he said, "There is the whole me not being normal like everyone else. Oh and of course she has to cover up after me whenever Jimmy gets suspicious."

"Oh right." said Oliver blushing slightly for forgetting.

"You know there's only one solution to this." said Bart with an evil glint in his eyes.

"What?" Asked Bruce.

"Well, Chloelicious," at this everyone rolled their eyes. Chloelicious was a nickname only Bart could pull off and call Chloe. It would seem kind of weird if anyone else were to call her that. "Should probably go out with someone who she wouldn't have to lie to."

"I'm not gonna go and tell people my secret Bart." said Clark stating the obvious.

"No I mean someone who already knows your secret." Bark replied.

"Yeah ... because there's a lot choices." said A.C. sarcastically.

"No ... you idiots. He means one of us." said Victor shaking his head at how oblivious the other members of The Justice League were.

"Hmmm." was all Bruce said. Interesting.He thought. Miss. Sullivan would be great company.

"Right," said Clark laughing. "Good one Bart."

"Hey! I just thought that she'd like a real man." Oliver thought that the idea wasn't all that ridiculous until what Bart had said next. "This job calls for The Impulse. A real man." said Bart standing up with both hands in fists on his hips.

Clark, Oliver, A.C., Victor, and even Bruce broke out laughing.

"But ... I think Bart is right." Said Oliver, "Well, I mean the first part."

"Oh?" Bruce asked.

Clark let out a laugh but then stop when he realized that Oliver was being completely serious.

"What?" asked Clark. "No way. You're not going out with Chloe."

"Why not?" Oliver asked, tilting his head to the side, challenging Clark.

"Oh umm I don't know. Let's see ... does the name Lois ring a bell to you?" Clark asked sarcastically, suddenly becoming protective of Chloe. Like hell my best friend is going out with Oliver.

"Yeah man. We broke up. A while ago." Replied Oliver.

"Yeah ... do you remember what happened when you broke up? Lois was heart-broken. I'm not letting you do that to Chloe."No, not my Chloe. I-I mean Chloe. Not Chloe. Clark tried to mentally cover up.

Victor and A.C. and Bart and Bruce looked on amused as they watched the fight between the two go over.

"Clark ... Lois and I broke up because I wasn't comfortable telling her who I really am. I can't just go and tell someone my secret. You of all people should know that. Plus, Chloe already knows. Therefore she would understand when I had to suddenly leave for a mission or come back hurt. Hell, she might even come with us on a few missions."

"Ok first of all ... going out with Chloe is completely out of the question for you. Second of all ... she can't come with us on missions because she might get hurt. And third of all ... you. can't. go. out. with. her." Clark stated firmly.

"Ok now you listen ... I meant that she could monitor the missions for us like she did the first time. And what is that supposed to mean? You are not the boss of me and certainly not the boss of Chloe. She's a big girl and can make her own choices."

"Well you're not Chloe's type."

"Oh? And what is her type? Hmm? You?"


"Yes you."

" I don't think of Chloe like that. We're just friends." I'm just looking out for her. Clark thought to himself.

"Are trying to convince me or are you trying to convince yourself?"

"No. I would never go out with Chloe. We're just friends. Nothing more."

"Yeah, sure you are. If you were then what would it hurt to let me go out with Chloe? Listen if you were into her then ... well I'd still go for her actually." Oliver added, admitting that it wouldn't make a difference to him.

"What the all is that supposed to mean?" Clark asked his friend angrily.

"Well you had your chance ... and well it's my turn now." Smirked Oliver.

Suddenly, the both stopped arguing as they saw Bruce pull out his phone and dial a number.

"Hello, Chloe?" said Bruce into his cell-phone.

"Yes, this is Chloe. Bruce?"

"Yes. It's me, Bruce."

"Oh, well to what do I owe the pleasure of your phone call?"

"Well, I was just wondering if you would give me the honor of being my date and accompanying me to dinner tonight?" asked the billionaire.

"Hmm, dinner tonight huh? Well, how can I say no? I'd love to."

"Alright, then. I'll pick you up at seven. The Dailey Planet?" He asked knowing that was where the blonde would most likely be.

"You know me too well. Well, actually ... pick me up at my house."

"Ok, then. Bye Chloe. See you tonight."

"Bye Bruce."

Bruce then turned to look at the group, who in turn where looking right at him.

He grinned at the amused looks of Victor, A.C., and Bart's. His grin became wider at the glares and evil looks he was receiving from both Oliver and Clark.

No way ... Chloe can't go out with Wayne. Thought Oliver.

Chloe doesn't like any of them like that. Not Oliver and not Bruce. But then again she did say yes to the date. Thought Clark and for some reason the idea of Chloe with Bruce made his heart jump in his throat.

So … what do you think?