Undertaker's character and the Ministry of Darkness belong to WWE along with everyone else, but Larissa.

During the Ministry era, what if Undertaker found the perfect Diva to make his? She's as dark as him.

The WWF was in an uproar. The Ministry had done significant damage after the kidnapping of Stephanie but it wasn't finished. Not by a long shot.

Larissa was getting ready for her match against Victoria, but she really didn't want to do it. She had a feeling the Undertaker would be watching her. Lacing up her black, velvet, knee-high boots, she took one last look in the mirror. She had on a black velvet corset with satin straps and a black velvet miniskirt with satin designs all over. She was pleased with this. Dark eyes and black eyeliner completed the look, but something was missing. She looked away from the mirror to grab a lip liner; she looked back and saw the Undertaker in the mirror. Larissa turned, no one was there. She shrugged it off and exited.

The Undertaker was indeed in her dressing room. He looked at her closet, all black and some red, but not a lot. She had a darkness about her and he found himself wanting to make her part of the Ministry.

Larissa walked into the hallway with the other superstars surrounding her. She continued passing Triple H and the Heartbreak Kid, along with some members of the Ministry and she found it odd that the Undertaker was not with them. She shivered involuntarily and came to the ramp. Victoria eyed her and walked out to her music. Larissa hated her, not as the character, but as the person.

Larissa heard her music, "I'm a Bitch" by Meredith Brooks and walked out. Cheers met her as she walked to the ring. The match was going to be easy, at least to her. She knew what would happen.

Sure enough, before Larissa even got to the ring the Ministry theme sounded. She turned around to see Edge and Christian running down. They pasted her and got into the ring and looked at Victoria. Larissa grabbed the microphone.

"What the hell do you think you two are doing? This is my match!" Larissa glared at the brothers.

"We were told to keep the mistress safe." Christian answered.

"What?!? I'm no…" She was interrupted by the Lord of Darkness, himself.

"You are now. You don't fight my dear. You stay at my side."

"Like hell." She ran up the ramp and tried to exit, only to have Viscera block the exit. "I would like to go this way."
"He won't move unless I tell him to, Larissa." The Lord replied.

"Wow, you know my name. How fab for you." She walked back down the ramp. "You want a prize?"

"You are the prize." He chuckled darkly.

"No, I'm just a girl. I can't be an object." Edge, Christian, and Viscera suddenly blocked Larissa on all sides. "Not cool. This is not cool."

The Lord of Darkness stroked her face. "Naïve child. You will be mine."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Triple H said as he came down the ramp. Shawn Michaels followed.

"Me too." Shawn agreed. Shawn did sweet chin music to Edge as Triple H started beating on Christian. Larissa was holding her own against Viscera for about five seconds. With Edge knocked out, Shawn turned to Viscera who was about to grab Larissa. Triple H looked at Viscera as well and the two men rushed the Ministry minion.

Viscera fell with a thud as the Lord of Darkness made a grab for Larissa. She dodged in time to see the Undertaker disappear. Shawn and Triple H looked at Larissa.

"Why did you guys protect me?" Larissa asked.

"No one deserves to be in the hands of the Undertaker. Especially a pretty face like you. I hope you'll let us protect you from him in the future." Shawn replied.

Triple H looked at Victoria who looked angry with Larissa, like the intrusion was her doing. "Hey, the Undertaker found a new target after the boss' daughter. Larissa had nothing to do with it." Triple H looked at her.

At this point, Steve Austin came out. "If you guys don't mind, Larissa and Victoria have a match." But Larissa was in the ring already. The bell sounded and she attacked Victoria, performing a perfect suplex. Larissa let no room for a breather and threw a sidekick into her midsection. She then did her finisher, the Flying Backkick into Victoria's back and had a perfect cover. 1…2…3! The match was over.

"Here is your winner! Larissa!" Lillian announced to the cheering fans.

Larissa looked at Victoria and saw her weakness right away. But something was wrong with the Ministry. She couldn't see their weaknesses. She could see Shawn and Triple H's, even Steve Austin's. Why was that?

She walked out of the ring. The guys followed her up the ramp to see Kane. Larissa hugged Kane, which was odd. "Kane, your maniacal brother tried to kidnap me for his Ministry." Larissa and Kane had a good relationship. She liked fire and he liked to set people on fire. Kane also had a sort of protective nature when it came to her. Anyone who liked her had to be approved of and that included his brother.

Kane growled at the three men on the ramp with her. "Hey, relax! Shawn and Triple H stopped the Undertaker and Steve decided to come out after he had disappeared." The Big Red Monster took her hand and led her to his dressing room.

"Why is he coming after you?" Kane asked, studying her.

"I have no idea. I was wondering that. It could be that you protect me or that my wardrobe is to his taste or that he really does like me." Larissa answered.

"I will be watching over you from now on. You are not going anywhere without my protection or Shawn's or Hunter's. Clear?" Kane looked severe.

"Fine, but I can handle myself."

"Not against my brother, you can't. You can't see my weakness or his or any of the Ministry's. Give it up."

"Do you know why it doesn't work?" Larissa looked hopeful.

"No, but that's probably why he wants you. You can see his enemy's weaknesses. But you would never give yourself to him that easily." Kane smiled at her. She looked unsure of herself. "What is it?"

"He said I was the prize."

"That's it! Vince!" Kane stormed out, enraged.

Larissa waited on the couch. She looked around the room nervously until she found what she was looking for. A dark corner was all she needed. She went into it and began to meditate, thinking about her match with Victoria. The opponents she got were always easy because she could see their weakness. Why couldn't she see the Ministry's or the Undertaker's or Kane's? Was it because of their powers? Did they like she have magical shielding, too?

As she was meditating, the Undertaker watched her from the opposite corner. She was indeed an enigma that he would soon figure out. The question on his mind was when and how? She looked up at him, startled, then intrigued. She walked over to him.

"Is it because of my power that you seek me as your prize?" She asked.

He answered in a powerful voice. "That and you are worthy, child. When I defeat my brother in a match for the rights to you, you will be mine. Until then, my dear." He kissed her on the cheek softly and disappeared.