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(Friendship, Mello Near, Wammy's era.)

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Near sighed as his dice castle came crashing down around him. He'd spent so long on this one, too. "Hello, Mello."

"What the – ? You didn't even look up. How'd you know it was me?" Mello pouted, somewhat put off that Near could so easily guess his tormentor.

"Because it's always you," Near said flatly, raising his grey eyes to focus on the blonde. "The others have gotten bored with tormenting me. Apparently you don't give up quite as easily."

"You'll crack one of these days," Mello growled under his breath.

"I doubt that," the pale boy replied apathetically as he started to rebuild the ruined castle. There was silence for a moment and Near wondered why Mello wasn't leaving. Then something black appeared in his vision and another die was added to the wall by a gloved hand. And for the first time in a long time, Near was startled. The blonde terror was helping him rebuild. "Mello?"

Mello just smirked. "You weren't expecting that, were you?" Near shook his head and Mello said "I thought not. Come on, let's finish this. I bet I can build it higher than you can."

"Well that would make sense, as Mello is taller than I am," Near said, cocking his head to the side.

"Shut up, Near," Mello grumbled as he placed another die. And for once Near complied. After all, Mello was proving he wasn't completely heartless, so why object?