Bumblebee sighed softly to himself, switching the radio station until a new song came up over his speakers, filling the car. It didn't take long for him to get bored again. Bumblebee and Optimus Prime had taken on a mission that just turned out to be a false alarm, and if there was even a threat to begin with, the humans could have easily handled it. As if to prove that there was practically no threat, Optimus had even allowed Sam to come along for the ride, the young male begging to be brought along and promising to find cover if something did happen. In truth, Sam wanted to look for a special gift for Mikaela for "Valentine's Day" or whatever it was called

It was late at night now, no one else on the road save for the yellow Camaro and the flame painted Peterbilt semi and it was a long drive back to base since they were a few states over. Sam had started to doze on and off as humans tended to do when it got late and Bumblebee was in control of driving, leading them home with the darkness only broken by their headlights.

Eventually, Bumblebee began to drift from one side of the road to the other, his changes in course working in time with the music. The yellow Autobot laughed as the headlights behind him began to change in counter-point to his driving, knowing that if they passed a human on the four lane highway, it would look like the two vehicle were dancing.

"Waz goin' on?" came a sleepy question.

Bumblebee drifted back to one side of the highway and turned down the music so that his voice could be heard over the speakers. "Nothing. Sorry to have woken you."

"No problem, Bee. I think I've taken enough naps for now anyway. How much longer until we hit back home?"

"Another two hours or so."

"That long?"

"You only dozed off for about five minutes there."

"Oh." Music filled silence continued on for a few minutes, broken only when Sam suddenly said, "I think Optimus is trying to signal you."


"Well, his headlights are flashing. It could be morse codeā€¦"

"Can you read it out for me? I can't see it."

Sam began to read off the flashes of lights with a "dot" or a "dash", pausing when the headlights were off completely. The code began to repeat over and Bumblebee told Sam that he could stop and started to compare the pattern told to him to what he could find on the internet.

Sam yelped as Bumblebee swerved on the road. The Autobot sheepishly apologized and slowed down so that Optimus pulled even with him and opened a private communication channel.

Why did you do that?

Because it's been a long time since you were told, the leader replied, his voice smug.

Bumblebee felt his cooling system suddenly kicking in and vaguely heard Sam complaining about the air conditioner turning on, but nothing could dampen the warm glow that started from his Spark and spread through the rest of his body.

I love you too, Optimus.


Author's Note: Short, nothing else will come from this short story, randomly falling out of my mind too.Hope you enjoyed. Review please!

Named "Dit Dah" because that's how the dots and dashes in morse code are referred to as.