Name: Of Honor and Love

Summary: Integra has turned down pretty much all of the other Knight's sons. The Queen has had enough, deciding to choose Integra's husband herself. But who does she chose? Will Integra fall for this strange man, or will her honor hold out? Meanwhile, Seras and Alucard are starting to experience the love bug. AxS, IxOOC.

Pairings: AxS (hell yah!!!) and IxOOC (Run away, AxI fans….. run as fast as you can!!! 8D)

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Chapter One:

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. Leader of the Hellsing Organization; is a strong woman who listens to no one. For years, people have tried to shape her from a dominant female iron maiden, into a proper young lady. So far, as she is proud to admit daily to anyone who would listen, they have failed.

Her fellow Knights, all male and womanizers still tried anyway. They hoped to put a small claim on her organization in the process, but they covered it up the best they could. They would shower her with gifts of jewelry and dresses on her birthday, coaxed her into going to Lady Outings with their wives. They even offered their own sons in attempt to get her properly married.

Ah yes, marriage. A word Integra hated even more than the creatures of darkness her organization fought against. Not that she didn't want a heir, even she had a soft spot for children. No, it was what marriage stood for that made Integra cringe. It was a legal binding between a man and a woman. A man was expected to love and take care of his wife. A woman….. Expected to respect and obey her husband. Even worse, it was in black and white, written right in the bible. Integra had done everything in her power to make sure it wouldn't happen to her.

Integra sighed, leaning back in her chair and rubbing her tired eyes behind her glasses. She had even gone so low as to say she had a 'crush' on her pet vampire. Integra snorted, if anything could be more foolish than to marry her pet vampire, Alucard. Making him the authority over her would break the seal like a twig, letting him be free to do as he pleased, which was a dangerous idea.

Besides, she could only truly see him as a brother who had helped her grow up to be the woman she was today. She also heard the thoughts in his mind, the way he thought of his little Police Girl. She knew that Seras felt the same way. She was not jealous, she was happy for them. Especially Alucard, who had gone through such Hell with her ancestors, deserved to have a little light in his dark life. And Seras was perfect for the job.

Integra turned her thoughts over to the problem that had started her thoughts in the first place. Taking out a cigar with a sigh, she lit in and blew out a plume of smoke, her eyes traveling over the letter from the queen,

Dear Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing,

I send you greetings and a happy 28th Birthday. I hope you received the black pearl necklace I sent you without any trouble. I am writing to inform you, as you know, that each person of the Hellsing line has been married before their 30th year. I believe that it is very appropriate to start to seek a husband for you.

Since you have denied all of the suitors so far, I have taken it upon myself to chose a fiancé for you. His name is Howell Kingsly. He is the second son of Sir Jonathon Kingsly; who is the head of our armed forces. Howell comes from a military family and therefore be able to help you in your organization.

I have invited Howell and his parents to a brunch this Sunday at 9:00. You and your vampire servants are welcomed to come and meet Howell. Please dress in attire most suited to your gender.

Hoping you are well,

Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth IIXXVI

Integra sighed, taking another drag on her cigar. She turned to the next document on her desk. It was a file record of Howell Kingsly. She stared at the two pictures with a slight frown on her face.

The first photograph was taken when Howell was ten years old and still in the military academy. He had honey-brown eyes and blond hair.

The second photograph was ten years later. Howell was now twenty, and had…. Silver eyes and hair?

Integra frowned at the recent picture. Under it had reports that Howell had disappeared from the country for ten years. Rumors stated that he had gone to China and Japan to study a 'new martial arts'. The hair and eyes were not dyed, but now his natural color.

"Interesting…. Seems your husband-to-be has touched a magical art…" came an echoing voice to her right.

The Iron Maiden turned her frown to her servant, who had just appeared through the wall.

Alucard grinned evily, bowing, "All FREAKS had been terminated. They were so much fun to play with…"

"That's enough, Alucard!" Integra snapped, not in the mood for his games.

"Of course master," he purred back, "You probably want to be alone, thinking of your wedding night." He laughed insanely as he dodged Integra's ash tray. "Now, that wasn't very nice. I'm guessing Police Girl and I are coming to meet your groom-to-be?"

Integra leaned against her chair, "Yes, so go tell her."

Alucard's grin broke his face, "Yes Master." He purred, inwardly laughing at some hidden joke Integra didn't catch onto yet. He disappeared soon afterward, leaving his master to her thoughts.


Seras sighed tiredly as she toweled off her wet, strawberry blond hair. This mission had been exhausting. Or maybe it was because that in between shooting ghouls heads off, she was thinking of him.

The small Draculina groaned angrily. No, she was not going to go there. She refused to think of his beautiful figure, his masculine face…GAH! She cried mentally, pulling a small nightie over her head; oblivious to the red eyes watching in her mirror.

Seras climbed into her coffin-bed, falling to sleep right when she hit the covers; not even bothering to shut the coffin lid. As soon as she did this, her one-and-only master appeared, looking absolutely devilish. Yes, he had been spying on his little Draculina in the shower. He did this every night, seeing it as a training exercise in sensing auras.

His grin widened at the sight of her in her coffin. She was perfect, like a goddess. He brushed the hair out of her face before pulling the covers over her sleeping form. He pressed the button on the coffin lid that lowered the lid over his fledging. He grinned, she was all his and no one would be able to take her away.

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