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I looked around at the people standing in the square, keeping cool. I was pretty sure this was all some sort of dream brought on by all the stress of last week's gigs. It happened sometimes. All it meant is that I was famous enough to be stressed.

Even if the dream was about weirdos that looked like wolves and a bunch of emo kids.

One of the freaks was saying something. She looked kinda hot, so I listened to her.

"Well? Where are you from?" Moz was looking around with an interested look, like always. Pearl was shaking more than usual, clinging to his arm. That had become common, too. I crossed my arms and waited for one of them to take charge like they always did. They didn't say anything, though, and the wolf chick glared at us. I blinked. Maybe this was a nightmare.

Finally, Moz said that we were from New York. The emo kids looked interested at that, but the wolf chick looked confused. "That a city?" she asked.

"Yeah, but not from here." One of the emo kids was speaking now. A dude with seriously short hair was holding hands with a goth chick sporting the same sort of cut. I frowned. I didn't like chicks with short hair.

The wolf chick's eyebrows raised and she looked suddenly frustrated. Moz took an automatic fighting stance and I reached to put a hand on his shoulder. He relaxed a little, but not much. I tightened my hand, warning him. I didn't want any more peeps in my dreams. My nightmares included them enough.

"You're not in your own world anymore," she said suddenly, in a husky voice, "You're in a new world. I think you're in the future of your world. Why, we have no idea. All we know is that we need to find out. Fast." Her eyes narrowed a bit on the last part. I watched Moz staring at her, and noticed how his cat looks were sort of the wolf chick's opposite. Still, they were sort of the same. I also noticed, looking closer through the gloom, that the chick's cheeks seemed to be spinning or something. I squinted, trying to figure out what was making her look like that.

Moz was saying something now. "I don't understand what you mean." I was surprised. That was a first for me. Moz was usually in control of everything in my life, even though Pearl had taken over some of it. I was the one that was usually confused. This was turning out to be one weird dream. I'd have to share it with Pearl in the morning. Of course, she'd probably laugh at me when I mentioned she was in it.

"We don't really understand, either, actually. We're trying to figure that out. How did you get here anyway?" the wolf chick asked. I was suddenly bored. I'd hoped my dream would turn more exciting than this. Were you supposed to be bored in dreams? That was totally the opposite of fawesome. That was like…anti-fawesome.

I toned out the following conversation, and eventually lowered my arm from Moz's shoulder. He seemed calm enough. The gist of it was pretty much talking about where we were and why. I caught that we were in the future, the wolf chick's name was Tally, the emo kids were from Oklahoma, words like 'Specials' and 'Midnighters', plastic surgery stories, Moz explaining that he'd never had plastic surgery, a red haired chick falling asleep on a Mexican kid's arm, Moz explaining the parasites… I frowned. Dreams weren't supposed to include this much talking. I was sure of that.

My legs were falling asleep. I stomped my feet on the cracked pavement and looked up at the rising sun. I glanced at Moz to make sure he was okay. He seemed fine, so I continued trying to put some feeling back in my feet.

The sun was pretty far up by the time I figured out that this wasn't a dream, it was a delusion. I groaned. Obviously, I'd finally given in to one of those hot peep chicks and was lying in a bed with everyone peering over me, waiting for me to wake up. This was going to be a while. I sat down and put my head in my hands. Great. Now my life was over.

Delusion-Moz looked back at me and I stared warily up at him. He rolled his eyes at me and glanced toward the wolf chicks, er, Tally and Shay, as they talked with the other kids. I rolled my eyes back at him and went along. If this was going to be as long as I thought it was going to be, then I might as well enjoy it as well as I could.


Dess watched the groups talk with waning interest. Yawning, she sat down, leaving them to take charge. She frowned, staring at the pavement underneath her, tracing the patterns of cracks with one finger.

All this was entirely strange. None of it added up at all. The entire pattern was jumbled and disordered like some odd fantasy someone somewhere had made up. Math made sense. It had order. Minds, however…Dess shivered. Minds had no order.

Still, there had to be a pattern in this somewhere, some reason behind why they had all fallen into this. Dess hadn't had time to ask Jess much about this, but she figured that Jess didn't know much more than any of them did. It was up to her to figure out. She smiled. Finally, something of her own

But someone always ended up stealing everything that belonged to her.

She looked up and into the eyes of a guy across from her. He looked sleepily right through her, and she shook her head and looked back down. Hormones…no, that wasn't her thing. She slapped herself and 

told her mind to get back to the patterns, the things that made sense. None of this was making sense, though!

Frustrated, she put both palms on the pavement and pressed down. She felt the gravel churn beneath her bare palms, nicking the places where their sharp edges touched. This wasn't a dream, that part was clear. None of them had been knocked out, they were really here.

She felt her eyebrows pull together and thought harder. There wasn't a natural reason for their being here. There had been one natural reason, and that had been disproven already. She lifted her palms off the ground and carefully placed them in her lap, staring at them. Her mind didn't work as well when it was tired.

"I feel as if we've fallen into a sci fi." Dess looked up at the sound of Jess's voice. Something clicked in her mind at the words. What if… What if…

There were no 'what ifs' in math or science. Only in science fiction.

Dess stood up and rubbed her raw hands on her jeans, reassuring herself. What she was about to say was gonna rattle a few brains.


I slammed down hard on the pavement, cutting off whatever Dess was about to say. Standing up, I found myself staring at all the characters I had created over my writing career, minus a few. My mind did a double take, before shutting down and slamming the gas at the same time. They were all staring at me, mouths slightly ajar.

"Do…do I know you?" Rex had taken a step toward me. His eyes were wide with confusion and interest. I stared at him, mind still not working correctly. I yelled at it to pick itself up and start again.

The ground rumbled beneath my feet. There were gasps from behind my back. I shook my head. This wasn't happening.

"Are you the author?" Dess's voice came from my right. I turned to face her and nodded my head. Gestures were good, voices can't studder with those.

"So it's true? We're all here because of you? How'd you get here, anyway? Where'd you come from?" Dess's questions flew out of her mouth with authoritative speed. I knew at once none of the others had caught on yet. I gulped. Why was I here? What?

"I don't think he knows." I didn't look to see who had said that. I was staring with a dubious expression at one of my own creations. It was like an artist facing a character in a painting that had crawled out of its own frame.

I spun around, facing the tapper of my shoulder. "You mean to say that I'm a creation?" I found myself looking into Pearl's brown eyes, knowing exactly how much she loved them. I nodded slower this time. "Can you even speak?" I nodded again.

"This does NOT add up!" Dess's frustrated scream vibrated across the buildings. I sighed slowly in agreement. I already knew this defiantly was NOT a dream. Even if it was totally insane and crazy-making.

The ground rumbled again. Pearl's eyes widened and she looked up at Moz. I looked at them both, still in shock at seeing my creations in the skin.

Moz looked over at Tally. "Have you been having a lot of these tremors lately?" Tally shook her head, facial expression frustrated.

"He connects us." Dess's voice was thoughtful now, in sharp contrast with her earlier scream. My mind slowly came into gear with where my body was, at last.

"Moz, we found that portal in a worm's tunnel."

"Dess, how far exactly did the blue time spread?"

The questions and following conversation swirled around my head, and my mind slammed into my body with enough force to black out the world.


"He fainted! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it." I started laughing, but a third tremor cut off the mirth. The worms were here. The blue time was here. This guy had created my world, and the boundaries between all of the worlds he had thought up were deteriorating, sending everything twisting inside out and under.

"Well, then. That explains that. Now lets land the issue that includes what in the heck the final battle's gonna be," Melissa said.

Dess smiled at the man lying at my feet. "I think he can explain that. Or would you like me to explain my theorems?" There was a groan from Jessica.

"Let's not Dessify this too much, ok? There are tired people listening," Jess said pleadingly. Dess smiled evilly again and proceeded to explain what had just happened and the man that had fell from the sky.


Yeah, Scott just fell from the sky! 8D you think i'm insane or what?