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Huey woke up just as the bus came to a stop. He shook himself wide awake as he made his way down the cramped hall of seats. He was the last person left and was ready to touch solid ground. The bus driver gave him a bored look as he slipped in his money and headed down the steps. There was a swoosh sound as the doors of the bus closed and he was left to walk down the streets of his old home.


How long had it been? five? No... six---seven years!? No way.

clutching his bag he reached his old house. The key in his hand was unused and a bit rusted but it clicked the door open easily. The smells of the inside meshed with the night air. Dust and sheets covered the old furniture. Grandad had been dead for some time now, and Riley had moved back to Chicago around that time Grandad passed on.

He yawned, looking at his watch. 4:38. Ugh. Too late to worry about finding clean sheets for a dusty bed. He could risk hay fever from the sofa. He tossed a sheet off of the couch and dusted off the raw dirt laying on it before flopping down to go to sleep.

He had become less of a germ-a-phobic as he had lived his life. Sleeping on a dusty couch seemed like heaven compared to some of the things he had been through.

But above all, he needed a good night's sleep.

His last moments awake made him drift to think about Jazmine. The last time he had seen her was the night he left Woodcrest for good. If he regretted anything, it was not keeping in touch with her. It would be a lie to say he didn't love her. He just couldn't stay. He needed to get his revolution under way... but he could dwell on those thoughts tomorrow.


Huey sighed as he stood on his hill top. Contemplating to himself, why did he come back after all these years? Sighing, he just shrugged and assumed that there was just something in him that urged him to come back.

He tried to ignore it, but he couldn't help but think about that damn girl again. She had made him so happy, even if he never showed her those feelings or told her so. Yeah, so he was a jerk but everyone knew that so why dwell on the past? Feeling a strange tinge in his heart, he looked up at the sky, wondering if she was still here. Would she want to see him again after what he did?

He was awoken from his day dreams to the soft muffled sounds of hushed giggles. He poked his head behind the vary large trunk of the tree to see a small girl, laying flat on her chest with a cook open, giggling feverishly at its contents. Huey couldn't see her face, but her nappy dark brown hair was pulled back into a poofy ponytail with a navy blue ribbon. She was dressed in a total prep school outft, navy blue skirt, white collared shirt, high navy socks and black buckle shoes.

"Hel..lo?" He said quietly, knowing how bad he was with children.

The girl looked up at him. He was taken aback by her face. It was adorable and round and dark. She was like the black replica of his former best friend. Huey felt his heart tinge. There was no doubt this girl was the daughter of Jazmine Dubois. Her skin was darker than Jazmine's but that only meant that her father was black.

She blinked her dark umber eyes at him, "Hi! I'm Lillian!"

"Hey Lillian," Huey said a bit awkwardly, kneeling down, "So uh... where's your mom?"

"Momma's at home," She said simply, sitting up and placing her hands on her knees, "Who are you?"

Huey gulped, picking up a blade of grass and tossing it a bit, "My name's Huey. I used to be friends with your Mom,"

Suddenly, Huey felt a little body leaping onto his chest, sending him falling onto his back. He looked up to see the small girl straddling his stomach, looking deep into his eyes.

"You know my mommy!? Really!?"

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Huey was taken aback for a moment. This was obviously the daughter of Jazmine. He shook his head, not used to being glomped as frequently as he used to be. He sat up, making sure to keep her from tumbling back.

"Yeah... atleast, I used to," He admitted, "I'd... like to see her again, if that's okay,"

"Yeah!" Lillian exclaimed, taking his hand and pulling him down the hill. Huey noticed the stray book still laying in the grass.

"Hey! You're forgetting this," Huey blurted, grabbed the text. He smirked, wondering what type of book the duaghter of Jazmine Dubois would be reading.

"oh! Thanks! It's my favorite book!" she exclaimed, "I just learned how to read it perfectly! Momma says I should read other stuff, though,"

Smirking, he flipped to the cover, waiting to read a simple, Childen's Fairy Tales or even The Little Princess, but instead, he was floored. "Wretched of The Earth??!" He nearly blurted in shock. His gaze burned down to the bubbly girl in amazement, "You... You like this book?"

"Uh huh!" She chirped, "It really makes sense ya know? It helps when Mr. Petto goes off on a Christopher Columbus tribute rant,"

Huey was floored. He looked at the book and then at the girl who was still pulling him feverishly down the hill. Yeah. He was going to need to meet this girls father.


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