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It had been a few months since the incident with Cairo. Jazmine and Huey waisted no time in getting married. Huey soon found himself being quite popular around the neighborhood again. People who had known Lillian through all of her elementary achievements were flocking to him, saying how great of a kid she was.

Currently, Huey and Jazmine were cutting open the cake. Pictures were taken as they fed the slices to each other. Huey winced as he noticed the rather large peice his wife cut for him to eat. She gave him a sly look and nearly forced it down his mouth.

"It's good for you,"

"I'm getting you back for this, you know?"

She giggled and gave him a kiss. It didn't last though, because Huey had to go beat up on Riley for making some comment about Jazmine not being allowed to wear that white dress. It didn't big Jazmine, though. Not too many things could at that moment.

Meanwhile, Lillian was sitting at a table, seculded to herself with one of her favorite books. She was soon greeted by a rather large woman with a big smile.

"Well aintchu the sweetest lil thang!?" She exclaimed, giving Lillian a hard pinch on the cheek, "Whachu readin there, Child?"

"An autobiography about a black man who was falaciantly charged against crimes he didn't commit," Lillian shot back darkly, "But It's kinda hard to read when someone is holding onto your face,"

She was clad in a puffy white flower girl dress. Her hair was pulled up in a tight bun with curls dangling loosely over her face. Pink and white flowers were placed thoughtfully in her hair to give her an angelic look... but the dark glower in her eyes proved something a bit more sinister than an angel.

The older relative gave her best annoyed face and clomped away. Lillian was soon met with David who was in a clever suit and a hat.

"Hey," He grinned mockingly.

"If its about the dress then save it. I can still tear your hide with or without a skirt," She snapped, not even looking up from her text, "Where have you been, anyway?"

"I had to distract Cindy from Caesar,"

"Rose in town?"


Lillian shut her book and hopped down onto her feet, smiling at her friend who she was sure she'd know for her entire life. She gave him a hug and muttered a fast, "Thanks again...for... ya know,"

"No prob," He admitted. When the hug broke, he let his hand scratch the back of his head awkwardly, "Do you...wanna dance or..."

A strong hand fell on Lillian's shoulder. She half turned and smiled brightly at the large man smiling down at her, "Don't mean to step on ya kid... but I'd like to dance with my daughter now,"

"Sure thing," David forced a rather humiliated smile, "I should get back to guarding Caesar and Rose's broom closet now,"

Huey ushered Lilly to the dance floor where he left her on the ground, taking her light mocha colored hands into his dark chocolate ones. She couldn't fight back her smile as she stared up lovingly at him. She had no clue what song she was dancing to. She didn't care. She had a daddy. A really cool Daddy, too. Way better than any of those stupid white kid's Daddy's.

She suddenly recalled her Grandmother Dubois's kind words- Good things are worth waiting for. Never had they meant so much to the little girl as she looked up at her proud father's face. Not only was he her father, but he was her Mother's husband.

She was still mad... and she wasn't really sure who it was she was mad at. She was happy with Huey... so what was it?

"Mind if I cut in?" A tender voice asked. Lillian whipped back around to see her mother standing there, looking as angelic as anything. She had on a gorgeous white dress that showed off her narrow shoulders and collar bone. She looked almost like a princess. Lillian suddenly was hoisted up into Huey's arms, being placed in the crook of his elbow as he moved in closer to Jazmine to dance with her.

Lillian laughed, placing little flower petals and kisses on both of her parents faces.

She had a family. A real family.


Bring that shit in! Uggh!
Yeah, the movement's in motion with mass militant poetry
Now check this out...uggh!

Lillian bobbed her head to the music as she stuffed her books and notes into her back pack, making sure not to forget anything. A smile played on her lips as she cranked her sterio up louder. Nothing like some good ol' revolutionary music to wake a girl up in the morning. Especially a gross monday morning.

So called facts are fraud
They want us to allege and pledge
And bow down to their God
Lost the culture, the culture lost

There were worse things than school, though.

Damn. That guitar was hot. She smiled at her Tom Morello poster. The guitar was awesome but the guitarist was hotter. Sigh... Too bad they were broken up. Rage Against the Machine was probably the best group ever, in Lillians opinion atleast.

Spun our minds and through time
Ignorance has taken over
Yo, we gotta take the power back!
Bam! Here's the plan
Motherfuck Uncle Sam
Step back, I know who I am

"Lillian! Turn that down I can't hear myself think,"

Raise up your ear, I'll drop the style and clear
It's the beats and the lyrics they fear
The rage is relentless
We need a movement with a quickness
You are the witness of change
And to counteract
We gotta take the power back

The anger hadn't gone away. But she wasn't a hateful person. Lillian loved life and she saw everything for what it was. The bad was bad and should be hated, but the good was good and she loved it. Life was good for the sixteen year old girl as she looked at herself proudly in her vanity mirror. She picked delicately at her fro, admiring her african beauty.

Yeah, we gotta take the power back
Come on, come on!
We gotta take the power back

The present curriculum
I put my fist in 'em
Eurocentric every last one of 'em


Lilly cranked down her music and raised her head, "What?"

"Turn your music down, please!"

"Oops! Sorry Dad!" She smiled, figuring her father was downstairs reading the bad newspaper. He liked silence. But not Lilly. She thrived on chaos. Her parents would just sigh and say she was too much like her Uncle. It didn't bug her so much. SHe liked her uncle. But after he took her to a target range he wasn't allowed to babysit her ever again. That was probably five... six years ago? Anyway, it sucked.

See right through the red, white and blue disguise
With lecture I puncture the structure of lies
Installed in our minds and attempting
To hold us back
We've got to take it back
Her ears perked up when she heard the loud honk from under her. David was early!? Shit! She wasn't ready yet!

Thinking quickly, she threw on her shoes and struggled with her earrings before throwing herself out the door and down the stairs. She had nearly made it to the door before...

"Hold it, little missy,"

She froze and peered over her shoulder, "Yes, Ma'am?"

"You're not going anywhere without breakfast," Jazmine told her sternly. Lillian turned around to see the black version of Leave It to Beaver setting. Dad sitting at the table, reading a newspaper with his reading glasses perched on the end of his nose. Mom wearing a pink apron with a sun dress under it. In her hand, a skillet full of scrambled eggs.

Lillian gave off her winning smile and grabbed hold of a single peice of toast, "Thanks Mom! Bye!"

Huey cleared his throat loudly, not even looking up from his paper. Lillian froze again, knowing full and well that her life would be at stake if she continued another hair line of a step in the direction she was headed. She looked back at her father who, still not looking up, bobbed his head twice sharply to alert her over to him.

Lillian heaved a sigh and took three big steps over to him, placing a tender kiss on his cheek, "Goodbye, Daddy,"

"Have a good day at school,"

Without another word, Lillian zipped out the door, shoveling the unbuttered toast into her mouth. She smiled with crumbs on her face at David who cracked a big smile when he saw her. She slipped into shot gun just as she swallowed the large blge in her mouth.


"I was gonna give you a good morning kiss but you probably taste like toast now," David teased. She gave him a look and lightly punched his arm.

"Just for that, you can't kiss me goodbye this evening, either,"

"Whatever. Anything new planned for today?"

"Well...," She shrugged, sliding in her CD into his car.

Hey yo check, we're gonna have to break it, break it,
break it down
Awww shit!

"I hear the elementary gave a black boy a crappy book and the rest of the kids got nice new ones,"

David shook his head, "Not everythings a race thing, Lil,"

"Sure it is,"

Like father like daughter. Right?

Yeah, we gotta take the power back
Come on, come on!
We gotta take the power back



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