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The Unknown Adventure of Ann Possible

Chapter 1: Mystery Man

"It was on the planet Skaro that my old enemy The Master was finally put on trail. They say he listened calmly as his list of evil crimes was read…and sentence passed. Then he made his last and I thought somewhat curious request. He demanded that I, The Doctor, a rival Time Lord, should take his remains back to our home planet; Gallifrey.

It was a request they never should have granted…"


Somewhere in between time and space, in the depths of his spaceship the TARDIS the man known throughout the cosmos as only The Doctor carefully held a small gold urn in his hands. Inside were the remains of his "best enemy" The Master. After fighting him for so long, he found it hard to believe that the rival Time Lord was finally gone.

Very hard.

Especially given the fact that he always found away to turn up time and again after he was supposedly dead. Even the Time Lord's limit of thirteen lives did little to stop him. Plus there was the rather dubious situation surrounding his death. While The Doctor had no doubts the Daleks did execute him, why would The Master want him to take his remains back to Gallifrey? More to the point why would the Daleks simply let their greatest enemy just walk onto their planet and take those remains? Particularly since he destroyed the original planet Skaro.

Perhaps they did it out of fear of him. Or perhaps it was out of some twisted form of respect for his ruthlessness. More likely it was some strange trap the Daleks and The Master had concocted together. Of course it could also be that years of seeing "the bigger picture" and creating long-range schemes of his own was starting to him paranoid.

Still that was no reason for him to take unnecessary risks. Which is why he was placing the urn in an ornate metal box. After he closed the lid, he opened a brown leather satchel and pulled out his favorite and most trusted instrument among the other items inside: his sonic screwdriver. He held it up to the lock of the box and pressed the button to activate it. With a satisfying "clunk" the box was locked shut.

"There, that should do it," he mused as he collapsed the sonic screwdriver.

As he turned to exit the candle filled room where he was keeping The Master's remains, he happened to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror attached to the desk the box sat on. His hair was a bit thinner on top and puffier on the sides than he remembered. It seemed odd but perhaps this body was actually aging. He couldn't remember the last time he stayed one body long enough to actually age. It was an… odd feeling.

He shrugged it off and took the moment to straighten up his tie. It seemed that along with his hair thinning, his fashion sense changed a bit as well. Gone was the question mark covered smock and in its place was a simple brown vest over a white shirt and a nice black tie with some slacks matching the vest. Really he wasn't sure what he was thinking of with the smock. At least it wasn't as bad as that garish coat he wore in his sixth incarnation.

"Never again," he promised with a shudder.

He shrugged the thought off as he made his way back into the main control room of the TARDIS, which had undergone its most dramatic redesign. It was now much larger with an area off to the side of the central control panel that looked resembled a sitting room. There were desks, bookcases, an ornate rug and one central easy chair centered between two smaller desks. One held a large decorative lamp that helped with reading. The other was generally where he set his teacup to sip while relaxing with a good book. It all had a rather…homey feel to it.

That too was a rather odd feeling for him. After his very long life of traveling he never would have thought he'd want to settle down. Honestly he probably never would, but to have the TARDIS set up like this, to give him the impression of a home, it felt strange but also a bit…right. Perhaps, after so long, he finally started to feel his age. Of course that probably wouldn't be the best thing, especially when his eyes glazed over the 900 year old journal lying on the desk next to the chair.

But these were thoughts best left for later. For the moment he wanted to sit back and resume reading his copy of "The Time Machine" while he listened to the dual sounds of the record player and all the perfectly synchronized clocks surrounding him. It was an odd mixture of sounds but it was strangely…soothing. He took a sip of his tea before he leaned back in the chair and opened the book to the last place he marked it. A quick look over his shoulder to the TV like monitor that hung over the control console revealed the message in large white letters:






He gave a satisfied nod then settled in for the quiet, peaceful journey home to put yet another enemy behind him.

Unfortunately, things rather ever went the way anyone wanted them to and that when double for The Doctor. While was engrossed with his book and music, the box that held The Masters remains began to shutter ever so slightly. Even if he had been in the room to witness it, it was barely noticeable at first. But gradually it became more and more violent until the whole thing was rattling around on the desk. With one last strong jolt it finally cracked in half and a slimy, transparent liquid began to seep out.

The Doctor remained oblivious to this, however, and simply continued to read his book, pausing only to reach for a Jelly Baby in the glass sitting on the desk next to him. He took only a moment to sniff it before popping it in his mouth and enjoying the quasi lemon flavor. Although he didn't have the same interest in the candies that his fourth incarnation did, he still enjoyed them from time to time, mostly in those rare calm moments like now.

A moment that was brought to an abrupt end when the record player started to skip. Annoyed, The Doctor closed his book before going over to reset the needle. Once the record was playing correctly again, he moved back over to the chair to get back to his reading, but stopped when he noticed the tea was swirling inside its cup. He wouldn't have paid it much attention if not for the fact the he hadn't stirred it recently or disturbed it in anyway. It was a simple teacup but for some reason it was filled him with an all too familiar since of dread.

One that became realized when the cup suddenly jumped from its resting place, spilling tea all over the carpet as it fell and eventually shattered. He leaned forward and examined the now broken cup he failed to notice the trail of slime leading into the control console. That was, until it started to shoot sparks into the air while an alarm sounded. He ran over and began to frantically push buttons, turn knobs, flip switches and even tried the hand brake from an old Earth car to try to get the TARDIS back under control. When it finally seemed like he did he ran off to the other room to find what he thought was the cause of all this mess. He just hoped he was wrong.

Before he ran off to either confirm or deny his suspicion he glanced up at the monitor again to barely notice the warning it was flashing:








He marched into the candle filled room and up to the desk holding the metal box. He slowed his approach and his eyes widened when he saw it was it cracked in half. It could only mean he was right after all and The Master had found away to escape even death and somehow managed to disrupt the TARDIS' flight.

"Oh no," he whispered at the implications of what this could all mean.


The city of Middleton was known for many things. First and foremost it's know for the many science centers that help further man's knowledge of the world around him and push him into the future. Secondly, it was known for was its quiet suburbs that were said to be nice place to raise a family. There's also the excellent school system that helps prepare the city's children for their future careers, most of which were in the science centers in Middleton itself.

What the city's not known for is it crime. It has crime as most cities do, but nowhere near the level of New York or Go City. Mostly the crimes are petty, such as vandalism, pick pocketing, shoplifting and things of that nature. Occasionally there are a few muggings that go array mostly due to the small gang presence in the city. They weren't as large or as threatening as a gang in big cities, but it still wasn't wise to cross their path.

That was a lesson Chang Lee was currently learning first hand. He thought he had found an easy payday when he saw those two guys heading towards him on the street. The plan was to swipe one of their wallets and spend the money inside before they even noticed. It took a bad turn, however, when he found out the two guys were Dregs and took great offensive to his "accidental" bumping into them. They got even more offended when one found out he took their wallet and soon the chase was on.

He was at an extreme disadvantage in that chase though, as he was on foot and they had quickly jumped into a car. He ran as fast as he could through the busy downtown sidewalks while the car swerve erratically in and out of traffic to catch him. He nearly tripped as he turned a corner into an alleyway to try to loose them. He stopped when he came to a chain link fence that cut the ally into two sections. He slammed his hands angrily against it and started to turn around to run out of the alleyway when the sound of screeching tires filled his ears. He let out an annoyed growl then hopped onto the fence and quickly climbed over it. When he picked himself up from the landing he saw the car pulling up to the fence. He braced himself to run again through the narrow exit on this left should the car break through the gate or someone get out of it and climb over it as well. To his great relief though the car just pulled back out of the ally and seemed to drive away.

"Hey where ya going?!" he shouted bravely. "Thought you wanted a piece of me?!"

He let out a scoffing chuckle and waved his hand dismissively then started to turn and walk through the exit in the alleyway. His path was blocked though when a few of the gang members started walking towards him. He quickly turned and tried to run away but only got as far as the end of the main alleyway. He spun around to find them now all standing before him with guns drawn.

"Hey come on guys, I don't want any trouble," he said sheepishly.

"Yeah? Well that's too bad cause you found it," one of the gang members retorted.

Chang closed his eyes and braced himself as he heard them all cock their guns. The next sound he expected to hear was the out of several guns going off at once. Instead what he heard was a strange almost grinding sound. He also felt a soft wind blowing against him rather than a hailstorm of bullets sinking into his skin. He took the chance of opening his eyes and could still see the gang members but they were starting to become obscured by…something.

At first it was just a blinking light floating in mid-air but soon a shape began to materialize out of thin air. After a few seconds it finished forming with a slight "chung" as if it had just landed from space. The most extraordinary part of the whole thing was how…ordinary the thing looked. It was just a blue box with some windows and a banner around top reading "Police Public Call Box". Chang peaked out over the side to see a little man with puffy hair, a brown coat and a white hat stepping out of the box. He barely got two feet before the gang members shot him down, including on to the head that sent him crashing to the ground. They stared at him for a moment and thought about getting Chang as well but decided not to press their luck. Plus they really wanted to get away from all the weird stuff. They dove into the car from earlier as it pulled up behind them then drove away with screeching tires.

When they were finally gone Chang came out from behind the blue box and ran to the old man's side. He looked him over and saw that the head wound was the most severe as the other bullets had just it his arms and legs. Still if he didn't get help soon he was going to die.

"Hey man, you still there?" he asked in concern.

The old man suddenly grabbed his shoulders and pulled him in slightly closer.

"T-timing…mal…function," he mumbled incoherently.

He then turned his head slightly towards the box and his eyes widened as he saw a bit of slime leaking out of the keyhole. He tapped the boy on the shoulder and nodded his head in its direction as best he could.

"S-stop it. Stop…it," he pleaded.

Chang turned his head to where the old man was gesturing but didn't see anything. He turned back and figured he was starting to loose it.

"Hang in there old guy, Chang Lee will help you," he said as he stood up and pulled out his newly "acquired" cell phone.

As he pace the ally to get a better reception, he failed to notice the puddle he just stepped in shrank into a snake like creature and slithered into one of the boxes laying around in preparation for the right moment to strike.


Thankfully, the ambulance arrived only a few minutes later and the paramedics were able to load the injured man inside without many complications. They were in such a hurry they all failed to notice the transparent, slimy, snake creature slithering its way onto the underside of the ambulance. Inside, the EMTs plugged an IV into the wounded man's arm as well as hooking him up for another device that monitored his life signs while one of this checked his pulse the old fashioned way.

"So you know this guy?" the black hair EMT with a nametag reading "Bruce" asked Chang.

"Uh, yeah. We're just passing by and got blindsided by some gang," Chang lied.

"Shame what they're doing to this town," Bruce muttered with a shake of his head. "So is he rich? Where we're going he better be rich."

"Don't worry, we can cover it."

"Good," the dark haired man replied then handed the young Asian man a form attached to a clipboard. "Fill this out."

"Hey I ain't signing anything," Chang said defensively.

"Look you don't sign the form we can't admit him."

The youth stared at him apprehensively for a second before he caved in with a slight sigh and took the form.

"Alright," he relented as he pulled the pen from the top of the clipboard. "What's the date?"

"You're kidding, right?" Bruce asked incredulously. "It's December 31st."

"Oh right. 'December 31st, 1999'," Chang mumbled as he filled in the date then looked at the section that asked for a name.

Reacting quickly he wrote down the only name he could think of:

"Smith, John."

He made the rest up as he went along and hoped that no one would notice until at least he was far away from there.


When the ambulance reached the hospital, the EMTs threw the back doors open and charged into the emergency room with Chang following close behind them. In their rush they once again missed the snake with slide its way into Bruce's disregarded jacket to lay in way.

Inside the hospital, the usual flurry of motion that occupied a critical patient was taking place. Doctors swirled around the gurney as they moved it into the X-ray room to get a better look at where the bullets were in the man's body. When they came out one of the interns took a look at one of them can stared at it in confusion.

"Dr. Wen, take a look at this X-ray," the woman said holding up it up. "It looks like he has two hearts."

"Probably just a double exposure," Dr. Wen decided after studying the pic for a second. "Don't worry about it."

The intern looked doubtful for a moment but shrugged it off and went into help with the surgery.

"So people what do we have?" Dr. Wen asked as he stepped inside the operating room.

"Multiple bullet wounds," one of the surgeons informed. "We've got most of them out, but there's one lodged in his brain that's giving us some trouble. It's in a very delicate place and there's already some swelling."

"So you're saying we should call in one of the neural surgeons?"

"That's probably for the best."

"Who's on call tonight?" one of the other surgeons asked.

"Who do you think?" Dr. Wen asked with a smirk behind his surgical mask.


Ann Possible sat back on the couch and let out a slight content sigh at the peace and quiet that currently filled the house. It was a pleasant, if somewhat unfamiliar, occurrence around the house these days. She loved her children with all her heart but sometimes they could just a little too much to handle. Especially the boys. They were a little…rambunctious at the moment and she hoped they would grow out of it. Sooner would be better than later. If they didn't…well she didn't want to think about that right now.

No right now she just wanted to sit back with her book and a glass of sparking red grape juice. She'd prefer wine but she was on call tonight.

"Alone and on call. Certainly not the way I'd figured I'd spend the New Year," she mused to herself.

To be honest she did have the chance to ring in the New Year, heck the new millennium, with her family but she didn't think she could take the laser light show in the planetarium that her husband and children were currently attending. Of course it was her husband's idea that they spend the last eve of this century watching fake fireworks going off and learning about the alignment of the planets at the moment. Like her children, she dearly loved James but she just couldn't get as enthusiastic about the space thing like he could.

Still, it is fun to watch his face light up when he talks about all that stuff, she thought with a loving smile.

It faded a bit when she started to have second thoughts about not being there with him and the kids, but if she spent that long in a planetarium probably would have put her to sleep and cause her to miss the New Year anyway. Besides, with a husband and three kids and work at the hospital, it was very rare for her to get time to herself and she was determined to enjoy it.

She cracked up her old copy of "The Time Machine" and held it carefully in her right hand while she reached for her glass of sparkling grape juice with her left. It had been a long time since she had read this book and when she found it in a box among a few other old things she had a desire to read it again. Again, because of her hectic schedule and family life she hadn't gotten very far but she planned to spend most of tonight making up for lost time. Just as long as no big emergency came up at the hospital.

Of course that was the exact moment her beeper chose to go off. She pulled the glass back from where it was tantalizing close to her lips and set it down with an irritated sigh before picking up the beeper.

"Just had to jinx yourself, didn't you Ann?" she chinned herself as she closed her book and stood up to get read to go.

"I just hope this is important," she muttered.


When Ann arrived in the O.R. she found that her wish had more than been granted. In fact she felt like kicking herself after she was informed of the situation. Wasting no time she scrubbed up and dove into the operation head first, as it were. Thankfully the other surgeons had already cut open a hole in the patient's skull for her to snake a few instruments into his brain to remove the bullet. Like they told her it was a very delicate place but not one she hadn't worked on a few times before. Even with the swelling it should have been a piece of cake. "Should" being the important word in that sentence.

"Where did you say you found him again?" she asked as she tried to navigate around his frontal lobe.

"Some kid brought him in. Said they had a run in with a gang," Dr. Wen explained.

"Nothing more than that?"

"Nope. Why?"

"Cause…this brain structure it's like nothing I've ever seen. It's reminiscent of a human's brain but still there's something…odd about it."

"Odd seems to suit this guy pretty well," one of the interns spoke up. "His X-ray said he had two hearts."

"Two hearts?!" Ann exclaimed in disbelief.

"It's just a double exposure," Dr. Wen told her.

"I don't know," one of the nurses interjected. "His have been weird since we brought him in here."

"Probably because he has a bullet in his head."

"Which I'm still trying to remove, so if I could have some quiet," Ann insisted.

Unfortunately, while the other surgeons were more than happy to oblige her request, their patient was a little less cooperative. His eyes popped open and he let out a horrified gasp around the tube that was inserted into his mouth. Naturally when he took in what was going on he panicked a bit and began to thrash around.

"He's awake!" the nurse shouted in surprise.

"St-stop!" he pleaded. "Not…not human!"

"Sir! Sir!" Ann called out, hoping to call him down. "You need to settled down and let them give you more anaesthetic. If you keep thrashing around like this I'm going to slip and cause brain damage."

"P-please! Please!" he begged looking up at Ann. "I'm not human! Mas-master must be stopped! Need… beryllium…a-atomic…clock."

"Someone get this man back under now!" Ann demanded.

"I'm trying! I'm trying!" the nurse shouted as she poored more anaesthetic into the IV pouch. "It's not taking!"

"Then up the dosage!" Dr. Wen ordered.

The nurse nodded and did as he intrustcted but when she did the paitent began to convulse widely as the instruments reading his life signs began to beep erratically.

"He's crashing!" the nurse shouted.

"Stay with me!" Ann demanded.

"Bring me the defibbulator!" Dr. Wen ordered.

As soon as the nurse wheeled the machine over, Dr. Wen grabbed the paddles, charged them up then placed them on the paitent's chest.

"Clear!" he shouted then gave the dying man a shock.

The body jolted upwards in response to the eletricty racing through it.

"Still nothing!" one of the surgeons cried out.

Wen charged the paddles again.

"Clear!" he called, repating the procress.


"Turn up the voltage."

"That much electricty will kill him!" Ann warned.

"He's not doing that good right now!"

"Voltage up," the nurse declared.

"Good!" he said before one more placing the charged paddles on the man's chest. "Clear!"

This time the jolt was so great it caused the man to sit up right, nearly taking Ann's hands with him. He let out a horrifying scream that seemed to echo throughout the entire hospital before he fell back onto the bed, the heart monitor giving of a steady beep that told the doctor's in the room that he was dead.

Ann stood there and felt a bit numb. She had never lost a patient before. Even in the most difficult situations she had found a way to get the surgery done without causing any permenate damage to the paitent and certainly not killing him. It was way she was considered one of the best nerual surgeons in the country. There were rumors that something pretty drastic had to happen for her to make any kind of screw up.

Well something drastic had happen.

"Where…where's the boy that brought him in?" she asked, still in a bit of shock.

"In the waiting room I think," Dr. Wen told her.

"I'll…I'll go tell him what happened."

"Ann, this isn't your fault."

"I know. I just…I want to see everything we have on this guy!" she ordered before she stormed out of the room.


Once Ann had a chance to calm down, she found the bag containing the all the man's things then went out to find his friend. She still wasn't quite sure what to say to him, as she hadn't had to do this before. It was something she had never hoped she'd have to do and didn't envy it when other doctors had to do it. Still it was part of the job and she had to go through with it. She took a deep breath and walked over to the young Chinese boy who was slumped over in his chair and looked half asleep.

"Mr. Lee?" she asked gently.

"Uh…yeah that's me," he replied standing up.

"I'm…I'm sorry but…Mr. Smith didn't make it," she forced herself to say.

"Oh man that…that sucks," Chang muttered then looked at the bag she was holding. "Is that his stuff?"

"It's all we found on him, yes. I'd like to know how to reach his family so we can give it to them and maybe get some answers about a few things."

"Oh don't worry about it, I'll give it to them," he offered, holding out his hand.

"I'm afraid hospital policy prevents me from doing that. Now if you could just tell me how to get on contact with this family?"

"Well…uh…" he muttered nervously.

Ann narrowed her eyes and stared at him. "You don't know him, do you?"

Change looked like he was about to say something but just yanked the bag out of Ann's hands then took off running as fast as he could down the hallway.

"Hey come back here!" she demanded before chasing after him.

She followed closely behind him down the corridors as patients and hospital staff dove out of their way. Right when she was about to catch up to him, one of the interns inadvertently rolled a gurney in front of her, which she barely avoided slamming into. She watched in frustration as the boy threw the hospital door open and ran off into the night. She ran her hand through her hair as she let out an annoyed and tired sigh as any answers she might have gotten ran out the door.


After all the commotion of the mysterious man's death had passed, a "John Doe" tag was placed on his toe, as no one thought "John Smith" was his real name, and eventually the body made its way down to the morgue. There it was greeted by the attendant Pete, who most agreed wasn't all quite there. He stood up and when to meet the intern pushing the gurney towards him.

"Alright Pete got another one for ya," the intern announced. "Why they always have to have me take the stiffs down here I don't know."

"So what happened to this guy?" the larger Pete asked as he picked up the chart.

"Something went bad in the O.R. apparently."

"'John Doe' huh? That seems to be a popular name," Pete remarked with a chuckle.

"Yeah, whatever."

"So you going to the costume party tonight Bill?"

"Yep. Once I get done with rounds."

"Cool. So who you going as?"

"Wild Bill Hickok," Bill replied, signing piece of paper on the clipboard.

"Alright. Who's that?"

"Look just sign the paper and wheel the stiff in the freezer, alright?"


Pete took the pen and quickly scratched his name down on the form then turned the gurney and pushed it into one of the walk in storage lockers they had. He sometimes wondered why they had such big body lockers, but he shrugged it off as just "one of those things". Once the door was closed and locked, he went back into the small office in the morgue and turned on the TV in there to get back to the monster movie marathon he was watching. Of course during some of the scarier movies a thunderstorm picked up to help add even more atmosphere to the already creepy morgue. Still, Pete never seemed to mind and munched happily away on his popcorn as he watched a showing of the original Frankenstein movie. It was a bit outdated but still entertaining, especially when the thunder claps in the movie matched up to the ones outside.

The fun came to an end though when Pete felt a presence slowly walked up behind him. A shadow well over him and the TV and the thunder crashed louder as it approached closer and closer. He spun around in his chair and let out a terrified shriek as the lighting revealed the huge, lumbering figure standing right over him.

"What?!" the janitor asked irritably.

"Oh, sorry man you just scared me," Pete sighed, holding his chest and breathing a bit heavily. "You know cause of the movie and you….you know."

"No I don't know. Spell it out for me," the taller man scowled.

"Well…you know it's just that you're tall and it's Frankenstein."

"So you're saying a monster is that it?"

"No! I mean you do kind resemble it a bit…"

"Yeah like I never heard that one before. That's it, you're on the list," the janitor warned as he pulled out a piece of paper.

"You have a list?" Pete asked nervously.

"It's a laundry list but I like to put people's names on there that I feel need to be clean. So let's see…Pete was it?"


As their "discussion" continued on, Pete and the janitor where both unaware of the activity in the morgue freezer Pete had just place "John Doe" in. It started off simply with a few jolts of what might have been static electricity arched over his body but they sooner grew to a greater intensity and sparked against the walls as well. As the blue mini lighting bolts continue to move up and down him, the man's body began to twist and distort, changing his shape into an entirely new man. His hand fell off the side of the gurney and his fingers began to twitch very so slightly. Once the entire transformation was finished, he let out a slow breath that was visible in the cold air. His eye snapped open and he sat up in panic of his new surroundings. His breath came in ragged gasps he tried to figure out where he was and importantly who he was. He picked himself off the gurney and stumbled a bit as if it was his first time walking in this body, which technically it was. He picked the sheet off the gurney and wrapped it around himself before walking over to the door. He ran his hands over the cold, smooth surface and before he even realized what he was doing he began punching it with all his might.

"What the hell was that?!" Pete shouted when he heard the loud thumbing sound.

"Could be one of the dish machines up on the second floor. They tend to build up natural gas and start belching out flames. It's kinda cool actually," the janitor mused.

"That wasn't from the upper floors," the heavyset morgue attendant whispered, as he walked into the main room. "That…that came from one of the drawers."

"Really? And here I thought that mail order voodoo class was a rip off."

"Dude stop it! Seriously!"

They both walked cautiously forward while the rhythmic pounding sound continued. It was indeed coming from one of the drawers, specifically the walk in unit that Pete had just wheeled the John Doe into. His heart pounding relentlessly as he slowly stepped forward, not even sure what he was going to do. He jumped when the door finally fell to the floor and a man with brown, shoulder length hair who was wrapped in a blanket stumbled towards him.

"No!" Pete shouted out, horrified. "God no!"

His eyes rolled into the back of his head after his exclamation just before he fell to the floor unconscious. The longhaired man glanced down at him as he slowly walked by, making eye contact with the janitor before making his way out of the morgue. The janitor stared at him then looked back at the now empty storage unit.

"He came back to life. Good for him," he mused. "Someone should really pick up that door." He looked down at Pete. "Probably help this guy up too. Oh well."

He shrugged and then walked off go find something else to do or rather someone else to harass.


A bit later, the longhaired stranger wandered down the empty corridors of the hospital's wing that was being renovated. The constant flashes of lighting illuminated a window enough for him to see his own reflection. He jumped at it as it seemed so unfamiliar. He eventually made his way into one of the rooms to find a mirror that he could use to study his features. Long hair, thin face, brown eyes and from what he could tell a rather thin, slightly fit frame. He wasn't sure if this was what he was suppose to look like or not, as he couldn't remember anything. But something felt…odd. Like this wasn't his skin. Or at least not the skin he should have been in. Like…something new. But why was that? What happened to him? Where was he? Who was he?

"Who I am?" he asked allowed desperately.

His panic and fear overcame him and fell down to this knees where his reflection stared up at him from a broken and discarded mirror. Again it looked so unfamiliar. So…alien.

"WHO….AM….I?!?!" he cried out, tilting his head back and throwing his arms into the air.

To Be Continued….

Author's Note: You're The Doctor, but of course we all know that, didn't we? For those of you who may be wondering, yes this is based on the '96 Fox TV Doctor Who movie. I was able to watch it through a popular video-viewing site and despite all the claims against it, I liked it. Course that's usually how it happens, I like things most people hate. Honestly though a lot of the complaints I've seen on it are just little fan nitpicks and it really seems like a lot of animosity for it comes from the fact that it's an American produced Doctor Who show.

Well now that I've pissed a few people off, let me explain this thing a bit. As I said I watched the movie and liked it and while I was watching it I had the odd little idea of putting Kim's mom in place of the character Grace. It actually worked well as I've made a few references to The Doctor in the "MI" universe so I figured, "What the hell? I can work that in". Originally I planned to do it much later but the idea just kept itching at me until it demanded to be written. Well that and my roommate demanded it as well.

Of course the trickiest thing in a project like this is who to balance following the original material and adding new stuff in. Luckily for me with this being in the "MI" universe that means I not only get to work with Ann but also some of the cast of "Scrubs" since they exist in that universe as well. The Janitor already showed up in this chapter and wait to see more of your favorites in the next one. It'll be fun.

And…that's all I have to say apparently. Sorry it's late here and my mind just went blank. So I'll take my leave for now and hope that you guys enjoyed it and hopefully I'll have the next one up soon.

See ya guys then!