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chapter 4

something evil this way comes

deep in an underground bunker outside a major U.S. city a group of people gathered around a table. All of them wore the same uniform consisting of army boots camo pants and black shirts with a red starburst symbol on the front, inside the symbol there was a large letter N. A man entered the room, his hair was black and laced with some grey and was buzz cut, he was dressed in full military battle uniform, the star symbol was pinned to his collar on one side and he had the pins indicating a general's rank on the other side.

"The time has finally come, captain are the cells in place to begin out global takeover." the man asked one of the other men in the room.

"Not fully sir, there are many cells that are ready in some of the southern states but there are still some that have not fully prepared yet." the captain replied

"General Moran, even though there are some cells that are not prepared we still have enough at the ready to complete our plans ,there may only be a slightly larger resistance force." another man said.

"Very well, begin the operation, soon the world will belong to Team Nova." General Moran said laughing slightly.

Meanwhile back in Dallas a heated battle was under way.

"Blaze use ember on that medicham." Daniel said, as blaze fires many fireballs at the wild medicham. The medicham managed to doge most of the fire but took a few hits that caused a little damage. Medicham coated her hand in electrical energy and punched blaze hard knocking him back.

"Shake it off blaze and go for a peck attack." blaze began pecking medicham until he was knocked back by another thunder punch.

"Wow she's tough you think you can take her blaze." Daniel asked

"Tor torchic tor" blaze said

"He said it will take more than that to drop me." zeek translated while sitting on James's head nearby. The medicham chuckled

"medicham cham." she said striking a fighting pose.

"She said bring it on feathers." zeek translated. This caused blaze to puff up his feathers angrily he glared at medicham then began to mimic her fighting pose.

"Blaze what are you doing your not a fighting type." Daniel said, however to his surprise blaze began to glow. When the glow stopped blaze stood still in his fighting pose now evolved into a combusken.

"Ok never mind maybe you are. Ok go for focus energy then a double kick." Daniel said. Blaze concentrated for a moment then rushed medicham and began kicking her repeatedly. After a few kick he jumped back and unleashed a large stream of fire at medicham. Hitting her hard.

"go pokeball." Daniel said throwing a pokeball at medicham after shaking for a few seconds longer than normal the ball beeped indicating a capture

"Nice catch dude, any idea what your gonna name her." James asked

"I was thinking hinata." Daniel replied

"Good name." zeek said, " can we go now im starving."

"That sounds good I could use a food run." James replied. They made there way back towards the center of town looking for a good place to eat. Once the found a good place they let out all of their pokemon and grabbed a table.

"So Daniel, question. What made you want to start training." James asked.

"I've always seen those televised tournaments and knew I wanted to become a great trainer like that gym slayer guy Jack Striker was before he was killed. what about you" Daniel replied.

"My brother Jesse went to japan to train pokemon when I was 8. I always looked up to him so I started training, I hope to surpass him someday. But after seeing him battle in that doubles tournament with Kate Skyler against Slade Matrix and Katie Legends a couple of years ago I know I still have a lot of work to do." James said. ()

"Wait your brothers name is Jesse...and your James...what happened to" Daniel started to say

"If you make a team rocket joke im gonna kick your ass." James interrupted

"...did meowth go with him." Daniel said before James dumped a cup of soda over his head.

"Ah crap.. Come on it was a joke." Daniel said

"I warned ya." James replied, " now come here so I can pummel ya a little bit." before he was able to make good on this claim there was an explosion at the front door of the restaurant and two men dressed in the team nova uniform barged in with two houndour beside them.

"Don't be afraid team nova has only come for your pokemon, hand 'em over and nobody gets hurt." one of the grunts said.

"Team nova... what the hell is team nova, and what makes you think we'll just handover our pokemon." James said

"If you don't hand them over we'll just take them by force, stunky use smog." the nova grunt said releasing a small skunk like creature that immediately fires a noxious smoke into the room.

"Holy crap that's fowl, I think im gonna pass... out..." James said before collapsing on the ground, Daniel followed shortly after. Once the smoke cleared the grunts threw all of the uncontious pokemon int a bag and put them on a waiting truck. An hour later James and Daniel awoke to find all of their pokemon gone.

"We got jacked... damn it. When I find them im gonna kick their ass." James said as he paced around the rubble looking for his pokemon.

"How are we going it find them though, we have no clue where they could be." Daniel said.

"If you could pull us out of this damn trash can we could give you a hand." said a voice from a nearby trash can. James ran over to it and pulled guts and ifreet out.

"How did you two escape capture, and which one of you was able to talk." James asked

"Not only can I talk but I can track those nova fools down by their auras. We only escaped because the blast knocked us into the trash." guts said.

" so where did those nova guys go to." James asked

"Follow me." guts responded as he ran out the door and down the street. A mile down the road they stopped at a large building with a black N on the door.

"Guess these guys don't know the meaning of a hidden base." Daniel said

" perhaps we should knock first... guts use force palm." James said. Guts placed his palm on the door and knocked it off the hinges

"Subtle I like it." Daniel said as the walked into the building they were surprised to find a dojo. At the sound of the explosion two nova grunts rushed into the room surrounded by Daniel and James pokemon that seemed to be under some kind of mind control.

"You two again... how did you find this place. No mater we have your pokemon under our control now." one of the grunts said

"Oh dear.. Whatever shall we do, oh wait a second... everyone return." James said as he and Daniel held up their pokeballs and recalled all of their pokemon.

"What that's not fair." the other grunt said shocked

"All's fair in war moron." Daniel said

"ok we'll just beat you and take your pokeballs this time." the grunt said, they summoned a houndour and a stunky.

"Daniel ill take care of these idiots, you go get the cops." James said. Daniel nodded and ran out the door, James then sent guts and ifreet back out.

Battle situation: James ifreet and guts vs the grunts houndour and stunky

2 on 2 with no limit


"Houndour bite that riolu, stunky toxic on charmander." the grunts said. Houndour charged at guts with his teeth glowing and stunky fired off a ball of poison.

"Dodge it, guts force palm, ifreet flamethrower." James said, guts waited till the houndour was about to attack and ducked under the strike hitting houndour in the stomach and sending it flying into the air, ifreet fired off a flamethrower attack that hit the poison ball and detonated it causing little damage to all the pokemon.

"Ok fine houndour flamethrower on that charmander." one grunt said, houndour launched a stream of fire at ifreet that hit him full force.

"Stunky shadow ball on the riolu." the other grunt said, stunky fired off a ball of dark energy that engulfed guts. As the smoke cleared from both attacks guts and charmander were left slowly regaining their footing.

"Come on guys hang in there." James said. Ifreet and guts glanced at each other for a second..nodded and stood up with their fist by their throat and slowly pulled their thumbs across before they both started to glow. once the glowing ended ifreet and guts stood their much taller than they had been, ifreet was now a bright yellow charmeleon and guts was a lucario.

"Nice ok lets finish ths. Guts ... hadoken... I mean aura sphere, ifreet, flamethrower." James said, guts fired off a ball of energy from his hands and ifreet fired a large stream of fire at the enemy the attacks hit at the same instant causing a massive explosion and ko'ing houndour and stunky. Guts and ifreet turned and started to walk back to James only to stop and glance back over their shoulders before raising their right fist in the air.

" ok brothers of destruction get back here you've both done very well." James said calling them back.

"Were not done with you yet boy." one of the grunts said as they grabbed staffs off the wall.

" oh you gonna go all old school on me ok I got one of those." James said running to a wall and pulling a long sword off the wall and striking a fighting pose.

"Careful kid you wouldn't want to hurt yourself with that blade." one of the grunts said mockingly

"You should be more worried about what I can do to you with it... I've been train by a master swordsman." James replied. The grunts charged him and started swinging the staves wildly, James easily managed to block all of their strikes and sliced one of the staves in half before kicking the owner in the face and taking him out of the fight. Before he could continue the fight however the police showed up and the other grunt surrendered at gunpoint.

"Good job kid these team nova people have been popping up all over the city. Now that we know where their base is we should be able to round them all up." one of the officers said to James.

"That's good to hear... hey do yall mind if I keep this thing, it may come in handy later." James said indicating the sword.

"For your assistance in stopping this group I think we can allow it, here let me ad a special licence to your pokedex allowing you to carry it." the officer said, after handing back James pokedex James picked up the sheath and strapped the sword to his back.

"Good thing Jesse trained me on how to fight." James said to himself.

"Hey James lets go im worn out." Daniel said coming through the door.

"I agree, I've had about all I can take for today." James replied. As they left the nova base zeek popped back out of his ball and sat down on James head. They made their way back to the bus to relax before their next challenge.


Next time the bus leaves Dallas for the next training stop and someone gains a powerful new ally...if they can learn to get along.

1 more info on this tourney will be in one of chaosblazers upcoming chapters of the slade matrix chronicles