Lights will guide you home

And ignite your bones

I will try to fix you

Naruto woke slowly to the happy rays of sunshine assaulting his face. His groggy eyes peered open; a smile spreading across his features. Lying rather ungracefully next to him was Sasuke. The raven was splayed out on his stomach, cheek smooshed against his pillow, and a slight puddle of drool congregating beneath his chin. Naruto absolutelyadored those moments-when the perfect Mr. Uchiha became…well, human.

"Find something else to stare at or I'm sending your ass out the door," Sasuke grumbled moodily, flipping over his soaked pillow.

Naruto chuckled good-humoredly. "But Sasuke, you look so cute when you're drooling."

His lover sneered defiantly. "Shut up or get out, moron."

To eat or watch Sasuke…to get up and move or watch Sasuke…Naruto smiled and snuggled deeper into his comforter. It had been three weeks already since Sasuke came to his apartment; since they consoled each other with loving actions rather than words or explanations.

Sakura, it seemed, had unleashed her wrath on every friend she had, though Ino was the only one to give her pity. The other's either didn't care, or had made bets on Sasuke's orientation previously. Needless to say, the pinkette was pissed. It also didn't help that once all of her things had been moved out, they had been immediately replaced with Naruto's. Sasuke's excuse was that he didn't collect knick-knacks and his apartment seemed barren without them. Naruto highly doubted the reason was valid, but didn't question it even so. Besides, it was an excuse to get out of his own crap-for-shit apartment (though he reluctantly had to bring Kyuubi along).

The growling of a stomach interrupted the blonde's thought process, and he was surprised to find it didn't come from himself. Sasuke clenched his hand on the pillow in frustration before sighing in defeat. He pushed himself into a sitting position and threw Naruto a pouty glare saying 'It's my day off and I can't sleep in and it's all your fault.' It was pathetically adorable, but succeeded in making Naruto feel guilty…a little.

"Were you this childish with Sakura?" Boy-wonder questioned with a smirk. He was baiting obviously, but it was too early for Sasuke to care.

The raven settled his hands on either side of his lover's face, leaning in dangerously close with a menacing glare. "Dobe's should learn when to keep their mouth shut." Naruto peered harshly back at him, but before he could think of an adequate reply, Sasuke whispered in his ear, "Naruto, I'm hungry."

For once, Naruto clicked on the subject. "I can help you with that."

Through touches of passion and laughter of air, they spoke volumes to each other. The fear, the ice, and the confusion were gone, banished with the broken hearts. Who knew lost souls could be fixed so easily-with a small, innocent kiss?

Author's Blab: Like I said, it's short. But it was much needed fluff and I had to put the sexual innuendo in there. Anywho, I hope this story cured your boredom. It wasn't meant to amaze anyone, but actually to prove to myself that I could still finish a story. Self confidence is amazing. For those of you who alerted me as an author, it'll be slooow going for a while. To put it into perspective, this story took me three months to write. Hope you don't mind waiting.

Laters loves,