The characters are not mine but I wish I had them. Naruto is own by Masashi Kishimoto and Inuyasha is from Rumiko Takahashi


That one single word echoed through out the entire home.

"Where did he get off to?" she just had him a second ago but got distracted which ended up with her losing him again for the tenth time that day.

While turning down a hall looking for the damn brat a sound came from a room to her right.

When the door opened it presented the puppet master just blankly staring at her. "Why are you looking for Tobi, Kagome?" said the indifferent puppet.

"He stole my book and now I cant find him any were." Kagome cried. "hey Sasori would you have any idea to where he may have gotten to?"

Sasori just shook his head no. Sighing "ok thanks anyway" but before Kagome could leave Sasori dragged her into his and Deidara's room.

"Huh what are you doing?" said a puzzled Kagome. Within a matter of a second Kagome felt a pair of lips placed on hers.

Kagome gasped when she felt Sasori's tong on her bottom lip. Sasori took the opportunity to stick him tung in her mouth and explore the depths of it.

All Kagome could do was close her eyes and responded to his passionate kiss. When Sasori backed away Kagome was flushed. "Any more questions?"

"Yes, is that all you got?" Kagome flirtatiously asked. Sasori just grinned.